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How to Unlock Co-Op Mode in Dying Light 2

Here How to Unlock Co-Op Mode in Dying Light 2. The highly anticipated video game Dying Light 2 is intended to continue the popularity of its predecessor, Dying Light. Dying Light 2’s co-op option- which enables players to band together with friends and tackle the game’s obstacles- is one of its most thrilling elements. This article will discuss how to activate and participate in co-op in Dying Light 2.

How to Unlock Co-Op Mode in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 requires you to advance through the story until you reach a particular point before you can begin playing co-op. This point is called the “Co-op Mission” and it will unlock co-op mode for you. The Co-op Mission will become available after you complete the main story mission “The Prophet’s Trail”.

Once you’ve completed “The Prophet’s Trail”- you can access the Co-op Mission from your map. Simply open your map and look for the Co-op Mission icon and select it. This will launch the Co-op Mission and unlock co-op mode for you.

How to Play Co-Op Mode in Dying Light 2

Playing co-op in Dying Light 2 is a straightforward process. Once you’ve entered co-op mode. You can ask others to play with you or join them.

The “Online” option may be found by opening the pause menu and choosing it. Select “Co-op” and then “Invite Friends”. You can select and invite the friends you wish to play your game.

You will require an invitation from your friends to participate in their games. Open the pause menu after getting an invitation- then choose “Online.” Select “Co-op” and then “Join Friends”. You can choose the game and begin playing straight away.

Benefits of Playing Co-Op Mode in Dying Light 2

Playing co-op mode in Dying Light 2 has several benefits. It’s a great way to experience the game’s challenges with your friends. You’ll be able to work together to take on difficult enemies and complete challenging missions.

Playing cooperatively has social advantages- and it may also speed up your gaming progress. To unlock the co-op mode-┬áplay the game’s narrative all the way through to the Co-op Mission.


Do I have to finish the game to access cooperative mode?

You are not required to complete the game. To get to the Co-op Mission, though, you must advance through the plot.

How many players can play co-op mode in Dying Light 2?

Co-op mode in Dying Light 2 supports up to four players.

Do gamers from various platforms have the ability to play cooperatively?

No, cross-platform play is not supported in Dying Light 2.

Will progress in co-op mode carry over to my single-player game?

Yes, progress made in co-op mode will carry over to your single-player game.

Does co-op mode need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus?

Yes, to play co-op mode on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console. You require PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

Can I play co-op mode with strangers?

Using the matchmaking function in the game. You may play co-op mode with random players.


One of Dying Light 2’s most thrilling elements is the co-op mode. You can go through the game’s narrative until you reach the Co-op Mission in order to access the co-op mode. After you’ve achieved co-op mode- you may invite friends to play with you or play in their games. A wonderful method to experience Dying Light 2’s challenges with your friends and get through the game more rapidly is to play co-op mode.

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