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New Smartphone Charger Is Real Or Fake, You Will Find Out Like This By Pinching!

Charger Is Real Or Fake, the majority of chargers on the market are fake. Genuine cords from Samsung, Apple, as well as Sony, have gone through a rigorous quality control process, but these chargers haven’t. Every head, whether it’s an 8 Pin Lightning or not. In order to be safe, Micro USB and USB-C must go through the proper manufacturing procedure. There have been numerous occasions in which these phone cables have caused house fires, battery explosions, as well as electric shocks. We’ll show you how to tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit cables.

Smartphone Charger Is Real Or Fake, You Will Find Out Like This By Pinching!

Charger Is Real Or Fake

Text And Markings On The Plug for Charger Is Real Or Fake

Examine the plug for any CE markings (certification marks), which are required by European law for product safety. Most counterfeiters lack the necessary equipment to stamp a mark or a validated certification. Even if they are CE-marked, they will appear faded or crooked, but some are more advanced than others.

Finish The Plug Pin for Charger Is Real Or Fake

This is a clearer indication of a phoney plug. The 3 pin connections’ positioning may be slightly off, or they may not fit the plastic enclosure properly. This is a symptom of shoddy manufacturing, which explains why the product is so inexpensive. Genuine plugs will align properly and fit snugly into the housing, with no loose pins and a flush fit.

USB Port

On most imitation plugs, the USB port is a dead giveaway of legitimacy and dependability. The connection is problematic with most phoney plugs since the USB ports are crooked or loose.


The obvious explanation for them to go bang is the use of lesser materials to build phoney plugs as well as cables. The low cost of these items is due to the lack of high-quality materials used. Crossed wiring or overloaded circuit boards are possible because components within the head of a cable are degraded to the bare minimum and soldering is overlooked. Electrical currents can overload, and without the proper components built into the cable or plug, there’s a higher chance of fire, electrical shock, or a dead smartphone’s battery life.

Smartphone Charger Is Real Or Fake, You Will Find Out Like This By Pinching!

Check The Weight for Charger Is Real Or Fake

This check is simple; the weight of the plug or cable of the charger head is a dead giveaway that you’re buying counterfeit. Genuine cables or plugs are much heavier because the proper component was utilized, whether it’s a solid metal or thicker plastic, it all adds to the weight.

Make Sure Your Voltage Is Correct for Charger Is Real Or Fake

Before you use your socket or cord of charger, check with a voltage meter to see if it can handle the advertised voltage. Fake phone manufacturers would mislead about the true voltage for charger it can carry, which is not only unsafe but also destroys your phone’s battery and makes it take a long time to charge.

The 3-Point Safety Assessment That Is Recommended

Make sure the distance between the pins as well as the charger’s edge is at least 9.5mm; you can easily do this by using a 9.5mm ballpoint pen. Once it’s been checked, make sure it’s plugged in correctly and snugly; any rattling could indicate internal damage, so dispose of it properly. Overheating should be avoided at all costs, as it can result in a fire.

Ensure that all plugs and cables of the charger have a valid CE mark that is visible and visible. Be aware of falsified CE markings, which are frequent among counterfeits.

Check for the model number and batch number, since they will give you a rough idea of when it was built and in which batch it was made.

If you feel this is the case, never use a false plug or cord. Always purchase from a trustworthy branded electronics re-seller, such as MobileFun. You will pay a price premium that may save your life.

Smartphone Charger Is Real Or Fake, You Will Find Out Like This By Pinching!


If the smartphone charger provided by your company becomes broken, it is logical that you will go to the store and get a replacement charger that is identical to the one provided by the firm. However, many times when consumers purchase a replacement charger, it does not function in the same way as the original. It has the same appearance as the original, but it is much slower and can be quite hot. One of the main reasons for this is that shops frequently sell fraudulent chargers to clients under the guise of genuine chargers, which causes problems with the smartphone.

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People May Ask

Q- How Can The User Determine Whether My USB Cable Is Genuine?

A- The real USB cable has a light-hued laser-imprinted USB symbol, whereas the counterfeit has a darker-colored USB symbol.

Q- What Is The Best Way To Utilize A Pug Wireless Charger Pad?

A- Simply put the wireless charging pad into an outlet, place an enabled* device on the pad, and wait for it to charge!

Q- How Can The User Determine Whether A Charger Is Good?

A- When purchasing a battery charger, make sure to get one that fits the phone’s voltage.

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