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11 Simple Tips To Boost Smartphone’s Charging Speed

If people are charging their smartphone with a standard 5W or 10W charger, follow these 11 simple steps to boost your smartphone’s charging speed. Let’s get back to work!

Every mobile phone battery must die after 1 or 2 days, and therefore we must then recharge the phone to continue using it. In 2021, almost every smartphone brand will include a fast charger in the package, although some companies will not, especially for midrange and inexpensive phones.

Here will look at some techniques to charge phones quickly in this article. These suggestions will speed up charging for up to 30 minutes, but not for an hour.

These 11 tips will help anyone charge one smartphone rapidly, but they aren’t as fast as 30W, 50W, or 100W Fast Chargers.

These suggestions are only useful for those that charge their smartphones with standard chargers, and some older phones charge very slowly compared to newer phones.

After one year of continuous use, the charging speed of the mobile phone steadily decreases. So, in this article, go over several strategies for speeding up mobile phone charging.

Every one of us possesses a mobile phone, and we are always buying new phones or upgrading our old phones to brand new smartphones, so one must be aware of this comprehensive mobile phone buying guide in order to make the best choice.

Tips To Boost Smartphone’s Charging Speed

11 Simple Tips To Boost Smartphone’s Charging Speed

1-Use Airplane Mode Or Switch It Off

When using the Airplane Mode on any phone while charging, users will notice a significant boost smartphone’s charging speed. When users put their phones in airplane mode, all of the connectivity functions are temporarily disabled.

When mobile phones are not connected, the significant burden on mobile hardware and software is decreased, which also helps to improve smartphone charging speeds.

Then, if people are charging their phones, switch to Airplane mode and examine the charging speed, comparing it to the normal charging pace. Alternatively, users can charge their phone by turning it off/switching it off, which will affect the charging pace.

2-Use Original Charger And Cable

Using third-party chargers harms the battery of the smartphone as well as the charging speed. So, if possible, use the original charger that came with the device or any other branded charger available on the market.

3-Avoid Using Smartphones While Charging

Some heavy mobile phone users are also charging their phones while charging. One can use their cell phone while charging whether they have any urgent work or crucial calls to make.

However, they are mostly on social networking or playing games on their phones while charging. This will shorten the life of one’s smartphone’s battery and slow down charging speed. So, when people are charging their phones, try to avoid using them a lot.

4-Turn off Location, Wi-fi, & Bluetooth

Usually only use WiFi, Bluetooth, and Location in most smartphones for a few hours at a time, yet plenty of people leave those capabilities enabled all the time. This will also slow down the charge of one’s phone.

To optimize the charging speed of any smartphone, attempt to switch off these functionalities at least when charging it.

5-Avoid Quick Recharges

Some people are constantly charging their phones, or charging multiple times in a day with only a 1 or 2-hour gap between charges. These rapid recharges lower charging speed and shorten the life of one’s phone’s battery.

So try to charge one’s phone no more than two or three times every day. Because every device’s battery has a certain number of charging cycles, if users surpass that number, the battery will be destroyed, and the charging speed will be reduced.

11 Simple Tips To Boost Smartphone’s Charging Speed

6-Keep The Battery In Between 40% To 80%

Maintaining balance in all aspects makes it ideal, and maintaining balance in battery charging is no exception. Keeping the battery percentage between 40% and 80% will extend the battery life significantly. As a result, strive to preserve one’s phone’s battery life between 40% and 80%.

7-Remove The Protective Case While Charging

Almost all use a protective cover for their smartphones; in fact, neither one of us uses a smartphone without a back case. These protective cases increase the longevity of mobile phones when they fall out of the hands, for example.

However, if people charge the phone while it is in its protective case or back case, the heat generated by the phone cannot escape into the environment because of the case. If people were using an extremely thin case for a phone, the heat will be able to escape into the environment.

Most of us use thick protective cases to secure mobile phones; nevertheless, these thick protective cases slow down the charging speed of one’s phone.

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8-Avoid Overnight Charging

If people are busy people who cannot charge their phones during the day, then can charge it while they sleep, which is known as overnight charging.

Overnight charging will not harm any phone on a particular day, but if people charge their phones every night, then their smartphone batteries will be easily destroyed in the long run. As a result, try to avoid recharging any smartphone or any other device overnight.

9-Turn Off Background Processing Apps

Turning off background processing apps will enhance not only one’s smartphone’s battery life but also its charging speed. To boost the charging speed of one’s phone, try turning off background processing programs.

Many programs and applications are constantly operating in the background on mobile phones, so try and turn them off to extend the battery life and boost the smartphone’s charging speed.

10-Avoid Third-Party Battery Saving Apps

Most of people believe that utilizing third-party power-saving apps will extend battery life; however, this is not the case, and they also do not boost battery life. In fact, they drain any device’s battery far faster than usual usage. To boost your smartphone’s charging speed, avoid using these third-party battery-saving apps.

11 Simple Tips To Boost Smartphone’s Charging Speed

11-Enable Battery Saver Mode While Charging

Yes,  had firsthand experience with charging any smartphone quickly by setting battery saver mode before charging and then plugging the phone in to charge. The phone would charge much faster than usual.

Users may also see if charging one’s smartphone when it is in battery saver mode makes a Boost smartphone’s charging speed.


Probably will notice much difference in the charging speed of one’s smartphone before and after implementing a few of the above-mentioned 11 suggestions if users follow a few of the above-mentioned 11 guidelines.

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