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How To Get Google Keyword Planner Search Volume

Today, we are going to cover How To Get Google Keyword Planner Search Volume without Adding Credit Card. The basis of SEO is keyword research.

Your complete SEO strategy can be wasted if you have done one mistake in Keyword Research.

One of the best free keyword research tools on the internet is the Google Keyword Planner.

Unfortunately, Google Keyword Planner does not display accurate Search Volume to free users. For accurate search volumes, you should run an ad campaign and provide payment/credit card information.

In this Article, we cover how to see the accurate search volume without adding a credit card.

You will find this setting on Google ads accounts

How To Get Google Keyword Planner Search Volume without Adding Credit Card?

Steps to create a google Keyword Planner Account without a credit card-

  1. Open Google Keyword Planner and log in
  2. Enter Your main Keyword
  3. Choose Specific Keywords
  4. Add keywords in your list
  5. View Plan Details
  6. Increase Max CPC
  7. Type the Actual Highest CPC.
  8. Get Your Free Keyword Analysis

Open Google Keyword Planner and log in

Sign in by clicking

You should open a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.

Enter Your main Keyword

Select Discover new keyword then enter your main keyword

I used the keyword “google keyword planner” as my main keyword while looking at New York City SEO services.

  • Select “Get Results.”

Quick Tip: Be sure to adjust the placement of the target.

Choose Specific Keywords

All the linked terms are now displayed to you without their actual search volume. Right now, the amount of searches is unimportant. Just choose the terms you wish to focus on.

Apply filters to your search to make it more targeted.

Add keywords in your list

Tap “Add Keywords” after choosing your keywords.

View Plan Details

Now select “Plan Overview” from the menu on the left.

Increase Max CPC

The magic starts over here. Before the maximum CPC, tap “$ amount” and raise.

You’ll see a brief caution in red written: “Enter a number 86 or lower” when you need max CPC. In your situation, the number will be different.

Type the Actual Highest CPC

The maximum bid that is actually acceptable is $86. In the box labelled “Max Bid,” enter the number 86.

Get Your Free Keyword Analysis

Down the page, find the keyword section. With expected impressions, keywords are provided below. This impressions reflect the real volume of your searches.

You may find the “device” that searches your keywords and the user’s location in the second part.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Without A Credit Card

With Gmail Account-

  • See that enormous blue “continue” button there?
  • Ignore Clicking on Continue BUTTON!
  • Select “Skip the guided setup” in its place.
  • By doing this, you may use Google Keyword Planner without creating a real AdWords campaign or providing any payment information!
  • You might not be in luck if you just so happened to hit continue. Until your billing information has been uploaded, you won’t be able to use the Keyword Planner tool or other areas of your account.
  • Although you must provide your credit card details, bear in mind that unless you are buying ad positions, your credit card will not be charged.
  • The good news comes with some inconvenience, even if you’ve already hit the proceed button.

You must set up a new Google Account.

  • Visit to complete this.
  • There you have it, then. The Google Keyword Planner should allow you to use it without a payment card or official AdWords account.

Can I use Google Keyword Planner For Free?

Yes, you can use Google Keyword Planner for free.

How can I use the Google Keyword Planner for free?

Use of Google Keyword Planner is completely free. To get access, there is no cost for AdWords ads. All you require is a Google account.

Can you use Google keyword planner without an account?

No, You REQUIRE a Google Ads account in order to use the Google Keyword Planner. ( You only need to follow the instructions and provide basic personal and company information to proceed. To utilize the Keyword Planner, you don’t need to have an active campaign running.

How do I download search volume from keyword planner?

Plan with keywords added, these are the steps-

  1. Log in to your account for Google Ads.
  2. Tap On the tools icon
  3. Tap Get predictions for search volume.
  4. Following the steps below, type or paste a list of keywords into the search box or upload a list of keywords from a CSV file:
  5. Tap Start now.

How do I get high search volume keywords?

Simply enter the primary topic you’re thinking about writing about to get high search volume keywords. For instance, you might type “building homes” to discover terms associated with that activity. A list of keywords associated with this subject will be returned.

Is Google keyword planner good for SEO?

Google Keyword Planner is used for SEO. Despite the fact that this particular keyword tool is, at least as far as Google is concerned, largely targeted towards people who operate Google Ads, it is a potent SEO tool and a useful tool for assisting you in determining the keywords you need to be ranking for.

How do I use Google keyword planner without creating 2022?

Steps to use  Google keyword planner without creating 2022

  1. Login with your Google Account.
  2. Visit the Google Ads website.
  3. New Google Ads accounts should be established.
  4. Click on Switch to Expert Mode. 
  5. Verify your company’s details.
  6. Check your account.
  7. the Google Ads Dashboard.
  8. Click on Tools and Settings.
  9. Enter your keyword(s)
  10. Enter your keyword(s) 

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