The 10 Best Features Coming In World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The most known MMORPG in gaming is getting some intriguing new features with Dragonflight, the ninth expansion for World of Warcraft.

Here is 10 Best Features Coming In World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight. With the release of Dragonflight, World of Warcraft has entered its ninth expansion. With well over ten years of development, the MMORPG has undergone many modifications since its inception. Even while World of Warcraft (WoW) may no longer be the industry behemoth it once was, players who grew up with the game still have many fond memories of it and plan to continue to do so.

Some players feared Warcraft might finally die after the two most recent expansions, Battle for Azeroth as well as Shadowlands, received rather mixed reviews from players. However, Blizzard is learning from its past mistakes, and Dragonflight appears eager to start what is expected to be an impressive overhaul of WoW’s many enduring aspects.

The 10 Best Features Coming In World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Experience A New Way To Travel With Dragonriding

The Burning Crusade introduced World of Warcraft to flight, which was later expanded to include every continent in Cataclysm. Flying has stayed largely untouched, allowing the player to essentially swim in the air, with the exception of the addition of gliders in Mists of Pandaria, which can only go in a downward arc.

Dragonflight, however, alters this with “Dragonriding.” One of the wild drakes of the Dragon Isles can befriended to give the player access to a fresh and exciting style of flight. There are plans to eventually extend it to the whole of Azeroth and beyond, albeit it is now only available in the Dragon Isles.

Harness The Power Of Dragons With The Dracthyr

Dragons have always existed in the Warcraft realm, but they have always been out of reach. Players only came near once, during Classic, when gnome rogues were the only ones who were permanently given access to the “Draconic” language via a perplexing bug.

The Dracthyr Evokers are a new race and class that Dragonflight has now released. This bipedal dragonkin, who can play either a DPS or a Healer, is extremely mobile and possesses a potent combination of all five colours of dragon magic as they establish themselves among the Horde as well as the Alliance in the days to come.

World Events Spice Up The Dragon Isles

WoW’s prevalent passive World Quests are due to give way to more active events in the Dragon Isles. The elements of Azeroth have started to send out sieges of their minions against important areas as they become restless, adding a sporadic hazard to liven things up as players explore.

Both the Centaur as well as the Tuskarr have their own events, but this times the players are cooperating with them rather than working against them. The Tuskarr beg for assistance in putting together a big community feast that will provide everyone who eats it a variety of bonuses, while the Centaurs ask for courageous warriors to help them hunt the enormous monsters of the region.

Talent Trees Are Back From The Grave

Since Mists of Pandaria, players have had the option of an active “talent” every few levels, but anyone who played in the past or has recently played one of the many iterations of Classic will remember when “talents” were skill trees that expanded with each level.

Dragonflight has revived the classic talent trees after a long absence, this time with a sleeker and more contemporary design. Even though roles are still more distinct than in the past, several talents—particularly those that are focused on healing and survival—have become class-specific. Since all specialties now have access to Moonkin form, druids in particular should be jubilant.

The Return Of Old Friends With The Centaur And Tuskarr

The Centaur, who last appeared in Classic itself, and the Tuskarr, a tough race first introduced in Wrath of the Lich King, both make a triumphant return in Dragonflight. Since then, Tuskarr have appeared in a number of locations, but until now, the Centaur has only been a footnote.

While the Centaur wander the enormous Ohn’ahran Plains, the Tuskarr of the Dragon Isles is mostly found along the brisk Azure Span shoreline. Both are important Dragonflight factions, each with a distinct reputation to establish and a wealth of prizes, including a devoted companion beast from the latter.

Professions Have Received An Overhaul

Since the game’s inception, there have been professions in World of Warcraft. Over time, they have largely remained unchanged, with the loss of First Aid being the biggest change. Finally, things are altering. A large range of reagents have also been included, along with tools for gathering and crafting.

Additionally, based on the materials used and the creator’s stats, products can now have a range of traits. A player can now make a public demand for an item to be created, supply the materials, and offer a gold reward to anyone who helps. Crafters can now accept these work orders.

A Connected Continent

Environment of Warcraft has long emphasised the importance of having a large, open world to explore. It has a valid purpose to be in the name. Therefore, when Shadowlands removed that—at least for all the zones it introduced—many players were taken aback. Instead, they were separated from one another and dispersed.

Every zone in Dragonflight will once again dwell on the same enormous continent, which aims to correct this. Although it is difficult to predict how large the world will be, it has been revealed that exploration will have some clear advantages, including the provision of new crafting recipes, secrets, and upgrades for Dragonriding.

Renown Is Receiving A Rework

In Shadowlands, renown was made available as a fresh replacement for reputations. Although it was widely used, many players only levelled it reluctantly. Although it wasn’t a complete failure, it did have certain problems, including a strict time-gating system and the fact that a lot of power was hidden behind it.

Due to this underwhelming response, Renown has undergone considerable changes for Dragonflight. It is no longer time-gated, and players are no longer required to support a single faction. The process is largely optional for players who don’t want to participate because little to no real power is hidden behind it.

Customizable UI Arrives At Last

With the release of Dragonflight’s pre-patch, users could now move and resize features as they pleased. The user interface in World of Warcraft has seen numerous changes throughout the years, but up until now, players have always had to rely on third-party addons to personalise it beyond adding or deleting action bars.

However, the modifications go beyond just allowing for per-character customization. Numerous components have been scaled or updated to have more contemporary aesthetics, as well as the ability to preserve UI cross-characters and the freedom to share configurations with other players have both been included. In the meanwhile, addons now more often complement the stock UI than replace it.

An End To Endless Borrowed Power

With the introduction of Legion’s artefact weaponry, “Borrowed Power,” as it is frequently referred to by the player community and occasionally by Blizzard itself, was first made public. The idea was straightforward: a piece of equipment could be levelled up indefinitely to become stronger over time.

There was an issue since there was no terminus. Burnout resulted from a player’s inability to ever feel as though they had completed enough grinding. With no endless grinds in sight and its main new features appearing to be here to stay and likely to be developed upon, Dragonflight appears to be putting a stop to this.

What will be new in Dragonflight?

The Dragon Isles, the home of dragonkind, is the new region that will be included in the Dragonflight expansion. Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, Azure Span, as well as the historic Thaldraszus—where the new capital city Valdrakken is located—are the four new zones that make up the area.

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