When will Free Fire MAX OB37 update be released?

When will Free Fire MAX OB37 update be released?- The community is eagerly anticipating the release of the Free Fire MAX OB37 upgrade more than ever. Since Advance Server went live earlier this month with the additional features, players have been waiting for the patch.

This update will have a similar structure to other releases, and a maintenance break will come before it to ensure a smooth transition. Users won’t be able to access the battle royale game’s servers during this period, and trying to do so will result in an error.

The section below contains more information regarding the update’s release date.

Estimated release time of the Free Fire MAX OB37 update

According to the in-game news page of the Free Fire MAX Indian server, the OB37 update maintenance will occur on November 16 between 9:30 am and 6 pm (approximately). The notification “The server will be accessible momentarily” will be displayed to players who attempt to log in during this period.

A few hours into the maintenance break, the update’s download is often made accessible. Therefore, it is anticipated that the Free Fire MAX OB37 will be accessible for download between 11:30 am IST (GMT +5:30) and 1:30 pm IST (GMT +5:30).

When the update becomes available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for download, users can do so. To access the various features, they must wait until the maintenance window is over.

Players will be able to get the new Avron pet in Free Fire MAX for nothing once the update is made available. A free emote and other benefits will be available to players, according to information provided by Garena.

A Gold Royale and a new Clash Squad Ranked Season will also start right after the update.

Main features of the Free Fire MAX OB37 update

Some of the key characteristics of the OB37 upgrade are listed below:

  1. Zombie Hunt is a new PvE mode.
  2. The Trogon new weapon (two firing modes – Grenade Launcher and Shotgun)
  3. Portable Human Launcher is a new product.
  4. Lower levelling fees (reduced fragment requirements for levelling up and cost to unlock skill slots)
  5. Weapon modifications
  6. A brand-new Avron creature with the dinoculars talent
  7. CS Mode Loadout
  8. 5v5 Bomb Squad
  9. Weapon Expertise

The precise details of the enhancements will be disclosed in the official patch notes for the release by Social Island Football Garena.

When will the OB37 update arrive?

The OB37 update will be made available on November 16, the last day of Clash Squad-Ranked Season 15, according to officials. Although the precise rollout schedule has not yet been made public, players can anticipate a maintenance break.

When will Free Fire receive a new update?

A few information on the features and the impending patch’s release date has already been made public by Garena. Every two months, the developers release a new version of the game to update the features. The OB37 patch will be made available on November 16, 2022, according to the most recent Garena update.

Will free Fire max ban?

Yes, the Ministry of Home Affairs will ban Garena Free Fire and 53 other Chinese applications from India in 2022 because to privacy and security concerns. Free Fire Max is still offered in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, nevertheless.

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