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These Gadgets Are Very Useful In Fighting Covid-19, Are They At Your Home?

Additionally, during the pandemic, various gadgets are very useful in fighting Covid-19 or Omicron. With the rising COVID-19 or variant instances, it becomes incredibly necessary to maintain the social distancing conventions and follow the standard practice of keeping your hands sanitized and wearing a mask while going out.

Infrared Thermometer

Investing in an infrared thermometer as a safety precaution to measure the temperature of visitors to your home is a sensible decision. In this manner, you may protect yourself as well as your family from visitors who have a fever as well as avoid coming into touch with coronavirus symptomatic carriers.

These Gadgets Are Very Useful In Fighting Covid-19, Are They At Your Home?

Price: Rs. 1,199.00

Power SourceBattery Powered
Number of Batteries2 AAA batteries are required. (included)
Net Quantity1 count
PriceRs. 1,199.00

Pulse Oximeter

Low oxygen levels are one of COVID-19’s signs. You can check your oxygen saturation levels in a painless way by obtaining a pulse oximeter. The product is currently available for Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 on the internet. The gadget will simply emit different colored light rays through your finger to determine how much oxygen is delivered in your blood to the extremities of your body.

These Gadgets Are Very Useful In Fighting Covid-19, Are They At Your Home?

Price: 1,949.00

Number of Batteries2 AAA batteries are required. (included)
Battery Life24 Hours
Are Batteries IncludedYes
PriceRs. 1,949.00

Automatic Sanitizer Spray

Place an electrical sanitizer spray at your front door to limit contact with people arriving in your residence to a minimal, which can include your house assistance and visitors. This preventive approach will avoid needless touching the items in and around your house. Visitors would also have cleaned their hands before entering the building.

These Gadgets Are Very Useful In Fighting Covid-19, Are They At Your Home?

Price: 1,664.00

ColourSensor Spray Dispenser
Number of Sets1
Price 1,664.00

Disinfectant For Vegetables And Fruits

Following the purchase of groceries from the market, it is necessary to wash and sterilize them. The vegetable and fruit disinfectant will relieve the strain of cleaning each and every fruit by hand while also killing bacteria. This device uses chemical-free ozone technologies to optimize safe and healthy food eating. Filling a container with water, adding fruits and vegetables, and finally submerging a disinfection machine tube in the container are all basic steps.

Price: 180.00

Specific Uses For ProductMultipurpose Disinfectant Tablet
Item FormTablet
Special IngredientsChlorine
Surface RecommendationFloor
Special FeatureChlorine Based

UV Light Sanitizing Box

With UV light, the UV Light Sanitizing Box eliminates all germs on the item that the user places inside it. This hand sanitizer box would set you back anything between Rs 2,000 and Rs 4,000. An ozone disinfectant is included in most of these containers. A wireless charging station and an Aroma Therapy chamber are also included with the gadget.

These Gadgets Are Very Useful In Fighting Covid-19, Are They At Your Home?

Price: 1,799.00

Brand NameHOME 360
Number of Items1
Part NumberHM173173-P
StyleUVCare X (L 22L – Black)


As the Covid pandemic rages in India, businesses are investing in new technology to cope with the problem and profit from it. The following is a list of Some technological breakthroughs that emerged that will help during Covid-19 or variant Omicron.

People May Ask

Q- Is It Safe To Use Infrared Thermometers?

A- Infrared thermometers are precise and dependable. Because they are non-contact thermometers, they can be used securely at a range from the target. As a result, the thermal gun is not only safe but also useful for preventing contamination during Covid-19.

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Q- What Is A Pulse Oximeter And How Should It Be Used?

A- It is critical to monitor them on a regular basis, as well as a pulse oximeter is an excellent tool for checking the oxygen content in the blood or the pulse rate at home. It can aid in the detection of declining SPO2 as well as heart rate levels.

QWhat Is UV Light Disinfection And How Does It Work?

A- There is no secondary pollution because this is a completely physical process. 1. Disinfection: push the disinfection button once, the UV light will turn on, and the buzzer will sound. The buzzer rings twice after 5 minutes, and the UV light switches off, indicating that disinfection is complete.

Q- Which Disinfectant Is Best For Fruits And Vegetables?

A- Bactafree – S tablets are the most effective disinfectant and sanitizer tablets for fruits, vegetables, as well as prepared foods. Bactafree – S chlorine-based pills are the better alternative for disinfection at home, with food-grade quality. It may be used to clean fruits and vegetables, mop, disinfect surfaces, and more at home.

Q- What Is The Best Way To Use An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Bottle?

A- We don’t have to pull the trigger with our hand because it’s automatic. Simply put your hand close to the bottle. The trigger for the bottle will be activated automatically.

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