MediaTek Plans To Demo Wi-Fi 7 For The First Time At Sony CES 2022

Sony CES 2022

At a company event this week, MediaTek revealed that it will demonstrate Wi-Fi 7 at CES in Jan., making it one of the primary firms to do so. Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E are still relatively new, as well as Wi-Fi 7 client adoption is still a ways off.

The confirmation came via a slide during a presentation at the Mediatek Summit on Friday, according to PC Journal. According to the keynote, Wi-Fi 7 should enhance speeds by a factor of two.4 over Wi-Fi 6E, which was released last year by the IEEE.

“We’re going to engage in Wi-Fi 7 expertise,” said James Chen, Affiliate VP of Product Marketing. “We want to be in charge.”

When using the same number of antennae as Wi-Fi 6E, Chen claims that the higher speed applies. He also discovered that Wi-Fi 7 may be better at preventing interference from neighboring networks.

Given the fact that MediaTek plans to demonstrate Wi-Fi 7, also known as 802.11be, next year, a report says the IEEE will not complete standards for the technology until 2024. Wi-Fi 7 could also deliver speeds of up to 40 gigabits per second, according to the report.

Qualcomm started talking about Wi-Fi 7 in 2019 before Wi-Fi 6 was even out. According to CNET, the company’s president of technology, V.Ok. Jones, indicated that Wi-Fi 7 might achieve rates faster than cable.

Jones also indicated that Wi-Fi 7 would be able to employ more antennas than Wi-Fi 6 and that they would not have to be grouped together at one entry-level. This could help Wi-Fi 7 provide a stronger signal in more regions. Wi-Fi 7 may even be able to combine the two. 4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands are all active at the same time.

What Will Be Revealed At The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show?

Sony will be present at CES 2021.

For 2021, there will be a variety of designs and sizes to fit a variety of (unconfirmed) price ranges. Sony also unveiled two new 360 Realities Audio speakers, the RA5000 and RA3000, which enable Voice Recognition or Alexa, and the Airpeak drone was shown shooting Sony’s S-Vision prototype.

While Wi-Fi 6 networks and gadgets are still hard to come by, MediaTek has already announced that it would demonstrate Wi-Fi 7, the next version of Wi-Fi technology, at CES 2022 next year.

Yesterday, MediaTek unveiled the Dimensity 9000, their forthcoming premium CPU. The Dimensity 9000 is the world’s largest first ARM-based chip with a Cortex-X2 CPU, as well as the world’s first processor produced using a 4nm node process. The chipset is jam-packed with capabilities and ready to pique the curiosity of the next devices.

The capabilities of the chip were demonstrated by the firm yesterday. Along with demonstrating Dimensity 9000, MediaTek also revealed that Wi-Fi 7 will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in early Jan.

MediaTek Plans To Demo Wi-Fi 7 For The First Time At Sony CES 2022

Wi-Fi 6 — also known as 802.11ax — is the quickest wireless enabling tech right now, but it’s still hard to come across. However, that hasn’t stopped MediaTek from demonstrating Wi-Fi 7. As per a graphic obtained from MediaTek, Wi-Fi 7 would offer 2.4x wireless rates over Wi-Fi 6.

It is also expected to have lower latency. next-gen wireless technology could be called 802.11be. “Intel and Qualcomm have promised to the new standard,” as per the story, but the businesses haven’t indicated when they’ll show off a method that contains it.

As per the study, Wi-Fi 7’s “many capacity units” technology enables gadgets to “better fight off disturbance from other neighboring systems.” “With Wi-Fi 7, we can puncture out sound from a neighbor,” a MediaTek official named Chen claimed. Meanwhile, no firm dates for the release of Wi-Fi 7 devices have been set.

Customers Should Still Be Years Away From Wi-Fi 7

It’s important to distinguish between promises, actual launches, and accessibility. This guideline may be published next year,   It’s not pleasant for everyone just because it’s “accessible” in 2023. Companies must release new systems that help the Wi-Fi 7 protocol, just as they did with Wi-Fi 6. Even Wi-Fi 6 is not extensively accessible on the market right now. The majority of smart TVs and cell phones are only slowly getting compatible with new guidelines. Meanwhile, most users would have to wait years for Wi-Fi 7.

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Today was a watershed moment for MediaTek. The Taiwanese delivered the keynote address and revealed several of their future intentions. The very next Dimensity 9000 flagship SoC was also introduced.

This is the current tale of MediaTek, the first chipset to meet the requirements to participate in the premium market. The Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 will be at the center of a tough struggle with that as well after this year.

The typical American house is getting speeds marginally quicker than 200Mbps on average for the year, as per Ookla, the business behind famous measures the rate of your Internet access. The specimen ends in Oct. 2021. Wi-Fi 7, on the other hand, has theoretical rates of up to 30 gigabits per second.

Even if an early glimpse of the next version of Wi-Fi occurs in early 2022, it could take several years for the tech to reach static routing, PCs, tablets, cellphones, and other network devices. The 802.11be reform will be released in 2024, as per IEEE, the Wi-Fi benchmarks government board, with infomercial implementation following soon after.

Is There Going To Be A CES In 2021?

Given the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the organization had already received approval to do something in Jul 2020, when it declared that CES 2021 would be moving to an all-digital design. This year, several big tech gatherings, such as IFA 2021 in the fall, are reverting to in-person gatherings.

Is CES 2021 An Online Event?

The Consumer Tech Organization (which organizes CES) canceled all in-person events for January 2021 in July 2020 and began preparing a digital event rather.

Is It Possible For Me To Attend CES?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a trade-only event that is not available to the general public. To register, users must be at least 18 years old & work in the retail tech industry.

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