2023 Best Remote Access Software for Small Business

This article shows the best remote access software for small business, facilitating resource access and remote customer support seamlessly.

What is the best free remote access software for small business?

Remote desktop software provides small businesses with the ability to control computers from a remote location and utilize the resources available on those computers. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with employees who work remotely or need to offer remote support to customers or colleagues.

When selecting the best remote access software for your small business, there are a few key criteria to consider.

  • Firstly, it should prioritize high levels of security to protect against cyber threats.
  • Additionally, the software should be user-friendly and have a clear and intuitive interface.
  • It should also offer reliable and quick performance with minimal delay.
  • Finally, the price should be reasonable and affordable.
  • So, what is the best remote access software for small business? Don’t worry, this article will introduce you to the best free remote access software for small business, please continue reading.

The benefits of remote access software for small business

The advantages of remote access software for small businesses are numerous. It allows for increased flexibility in remote work, improved collaboration through resource sharing, cost savings by eliminating the need for physical office space, and enhanced customer service with faster response times. Here are some key advantages:

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Remote access software enables employees to access company systems and data from any location with an internet connection. The versatility provided by this flexibility proves particularly advantageous for businesses operating with remote or distributed teams.
  • Increased Productivity: Employees can work from home or while traveling, leading to increased productivity. They can access necessary files, applications, and systems without being tied to a specific physical location.
  • Cost Savings: Small businesses can save on costs related to office space and infrastructure. With remote access, there’s less need for a centralized physical workspace, reducing expenses associated with utilities and maintenance.

AnyViewer: The best remote access software for small business

For top-notch remote access solutions in small business, consider the commendable AnyViewer—the best remote access software for small business. Backed by a robust team, AnyViewer earns acclaim for its swift connection speed and user-friendly operations from numerous satisfied users. Furthermore, it provides the following benefits:

  • Unattended remote access, allowing users to access a computer without someone physically present at the remote location.
  • Security code, It’s also suitable for those providing assistance to colleagues. With AnyViewer, simply send the security code to effectively aid anyone in need of assistance.
  • Higher security, AnyViewer uses Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption technology along with two-factor authentication to better protect the complete security of your connection.
  • Support for mobile remote access, allowing for convenient remote support on devices like iPhone and Android phone.
  • Multi-user support, enabling multiple users to connect to the same PC simultaneously for remote teamwork.
  • A range of remote access and support features, including screen viewing, file transfer, and chat during sessions.
  • Privacy mode access, which lets users access their computers in public places while blocking the physical screen and disabling the keyboard and mouse to protect privacy.

To effectively use AnyViewer for remote access, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download, install, and initiate AnyViewer on both of your devices. In the “Log in” section, choose “Sign up.”

Remote Access Software

Step 2. Fill out the registration form to establish a new account. Sign in to both devices using the same account.

Remote Access Software

Step 3. Upon successful login, your devices are automatically linked to your account.

Remote Access Software

Step 4. Go to “Device,” select the desired device, and click “One-click control” to activate unattended remote access seamlessly.

Remote Access Software

Tips: Elevate your unattended access experience by upgrading to a professional or enterprise plan for added benefits.

  • You have the flexibility to allocate unattended remote access to 10 devices while efficiently managing and overseeing a total of 100 devices.
  • Simultaneously control an unlimited number of devices from one computer.
  • Conduct unlimited large file transfers concurrently (up to 1TB per file).
  • Experience Privacy Mode, deactivating the remote computer’s keyboard and mouse while closing the remote screen.
  • Efficiently manage large device volumes with group creation for organizations.


Navigating the realm of remote access software poses a challenge in identifying the optimal solution for small businesses. Through thorough research, AnyViewer emerges as our top recommendation. Its user-friendly interface, exceptional performance, robust security measures, and extensive feature set make it a compelling choice. With AnyViewer, small businesses can not only adapt to the demands of a remote work environment but also foster high levels of productivity and competitiveness. Experience the difference firsthand by giving it a try now.

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