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Can I Send a Message Longer Than 140 Characters On Social Media Or By Email?

Learn if you can write a Message Longer Than 140 Characters On Social Media and want to send it.

Sending messages on social media platforms and emails is quite a common thing as it has become a source of communication for users.

No matter if there is a detailed conversation or just a casual chat people prefer using messaging instead of making calls.

However, there is a common problem seen on social media apps you get restricted while sending a message of more than a specific length.

This element is also seen when you post something on social media platforms. You get restricted to limited characters while writing the caption.

In this blog post, we are going to have a look at the character limit for messages on the social media platform and how you can check your count.

Is It Possible to Write a Message Longer Than 140 Characters on Social Media or Email?

Yes. You can make your message longer than 140 characters so you can have a detailed conversation with your friend.

However, you get restricted at one stage and you can’t exceed that limit while you write the message on the social media apps or email.

Sometimes you copy a message from another platform and want to send it on any other social media app but because of exceeding the limit; you can’t send a message to others.

Therefore, it is quite important to check the character length of the message first split your message, and send them all separately.

The best way that you can check the length of the message is by getting assistance from an online character counter.

How Is Character Counter Helpful In Writing Messages?

Character counter is an online assistance for users that they can use to check the length of the content and count the number of words or characters in the message.

When you post something on social media and write a caption for it, you will get the option on some platforms to check the word and character count. However, this liberty is not available on all social media sites.

Moreover, if you talk about messages or emails, again you will not be able to see the length of the content which may create trouble for you due to an increase in the word count.

An online character counter is an amazing choice in this regard as it can help you check how many words and characters are in the message.

Message Longer Than 140 Characters

When you upload the content in this online character count checker, this tool will tell the total number of characters with and without space.

This online tool also shows the total number of sentences in your message along with the keyword density.

So, this is an incredible assistance for the users that they can avail of to determine the length of the message or email quickly.

One important thing that must be mentioned here about the character counter tool is that it comes with a built-in grammar checker so you can make sure to keep the lines free of grammatical errors.

Other Benefits of Character Counter

In this section, we are going to mention some amazing benefits that one can get from an online character count tool while checking the length of the message.

Edit text

While using an online character counter, you can also edit the text here and modify the structure of your message.

Online word counters will allow you to change the font style or size as well as change the case of the content. You can change the entire text to title case, sentence case, upper case, or lower case.

Compatible with all devices

No matter which device you are using to access the online character count tool, it will work smoothly on all devices and operating systems.

You will not face any compatibility issues while using the online character count tool as it will give you all the features on all the devices.

Free of cost

All the features that you get in the online character length checker are free of cost. There is no need to spend a single buck while checking the length of the message in this online tool.

Interestingly, you will not even have to register your account to use the character counter. Just open it on your device and start doing your job.

User-friendly interface

The interface of the online character count tool is very simple and easy to navigate. You can easily understand all the features and their working while you use the online character counter.

Who Can Use Character Counter?

The online character count tool is beneficial for all users no matter for what job one is using it. The tool will become equally useful for everyone.

SEO experts and professionals can use this online tool to check the length of the message or email they are going to send to others.

Similarly, social media experts have to send a lot of messages to the clients and they can use this tool to check the length of messages in this tool.

Writers and bloggers can use online character counters to check the length of their content as well as the keyword density so they can reduce stuffing in the lines while adjusting keywords.


Many individuals wonder if they can exceed the length of 140 characters while sending a message on social media or email.

Yes, it is possible to make the content longer but sometimes it becomes important to keep check on the length of the article.

Therefore, online character count comes in handy here as it will tell you the total number of words and characters in the content.

Hope you find this post quite informative. For any query, you can reach us in the comments section and we will make sure to answer your queries.

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