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OPPO Watch Free to launch in India alongside Reno 7 series

OPPO has announced that OPPO Watch Free , one of its newest fitness trackers. The Reno 7 and Reno 7 Pro smartphones will be available in India on February 4th, according to OPPO. It has now been confirmed that OPPO Watch Free , the company’s latest affordable wearable, would be released alongside the smartphones.

The OPPO Watch Free is this company’s take on the latest, larger-display fitness trackers (1.644 inches diagonal length in this case). It has already been introduced in China, and it is now set to be made available to Indian consumers.

On February 4, 2022, OPPO has confirmed that it would launch in this new market, which implies it will be unveiled alongside the Reno7 devices. It remains to be seen whether two of each gadget can work together to take advantage of the Watch Free’s eSports Mode and NFC.

OPPO Watch Free Specifications

Launch Date4 February 2022(Expected)
Display 1.91″ AMOLED display
Screen36 PPI AMOLED Screen
Color Gamut100% DCI-P3
Battery in smart modeUp to 36 hours
Battery in Power modeUp to 21 days
Charging time15 minutes charges to 46%
Workout modesMultiple
Workout class series5-minute
Water Resistance50- meter
ColorBlack and Gold
OPPO Watch Free

OPPO Watch Free Features

Keep Up, Keep In Touch

Workout and Health Tracking, Standalone LTE Connectivity, Flexible Dual-Curved Display, Wear OS by Google TM Up to 21-Day Battery Life, Watch VOOC Flash Charging.

Pick Up, Any Time

LTE connectivity on its own, You won’t be able to bring your phone with you? It’s no problem. Through an eSIM, the OPPO Watch Free can keep you connected. You’ll never miss a crucial call again, whether you’re jogging, swimming, or in a meeting.

Beauty on Vivid Display

Epic screens are no longer reserved for flagship phones. With a dual-curved flexible AMOLED screen, clear image clarity, and vibrant colors, the OPPO Watch Free is dressed to please. A 3D curved back design ensures that your watch looks nice from all angles. Fill the backdrop with a photo of your choice to add a personal touch.

It Tells the Time and Maximizes Your Time

Wear OS by Google TM comes with a slew of time-saving features. With clever information management tools, you can track your health and fitness, monitor the weather, and stay up to date. Instead of wondering where the time went, you’ll be amazed at how much you accomplished.

OPPO Watch Free

Charge It in Minutes, Use It for Days

OPPO Watch Free has two durability modes, powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear TM 3100 and Ambiq Micro’s Apollo Wireless SoC, to make the most of its battery. OPPO watch free won’t let you down whether you’re commuting or on vacation. Furthermore, Watch VOOC Flash Charging allows for a full day of use with just a 15-minute charge.

Make Every Step Count

With real-time fitness tracking from Google Fit, the OPPO Watch Free helps you keep track of your workouts. It also includes a 5-Min Workout class series as well as real-time advice in daily regular workout modes to help you get up and going.

OPPO Watch Free

Follow Your Heart’s Every Beat

Isn’t your heart deserving of some attention because it beats around the clock? Thanks to its back optical heartbeat sensors, the OPPO Watch never skips a beat. Simply generate a health report with the Hey Tap Health app to get a closer look at how your heart is performing.

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Water Resistance

The five huge fitness sensors on the back of your watch track your runs, swims, bike rides, walks, and other activities. The 50-meter water resistance6 protects your watch as you swim or brave the elements. GPS + GLONASS location services trace your journey, and 50-meter water resistance6 protects your watch as you swim or fight the elements.

OPPO Watch Free


The device’s 230mAh battery, according to OPPO, would last for 14 days. Fast charging will be supported on the next OPPO Watch, which will deliver a full day’s battery life with just 5 minutes of charging.

The Watch Free will also have a 19mm strap and is water-resistant up to 5ATM of pressure. It weights 20.9 g without the strap and 32.6 g with it. It’s worth noting that the Chinese version of the OPPO Watch Free lacks a GPS chip, which is unusual in this price range.

People May Ask

Does OPPO have a smartwatch?

With real-time fitness tracking from Google Fit, the OPPO Watch helps you keep track of your workouts. It also includes a 5-Min Workout class series as well as real-time advice in daily regular workout modes to help you get up and going.

Is OPPO Watch LTE version available in India?

The CNY 1,299 (approximately Rs 14,900) OPPO Watch 2 42mm Bluetooth version is available. The OPPO Watch 42mm LTE costs CNY 1,499, or about Rs 17,200 in India. In India, the original OPPO Watch does not feature LTE, despite the fact that its Chinese and global counterparts have.

What is the first sale date of OPPO smart watch?

The launch date for the OPPO Watch Free in India has been set for February 4, the firm said on Tuesday. 

Who makes OPPO Watch?

The OPPO Watch is the Chinese tech company’s first step into the wristwatch market, and it makes a statement by emulating the look of a market-leading device.

Is OPPO watch waterproof?

Water resistance for the OPPO Watch 46mm (both LTE and Wi-Fi versions) is 50 meters, while the OPPO Watch 41mm (Wi-Fi) is 30 meters. Workout Without Getting Stressed.

Is OPPO band durable?

We’ve added a curved layer of reinforced, scratch-resistant 2.5D glass to the OPPO Band’s screen because we know you’ll want to wear it all the time.

Do OPPO phones track steps?

The Smart Assistant on your OPPO phone has weather, steps tracker, and even events information. It organizes them into an active day summary for convenient access on a single screen. You can start an app or call someone with only one press using Quick applications and preferred contacts.

Where is OPPO phone steps?

To keep track of your progress, open Step Tracker in your Smart Assistant and it will display the number of steps you’ve taken so far, as well as the overall distance you’ve travelled.

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