OPPO Watch Free NFC

OPPO’s latest fitness tracker, the OPPO Watch Free NFC, comes with an AMOLED touchscreen and is reasonably priced. It has up-to-date functionality such as over 100 sports activities and health parameter tracking. The tracking feature wearable also has a feature called “eSports Mode” by the manufacturer.

Today (September 26, 2021), OPPO vowed to debut a new phone, TV, and wearable device, and it has delivered on all three promises. The OPPO Watch Free NFC is this OEM’s solution to gadgets like the Realme Band 2 and Honor Band 6. It has a 1.64-inch display and a 14-day battery capacity.

It has a heart-rate monitor that can provide continuous and real-time accurate readings on five separate parameters of cardiac endurance. There are also stress and sleep tracking, though no blood-oxygen measures are mentioned.

OPPO, on the other hand, has included tracking for over 100 different types of workouts and exercises in the Bluetooth 5.0 OPPO Watch Free NFC . It has also included a new feature in this wearable: an eSports Mode, however when enabled, redirects all alert notifications from a connected smartphone to the Free.

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Oppo’s latest wristwatch is an updated version of Watch Free that includes NFC for cashless transactions in China. Other specifications of the Watch Free NFC include a 1.64-inch 2.5D AMOLED display with 280×456 pixels, DCI-P3 color gamut, and 326PPI pixel density, which are similar to those of the Watch Free. The smartwatch boasts a 14-day battery life and a variety of sports modes.

This could be useful for gaming, however it is currently only interoperable with the OPPO Find X3 and Reno6 models. More smartphones will indeed be added to this list throughout time, according to OPPO, but they will almost certainly all be first-party exclusive.

The OPPO Watch Free NFC also supports NFC, which may be used for contactless payments, public transportation cards, and other applications. However, its largely polycarbonate construction (for a final body weight of 33 grams (g)) suggests that it is a low-cost gadget.

As a result, OPPO has dictate the rate at 599 yuan  for the NFC-enabled model and 549 yuan  for the non-NFC variant. Nevertheless, the OEM has still yet to say whether or not this huge new activity tracker would be available in other countries.

What Can NFC Do On The OPPO Watch Free NFC?

Consider the phone’s Bluetooth capability or the OPPO phone’s close sharing capability. They’re both capable of transferring information from one device to someone within their range. This is also how NFC works in some ways. Anyone can learn something about NFC underneath now that Experts Have given everyone an idea of it by blogging!


Anyone could use NFC, or relatively close communications, to perform cashless transactions now that mobile smartphones can really do practically anything, include shopping online, paying the bills, and more. Users shouldn’t need to bring any money since the OPPO Watch enables Google Pay, and that people can execute payments with just either phone or the OPPO Watch while out purchasing.

To Turn On NFC

  • On your watch, go to [Settings].
  • Scroll down and tap [Connectivity].
  • Under ‘Connectivity’, tap [NFC].
  • Toggle [NFC] to turn on/off.
OPPO Watch Free NFC

OPPO Watch Free NFC Specifications

The OPPO Watch Free is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and is 5ATM waterproof, allowing users to submerge the smartwatch up to 50 meters. It can also track the laps and pace of customers who use it to swim, according to OPPO.


Model NoWatch Free NFC
Launch DateNov2021

More Details

waterproof resistantYes
 Battery Power23mAh
Battery Full5 min
Battery Time14Days
waterproof resistant5ATM 

Does OPPO Smart Watch Support NFC?

Anyone could use NFC, or near-field communications, to perform cashless transactions now that mobile phones can really do practically anything, including shopping online, paying bills, and much more.

What Is NFC Watch?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that allows data to be sent between devices that are only a few millimeters apart, usually back-to-back. NFC must be enabled in order for NFC-based apps (such as Android Beam) to work properly.

Do People Need NFC?

NFC is an interesting technology for contactless banking, but providers frequently prohibit it. QR code payment solutions are now more accessible on a variety of mobile devices.

Is NFC Better Than Bluetooth?

NFC is more secured than Bluetooth since it has a smaller range and thus a more reliable connection. As a result, NFC is a superior answer for congested and busy environments where many different devices are attempting to connect with one another, causing interference problems.

OPPO Watch Free NFC

Can NFC Be Hacked?

NFC is a valuable technique for a variety of purposes. However, is not without security dangers. Hackers may be able to obtain NFC data because it is not password protected. They could do this even though people are not conscious of it.

Can People Download NFC?

NFC is a useful method for a range of applications. It is not, however, without security risks. Because NFC data is not password secured, hackers may well be able to access it. They may be able to accomplish this even if no one is aware of it.

Does OPPO Watch have eSIM?

The eSIM in your OPPO watch is built-in, and that people can use the same or a change in the number as on the phone. Calls are already enabled once the eSIM has been activated, employees can stay in touch with the loved ones no matter where people have been.

Is NFC Used To SPY?

Malware may be installed on Android phones using NFC or Android beam. Smartphones running On android 8 Oreo and higher were impacted by this problem. This vulnerability was addressed by Google in their October security patch.

What Are The Disadvantages Of NFC?

  • It can only function over small distances of 10-20 cm.
  • It has extremely slow data transfer speeds of around 106, 212, or 424 Kbps.
  • Adopting NFC-enabled gadgets is prohibitively expensive for businesses.

How Do People Get NFC On OPPO?

Toggle on [NFC] in [Settings] >[Other Wireless Connections]/[Connection & sharing] to enable NFC. This should activate Android Beam automatically. If not, turn on [Android Beam] by tapping on it.

Is It Safe To Leave NFC On All The Time?

Before people could even utilize the service, smartphone must first enable NFC. If users don’t intend to utilize NFC, it’s best to switch it off to preserve battery life and avoid potential security problems. While NFC is generally safe, some security experts recommend turning it off in public settings where it could be hacked.

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