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Xiaomi Announces Loop Liquid Cool Technology

5 November 2021, Beijing, CHINA – XiaoMI, a global technology pioneer, revealed Loop Liquid Cool Technology, its newest innovation in thermal dissipation.

Loop Liquid Cool Technique enables a stating to bring liquid cooling agent to the source of heat, vaporise it, and afterwards scatter the frequency towards a cold environment until the agent cools and is caught via uni – directional closed looped channel, which was inspired by cooling systems used for the aerospace sector.

This revolutionary technology has double the cooling capacity of traditional vapour chamber technologies and it is the most effective cell phone cooling option.

Liquid Cool Loop Technology

An annular heat exchange system, consisting of an evaporation, a condenser, a refill chamber, and also gas and liquid tubes, is included in this novel technology.

The evaporator, which is placed near heat sources, contains coolant that evaporates to gas while the cell phone is working hard.

The gas and airflow is then dispersed to the condensation, where it condenses back into liquid. The liquids are absorbed and gathered by microscopic fibres in the refilling chamber, which then refills the evaporator, getting the system identity.

Despite the fact that this new technique employs the same approach as VC liquid cooling, the new form factor improves efficiency significantly.

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Due to the lack of distinct routes for gases and liquids in traditional VC systems, hot gas and cold liquids mix and impede each other, specifically under heavy workload.

The ring-shaped pump has a unique gas pipe layout that decreases air passage barrier by 30%. The highest heat transfer capacity is boosted by up to 100% by enabling for a cleaner steam pressure.

Heat Dissipation Requires One-Way Circulation

Using a Tesla valve design inside the refilling chamber is critical for ensuring one-way elevated circulating. A Tesla valve is an each valve that allows liquid to pass throughout the evaporation while preventing gases from flowing backwards. This provides for greater gas/liquid circulating effectiveness throughout the system.

The original vapour chamber on a bespoke XiaoMI MIX 4 was replaced by a new Loop Liquid Cool Software solutions. This remarkable cooling mechanism maintained the phone below a highest temperature of 47.7°C during a 30-minute Genshin Strike gaming test at 60fps max video setting, and the CPU was 8.6°C cooler than the ordinary version.

The Tesla valve’s variable form factor, which includes one-way circulation, gas-liquid separation, and lower thermal gas pipelines, allows Loop Liquid Cool Technology to be integrated into any sort of interior design. A square-shaped loop, for instance, will provide more capacity for the battery, camera module, and other components.

XiaoMI Corporation

XiaoMI Company was incorporated in April 2010 and went public on the Hong Kong Stock Issuer’s Main Board on July 9, 2018. (1810.HK). Xiao MI is an electronics and smart construction company with an Iot network at its core that connects cell phones and smart hardware.

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Xiao MI is committed to innovative products, high-quality user experience, and operational efficiency, as part of our aim to “make friends with users and become the coolest business in their hearts.”

The firm works tirelessly to provide incredible items at fair costs so that everyone in the globe may benefit from cutting-edge technology.

Xiaomi Announces Its Own Loop LiquidCool Technology: Here's All You Should Know
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XiaoMI is a top smartphone manufacturer in the globe. In the 3rd quarter of 2021, the company’s value transfer in respect of cell phone market share was ranked as the third. With 374.5 million mobile devices linked to its network as of June 30, 2021, eliminating smartphones and laptops, the business has also developed the world’s largest consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform.

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Xiao MI devices are available in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. The firm made the Fortune Global 500 list for the 3rd season in August 2021, placing 338th, up 84 places from 2020.


One of the key issues for handset makers has long been effective cooling. When Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 888 processor, the situation became much worse. To avoid overheating and stuttering, several firms purposefully reduced the frequency of the SoC for routine activities.

Because there’s no reason to believe that future Snapdragon flagship CPUs won’t have the same issue, Xiao MI has unveiled Loop Liquid Cool liquid cooling technology.

How Does It Work?

An evaporator, condenser, adjustment cavity, & two steam tubes are all part of the growing technology. In cell phones, the evaporator will be located adjacent to the motherboard.

A capillary action draws a cold liquid that cools the iron, whenever heat is produced during high load. The heat is transported to the cold region of the loop channel following evaporation, wherever it stays until condensing.

The new technique has shown to be twice as effective as conventional cooling systems that utilise steam chambers, as per the company. Xiaomi has dubbed Loop LiquidCool the greatest cell phone cooling technology on the market.

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Although the mechanism utilised is just like in VC liquid cooling systems, the new style factor improves its effectiveness. Because the latter lacks the capacity to divide steam and liquid, they combine.

Loop LiquidCool was tested on a Xiaomi MIX 4 that has been modded. According to the maker, the heating of the Genshin Impacts with such a frame rate of 60 FPS & highest graphics settings did not surpass 47.7o for 30 minutes.

Around the same moment, the Snapdragon 888+ only one program’s temp was 8.6o lower than the chip temp in the regular version of the handset.

When Should You Anticipate Something?

The new technology will not be available in the business’s devices until the second half of next year, according to the company. It will most likely make its debut with the Xiaomi MIX 2nd generation. During this time, the Xiaomi 13 is also expected to be unveiled.

As a result, the Loop Liquid Cool will not be included in the Xiaomi 12 that will be released next month, nor with the more advanced Ultra edition. It will be released in the spring.

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The Loop Liquid Cool Technology uses a capillary action to pull a liquid cooling agent to a source of heat, evaporate it, and afterwards effectively transfer energy to a cooler location till the agents condenses and is caught via a single-direction closed-looped conduit.

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