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Some Pixel 6 Phones are Reportedly Ghost Dialling People

Users of the Pixel 6 are apparently facing a new dialling problem that makes calls to unknown strangers in their phone contacts.

According to reports, Google Assistant may be to be responsible for the problem that early users are experiencing, and a temporary workaround is also capable of preventing those unwanted auto calls.

This behaviour has been dubbed “ghost calling” or “phantom calling” by users. Google has acknowledged the problem and stated that it is working on solutions.

The problem appears to be caused by Google Assistant misinterpreting noises like the triggering phrase “Hey Google,” as well as sound manipulation, which causes a request to call something to be misinterpreted.

9to5 Google even posted a video of Google Assistant making a phone call just on Pixel 6 without any prompting.

The ‘Hey Google’ hot phrase was never used, and no permission to call any connection, according to most people who report the ghost calling problem.

The phone was either locked or nowhere close to its user, according to the majority of the remarks. The phones dial random data, often in the middle of the night, according to the remarks, and there is no proof of what triggers the glitch.

One user speculates that the problem is due to Google Assistant. The Ok Google voice activation feature might allegedly turn on by itself and misinterpret noises as a request to call somebody. Some others claim to have seen the calling order in their Google Assistant’s history, so this might be the cause of the issue.

There have been times when the phone contacted 911 3 times, which would be unlawful when there isn’t a true emergency, as users undoubtedly know. On some other occasions, the phone dialled a number that the owner had not spoken to in years. This means that its glitch’s selection of which person to call is most likely random.

However, the problem could be caused by Android 12 instead of Pixel 6 smartphones. One user noticed that their Pixel 3 is also phoning phones in the background.

This began when they upgraded to Android 12 on their phone. If you have a Pixel, it’s probably best to wait until Google has fixed all of the problems before upgrading your OS.

Some Pixel 6 Phones are Reportedly Ghost Dialing People

According to reports, Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are Riddled With Flaws

Unfortunately, a number of other difficulties have been discovered with Google’s newer devices. Whenever customers first got their new phones, some of them had two punch-holes in their screens, despite the fact there is only a single selfie camera.

Another issue with the Pixel 6 Pro was screen flickering, which was noted by owners within the first few days of receiving the phone. Google has acknowledged the issue and stated that it is trying to fix it.

The new Pixel 6 series’ software issues aren’t limited to ghost-dialing. Modifications in the interface’s animation length have caused fingerprint sensors to malfunction, as well as problems with the ever-so-screen as a consequence of the same option change.

However, some folks have much more pressing concerns. Stocks of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are frequently out of stock, with shipment dates ranging from weeks or even months. Google is definitely having trouble keeping up with the demand. This may be due to a chip shortage or simply Google’s lack of foresight in anticipating such high demand for its new smartphones.

Still, whether you’re lucky enough to obtain a Pixel without any issues like we were, you’ll be holding a fantastic Android phone. As we noted in our Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro reviews, the new Google smartphones boast superb photography abilities, a decent screen, and strong performance.

However, the chip shortages affect more than just Google. Delivery times for Apple’s newest iPhone 13 phones have also been rumoured to be as long as December. Samsung has also been impacted by the issue, with the company falling to second place in Europe behind Xiaomi previously this year. The same chip problem is to blame for this. Another explanation is Samsung’s choice to discontinue the Galaxy Note line in favour of the Galaxy S series.

Let’s hope the shortages of chips are over soon. However, analysts expect that this will continue until next year. This might push smartphone prices up, resulting in fewer sales worldwide.

How to Resolve It

A reboot, although a brief one, is said to fix the problem. Users can deactivate ‘Assistant Responses on the home screen in Options to prevent Google Assistant from making any unwanted conversations when the phone is turned.

Go over to Google Assistant > Lock Screen > Assistant responses on the lock screen.

Google acknowledged to 9to5Google that it is aware of the problem and is trying to fix it. This problem will most likely be fixed in a future release.


Several Reddit users have complained that their Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro devices have already been getting calls to unknown numbers. The Google Assistant may be misreading sounds and triggering calls, according to one theory. This will not apply to cases in which the cellphone was in a quiet setting, was locked, or was used while the owner was sleeping.

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