Whatsapp Chatbot: A Great Step By West Bengal Government

The West Bengal government has developed a specialized WhatsApp chatbot to assist citizens in applying for ration cards, filing grievances, and gaining access to other essential services.

The West Bengal government recently introduced a new WhatsApp number for all matters pertaining to the Khadyasathi Ration Card scheme.

This phone number could then be used to identify any problems with Duare Ration Prakalpa.

For the very first time in India, WhatsApp has launched such an initiative. The chatbot, which really is free to use and accessible in both English and Bangla, will also give farmers access to verifiable information on paddy procurement activities, according to the company.

Full-Service Capabilities Of Whatsapp Chatbot

The State government claims the chatbot is a “first in India” because it is created with complete service abilities and removes the need for individuals to visit a ration office, in reality, to just get their questions answered or make demands.

“The WhatsApp chatbot offers current information to the public to empower individuals to raise complaints and concerns, therefore facilitating faster settlement and guaranteeing that food sources reach the remote areas parts of the state in a seamless fashion,” says Parvez Siddiqui, IAS (Secretary, Department of Food and Supplies). They can access all services to citizens from the comfort of home via WhatsApp, a platform with which the majority of people are familiar in today’s world.”

According to a press release from WhatsApp, this is the first-of-its-kind solution in India, and it was created for the convenience of over 10 crore ration card holders in West Bengal. The chatbot is designed to provide true capabilities, removing the need for consumers to visit the ration office in person to have their questions answered or requests submitted. The bot is simple to use and includes tools such as ration card job applications, tracking applications, Aadhaar integration, Paddy sale timing advice, and more.

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“At WhatsApp, researchers are constantly eager to promote initiatives that utilize the platform to achieve social good and governance solutions,” Shivnath Thukral, Director of Public Policy – WhatsApp India, said. People are delighted to assist the West Bengal government’s objective to make food distribution more effective and convenient, as well as to guarantee that it enters the most remote corners of the state. Designers are confident that this personalized WhatsApp Chatbot solution will benefit individuals by accessing different knowledge that will assist expedite the distribution of food in the state.”

WhatsApp Chatbot: A Great Step by West Bengal Government

Users must begin the chat by sending a ‘Hi’ to a specific number, according to a West Bengal government announcement.

Chatbots For WhatsApp

Businesses and consumers continue to benefit from chatbots, and today’s WhatsApp chatbots are no exception. It’s time to break out from the same old routine and take interaction to a new level, which may be accomplished by creating WhatsApp Chatbots.

Creating a WhatsApp bot is straightforward and easy, despite popular belief, and only when recommended practices are followed. 

How To Create A Chatbot For Whatsapp?

  • To make WhatsApp Chatbots, people must first create a WhatsApp account. Anyone can get the WhatsApp Business API by requesting it.
  • Consider the conversation.
  • Make use of a chatbot builder and a database host.
  • Test the WhatsApp Chatbot.
  • Set up the chatbot on a phone number.

Full Information

WhatsApp Number9903055505
Launched ByFood & Supply Department, Government of West Bengal
Launched In2021
ServicesFor obtaining information, filing complaints, and other services relating to the application for a ration card
LanguagesEnglish and Bengali

Services Provided By Ration Card Whatsapp Chatbot

The WBPDS has launched a WhatsApp number that would provide the following services to West Bengal residents:

  • Forms for applying for a ration card are available here.
  • The location and times of the Duare Ration.
  • Information about a reasonably-priced store.
  • To gain knowledge of Paddy Procurement.
  • For the purpose of lodging grievances.
  • To learn how to link the Aadhaar number to the ration card.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Ration Cards

How To Use Ration Card WhatsApp Chatbot

To be using the West Bengal Food and Supplies Department’s WhatsApp chatbot application,

  • Save the number “+91-9903055505” in your phonebook.
  • Go to the WhatsApp app.
  • Open the chat using the saved phone number.
  • Send a message with the word “hello” in it.

Benefits Of Ration Card WhatsApp Number

Users won’t have to go to the ration office to have their questions answered or to submit suggestions or complaints.

Users may use WhatsApp to obtain all of these services from the comfort of their homes.

Citizens of the state will be able to apply for ration cards, file grievances, and have access to other important services using a WhatsApp chatbot.

Farmers will also benefit from the chatbot’s verified knowledge of paddy purchases.

WhatsApp Chatbot: A Great Step by West Bengal Government

What Are The Services That Can Get From The Whatsapp Number Of Duare Ration And Ration Card?

The Duare ration and Ration card WhatsApp number can help customers with acquiring information, filing complaints, and other services relating to ration card applications.

The chatbot is designed to provide comprehensive service and eliminates the need for consumers to visit the ration office in person to have their questions or requests answered.

Individuals could use WhatsApp, a service that the bulk of citizens are acquainted with in today’s society, to access all services to citizens from the comforts of home. The quickest and most successful approach for the government to support that it is servicing its population while also supporting farmers with paddy purchasing is to do it in this manner.

People would benefit from this great deal of flexibility because this will allow them to access statistics that will improve the distribution of food in the state.

Citizens of the state will be eligible to utilize for ration cards, file concerns, and have access to other important services using a WhatsApp chatbot. 


Citizens will be able to enroll for ration cards, file complaints, and gain access to certain resources more easily with the help of a chatbot.
The Food and Supplies Department of West Bengal has established a dedicated WhatsApp chatbot to make it much easier for inhabitants of the state to register for ration cards, lodge complaints, and acquire other important assets.

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