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iPhone 15: Leaks, News, and Release Date

In this article we are going to cover the iPhone 15: leaks, news, and release date. The “iPhone 15” may be launched in 2023, and rumors are already circulating about its future. The 2023 iPhone will most likely look quite similar, with a few extra features since “iPhone 14” is predicted to have design changes. For example, Apple may go to USB-C or eliminate the Lightning port entirely or include an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Key Specifications of the iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Features

Similar to how the iPhone releases new versions of its operating system each year. As a result, if we start counting with iOS 15, iOS 17 (if that’s even its name) will be available by the time the iPhone 15 is released. Even though the number sequence is very simple, it is currently uncertain what features this OS will actually offer.

There is still a long way to go before 2023, so as the release date approaches, more information is likely to emerge. We’ll update this page when such rumors’ and leaks develop.

iPhone 15 availability

The release of the iPhone 15 in the first part of September 2023 is a possibility. With the exception of the iPhone 12 launch, which was delayed by COVID-19, Apple has largely adhered to these dates for the past ten years. September 12, 2023, would be our best prediction for the precise day, but for now, simply make a pencil mark next to that date.

iPhone 15 price

Contrary to rumors, Apple didn’t adjust the price for the iPhone 14; while this doesn’t preclude a price increase the following year, it seems unlikely if Apple can keep the price constant in light of the current state of the economy and supply chain. If so, the breakdown for the following year would be as follows:

  • iPhone 15: $799
  • Apple iPhone 15 Plus: $899
  • iPhone 15 Pro: $999
  • $1,099 for an iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 design

The iPhone 15 might see a bigger design overhaul than the iPhone 15 Pro. In 2023, the ordinary iPhone 15 models are likely to receive the new capsule front-facing camera that is present on the iPhone 14 Pro models today. This is something Apple will want across the entire lineup, especially considering how heavily featured the “Dynamic Island” design element was in iOS 16, which transforms the capsule into more of a benefit than a hassle.

Apple might also finally use a fingerprint sensor hidden beneath the display. Although Face ID continues to outperform facial recognition in the Android market, the Covid-19 outbreak has brought attention to the current iPhone’s lack of a fingerprint sensor. To be honest, Apple fixed this problem by making customers who wear masks more recognizable on Face ID.

A switch to USB-C for charging being the other potential significant design change. The EU required the switch to USB-C by 2024, and while some have predicted Apple will abandon USB-C in favour of a fully wireless design, it still doesn’t seem realistic. While cable data transfer isn’t all that common these days, it is important for service and for the professional videographers that Apple loves to woo with its industry-leading video performance. Apple would need to provide a MagSafe charger in the box.

Otherwise, it appears from the most recent rumors’ that the fundamentally squared-off redesign that the iPhone 12 started will continue through the iPhone 15. That shouldn’t be surprising as Apple isn’t known for frequently changing its design aesthetic, and this style has been implemented across the entire company’s product range to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

iPhone 15 Display Size

Apple’s strategy of offering two models with 6.1-inch panels and two with 6.7-inch displays seems to be very well established at this point. But where does advancement come from in that case?

Apple might, of course, change its mind and reevaluate the screen sizes for the iPhone 15 series. But as of right now, there is no proof to back it up. However, I think it would be interesting to see a 6.4-inch size model in the interim.

Otherwise, I believe that improvements in refresh rates, color volume, brightness, and energy efficiency are to be expected. Things that don’t sound particularly interesting but have a positive impact on daily life.

Is iPhone 15 having a notch

Many people anticipated that the notch, the now-almost-classic black-out area top and centre of the screen where the cameras are placed, would be ejected for a new design when Apple introduced the iPhone 14 series. Although not for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models, that was partially the case.

The new floating notch, or Active Island as Apple prefers to call it, was instead added to the iPhone 15 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The phrase may sound a little pompous, but Apple is actually onto something here: its iOS software can animate sizable black-background sections out from this space, giving the impression that it is wholly deliberate and serving as a purposeful “island” space to engage with.

I suspect the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will take benefit of this new design idea, leaving the notch as it was known as a thing of the past. Even the lower-end iPhone models, i.e. the iPhone SE, have a full bar that creates a much larger top bezel. 

iPhone 15 specs

The A17 Bionic CPU is the only notable specification improvement for the iPhone 15 thus far. Even though the name might change, the switch to a 3-nanometer chip for Apple’s A-series processor is rumored to occur here, which suggests a more significant performance boost than a regular year-over-year update. Apple is progressing fairly quickly, as evidenced by the A16 chip found in the iPhone 14 Pro as well as Pro Max this year, which is made using a 4-nanometer process.

According to projections, performance will increase by about 10-15%, but the up to 30percentage reduction in power usage may be even more exciting. If Apple maintains at least the same battery sizes, this reduction in power usage could propel Apple to the top of the list of smartphones with the longest battery life.

iPhone 15 cameras

While the improvements to the iPhone 14 Pro cameras are promising on paper, the telephoto lens on the iPhone 15 Pro models could finally receive an upgrade to compete with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and other Android flagships. Going large on the camera might mean going big for the entire iPhone, even with the newest rumors indicating that only the iPhone 15 Pro Max would receive a periscope zoom.

In comparison to Android flagships, this is one of the only areas where Apple’s mobile photography falls short, so it’s a much-needed improvement that might put Apple firmly in the lead.

iPhone 15 outlook

That is all there is to know at this time on the iPhone 15. There are many puzzle parts still missing, but the leakers will move on to their next target now that the iPhone 14 debut is finished.

The iPhone 15 will undoubtedly continue to be one of the most popular smartphones available, but there are a lot of really compelling changes here that we have been waiting years for and may convince more Android users to switch to Apple.

What’s new on iPhone 15?

Redesigned FaceTime calling features, tools to cut down on distractions, a new notification experience, improved privacy features, and comprehensive redesigns for Safari, Weather, and Maps, among other things, are all included in iOS 15. In iOS 15, notifications have undergone a revamp that includes contact photographs for people and larger app icons. These all are rumours.

How much money will the iPhone 15 cost?

The iPhone 15 costs $899 in the USA, and it will go on sale on September 14 of 2023.

Will the iPhone 15 be released?

Apple has a rather rigid timetable. iPhone 14 is released in 2022, followed by the iPhone 15 in 2023 and the iPhone Flip/Fold in 2025. Several versions, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Max, and iPhone 15 Max, are the subject of rumors.

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