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Microsoft and iFixit Team Up on Official Repair Kits for Surface Devices

Microsoft and iFixit have announced a partnership in which iFixit’s Pro independent repairers, Microsoft Authorized Service Providers, Microsoft Experience Centers, and Microsoft Commercial customers will be able to purchase official Microsoft service repair kits for Surface devices directly from

As the Right to Repair campaign gathers momentum, Microsoft made significant progress by partnering with iFixit to provide pro repair kits for surface devices to technicians for its Surface tablets. This is a significant victory for the Right to Repair movement.

Repair kits for surface devices is only available to iFixit Pro members and isn’t accessible to regular people—at least not yet. Nevertheless, the package has some useful capabilities that will assist technicians in extending the lives of Microsoft devices for their clients.

According to iFixit,

Microsoft Repair Kits For Surface Devices Are Now Available Directly From iFixit for iFixit Pro Independent Repairers, Microsoft Authorized Service Providers, Microsoft Experience Centers, and Microsoft Commercial Customers.

From The Press Release

  • This program will launch with three tools, as well as weights and attachments, all of which were designed by Microsoft and manufactured by iFixit.
  • These Repair kits for surface devices allow for precise debonding and rebonding of adhesive for specific Microsoft Surface models, and they will be subjected to the very same rigorous quality testing and attention to detail as the rest of the products.
  • One of the most difficult components of fixing the Surface line is dealing with adhesive. The adhesive must be released accurately without causing damage to other components.
  • The use of exact force during reassembly is required to achieve a strong connection. While these new repair kits for surface devices are not required to accomplish a DIY repair, they are meant to prevent damage and will aid technicians who do a high volume of repairs in enhancing precision and adherence to factory standards.
Microsoft and iFixit Team Up on Official Repair Kits for Surface Devices

Repair Kits For Surface Devices

Surface Display Bonding Frame

This new product line will be launched by iFixit with three Repair Kits for Surface Devices :

  • Used within conjunction with weights to guarantee adequate adherence of the screen element to the device. 
  • The device should indeed be put on a piece of 12″ × 12″ 3/8″ thick EVA foam that comes with both the framework during repair.
  • Surface Pro 7+, Surface Pro 8, and Surface Pro X are supported devices.

Surface Battery Cover

  • To avoid accidental contact with both the motherboard or even other sensitive components, the Surface Battery Cover is placed at the top of the opened device.
  • Surface Laptop 3 (13.5-inch, 15-inch), Surface Laptop 4 (13.5-inch, 15-inch), Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop SE, and Surface Laptop Studio are among the devices that are supported.

Surface Display Debonding Tool

  • Separates the gadget’s screen component from the rest of the device.
  • The tool guarantees that the opening pick is put just deep enough through the device to separate the screen assembly from other components without causing damage.
  • Surface Pro 7+, Pro 8, and Pro X are supported devices.

Independent repair technicians could qualify for the iFixit Pro program by filling out the forms. Those new iFixit Microsoft repair kits for Surface devices can be purchased once they’ve been finalised and approved.

While this is an important first step toward Surface reparability, even iFixit agrees that Microsoft can still do more:

  • Microsoft’s plan to make repair kits for surface devices available to independent technicians is a positive step. They, like so many other companies, have a considerable way to go in terms of reparability, and Microsoft are pleased to join them.
  • Microsoft hope to sell that one to the rest of the repair community in the area, and Microsoft is committed to increasing access to repair tools for new devices so over coming year.

And, in keeping with its beliefs, iFixit says the relationship will have no impact on its editorial team, which will continue to “objectively pull down and assess new Microsoft products.”

Can A Surface Pro Be Repaired?

Surface devices that are brought in for repair are not repairable and must be replaced. If one have the ability, experts strongly advise everyone to back up the data. Humans won’t be able to help anyone restore it.

Are Surface Laptops Repairable?

Nevertheless, the Surface Laptop 3rd generation has decisively swung towards a better, more repairable route.” Finally, iFixit rated the Surface Laptop 3 a 5 out of 10 reparability rating.

Is Microsoft Surface Repairable?

In June 2017, Microsoft gave the original Surface Laptop a historic zero out of ten on the reparability scale: “This item is not intended to be opened or fixed; one can’t get in there without causing a lot of damage.” Humans haven’t given a zero to any other laptop, even the most latest MacBook Pros.

Microsoft and iFixit Team Up on Official Repair Kits for Surface Devices

Are Surface Laptop Batteries Replaceable?

No, the Surface laptop’s battery cannot be replaced. After the warranty period has expired, battery service will incur a cost for replacing the item, presuming it is not a case of battery swelling.

How Long Is Surface Warranty?

Every Surface comes with a minimum 1-year warranty and technical support options for hardware issues and malfunctions.

How Long Does Surface Battery Last?

Nevertheless, the AMD CPU in the Surface Laptop 4 performed admirably for its size class. Battery life was greatly increased over the previous generation, by roughly 2.5 hours, and was quite competitive for its size, at 11-12 hours.

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Microsoft created all of these items, but iFixit manufactured and sold them.

This is just another effort by the IT behemoth in support of the Right to Repair movement. The Surface Notebook SE, a student-oriented laptop built for easy reparability, was revealed by Microsoft last month.

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It is scheduled to debut in early 2022. Microsoft will have to wait and see if it’s genuinely repairable.

This development comes only weeks after Apple revealed that it will sell repair kits for surface devices or its own smartphones.

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