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How to Turn Android Phone into iPhone Like Device

How to Turn Android Phone into iPhone Like Device- It will please you to know that there are several apps on Google Play that may turn an Android phone into an iPhone-like device if you are fascinated by the appearance of the iPhone Home screen.

How to Turn Android Phone into iPhone

In addition to the popularity of the Apple brand, iOS’s appearance, feel, ease of use, and effectiveness contribute to the success of Apple products like the iPhone and iPad.

However, because the Android operating system is open source and allows for customization, many users prefer utilising Android-powered smartphones.

As was already said, there are apps on the Google Play Store that can give your Android phone’s home screen an appearance reminiscent of the iPhone.

Simply download and install specific apps to transform your Android phone into an iOS-like device, and your Android phone will begin to resemble an iPhone.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most popular apps that may transform an Android phone into an iPhone-like gadget.

iOS 14 Control Center

The Control Center in iOS 11 has been totally revamped by Apple, and you can easily get the iOS 11-style Control Center on your Android phone by installing the Control Center iOS 14 app.

This app perfectly replicates the Control Center’s appearance on an iPhone running iOS 14.

The only difference between your Android phone and iPhone after installing this app will be how Control Center is accessed on each device.

On an iPhone, you would swipe from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center, whereas on an Android phone, you would swipe from the right of the screen.

On your Android phone, open Control Center App, navigate to Handle Settings, and choose the Bottom option to remove this discrepancy.

iOS 15 Launcher

One of the greatest apps available on the Play Store to switch between Android and iOS is probably Launcher for iOS 15. On the Home and Lock screens, the App offers your Android phone an iOS 15 device’s exact appearance.

All of the app icons on your Android phone will begin to resemble iOS style app icons once you download and install this app from the Google Play Store.

How do I get my phone to function like the iPhone?

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone
Install a launcher modelled after iOS.
Download an icon set, theme, or skin.
Get some apps that resemble iOS.
Install a fresh lock screen.
Make Quick Settings updates using a Control Center app.
Test out an iOS emulator.

How do I change my phone to an iPhone?

On your Android phone, start by downloading the Move to iOS app. Your contacts, messages, WhatsApp information, photographs, videos, email accounts, and calendars are all securely transferred from your Android phone to your iPhone.

How do I emulate iOS on Android? (Browser-Based)
Visit via the mobile browser on your device.
The screen below will appear once it has loaded; press the “Click to Play” button.
Any iOS app can be run here when this launches iOS. You can publish your iOS app to the website, where it will be made accessible for use.

How do I upgrade my iOS 14-enabled Android?

To install iOS 14 on Android, simply follow the procedures listed below. Download the iOS 14 Launcher software from the Google Play Store. Open the app, and when prompted to give iOS Launcher access to your contacts, media, and files as well as the location of your device, hit Allow. Following that, you will see iOS 14 alternatives.

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