Why AirTag Is The Best Tracker For Pets 

Why AirTag Is The Best Tracker For Pets- Here’s all you need to know about AirTag, which makes tracking and monitoring your dogs easier than ever.

If you have a pet, there’s a good probability that they’ve already escaped the home more than once and given you the slip. And once that happens, it may be quite challenging to locate them, especially for animals like dogs that don’t respond when their name is called out.

I’ve really had to deal with this issue on an alarmingly regular level. As the pet parent of a two-year-old dogs, I frequently find myself searching every square inch of my apartment building for the furry monster only to discover him relaxing on someone else’s balcony or tanning on the roof. But on occasion, it may be a really terrifying experience. For instance, there have been a number of times when the fire department has had to save my dog. Yes, the fire department.

My dog had become adept at opening windows after a few weeks in the home I had just moved into, and he had twice managed to access the balcony of an abandoned apartment several floors above. I will always be grateful to the firefighters who offered to save my dog by hanging from the roof of a 11-story building with only a harness and a climbing rope.

Needless to say, I was terrified and chose to change the window locks. But there has to be a better approach than hoping beyond hope that my dog doesn’t figure out how to unlock these new locks. And it was the situation where technology saved the day.

In order to follow their stray animals in real time, an increasing number of pet owners have been utilizing GPS trackers with mobile phone connections for years. And that’s what I first thought of. However, there is a significant issue: decent solutions are either not offered in India or are just too large for a dog. GPS requires a lot of power, so even a few days of tracking would require a sizable battery. For the most part, this makes it impractical for dogs.

Since GPS was not an option, I was considering substitute technology. The second-best choice is Bluetooth, but in order to follow the pet, it must be within Bluetooth range, which makes it less helpful for tracking pets than it is for keys, remote controls, or wallets. I soon turned my attention to Tile. For those who are unaware, Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that is small enough to hang on a keychain. Despite the fact that Tile has been available for over a decade, its adoption And now companies like Samsung and Apple have entered the fight.

Apple’s AirTag offers a lot of the same functionality and capabilities as its rivals, but it has one feature that really appealed to me. The “Find My” network of Apple includes about a billion devices, including AirTags. This implies that even if your pet wanders outside the Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) range of the AirTag, they may still be located if they are close to one of the one billion devices. The AirTag may also be scanned by users to acquire vital information like your phone number for contact.

It was time to set up the AirTag and fasten it to my dog’s collar once I made my choice. However, as the AirTag is not intended to be a pet tracker, there aren’t actually any accessories you can use to fasten it to a collar. But there are already various possibilities from third-party accessory producers, so I chose this AirTag holder from Spigen. The AirTag needed to be put to the test. It was simple to set up and use, just as with all Apple goods. The Find My app always allows you to see where your pet is. Even the date of the most recent location update will be provided.

If you are within Bluetooth range and have an iPhone 11 or later, you have the choice of “Precision Finding.”

I gave it a try with an iPhone 13 and was astonished by how precise the directions and travel time were to my pet. And if you’re still having trouble finding them, you can use the app to make the AirTag ring (provided you are in range). The AirTag may be set up to notify you if it departs a certain area. Even so, you may activate Lost mode to make it simpler for neighboring Apple devices to locate your pet if it somehow manages to elude you.

Since I’ve been using the AirTag for a few months, I can confidently report that my cat appears to like carrying the 11g featherlight tracker about. Importantly, I don’t have to worry too much about the tracker getting destroyed because it is splash, dust, and water resistant. It also helps that I am using a robust holder.

The CR2032 cell’s one-year battery life and ease of replacement contribute to the simplicity of utilizing an AirTag. But things are not always easy. The instructions are easy to follow indoors, although occasionally they might be difficult because of walls and big things. Even so, if you go around the obstruction to look for your pet, the problem should be resolved.

The Apple AirTag appears to be the best tracking option for small pets in India right now, despite its drawbacks. It has good features and is lightweight and simple to use. The fact that your pets will certainly find a comfy hiding place for themselves makes it quite simple to locate them. To my dog’s dismay, the AirTag has always brought me to some of his favorite hiding places within the home. My dog hasn’t escaped the home since being given an AirTag, thus I am unable to remark on the AirTag’s practicality in such situations. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I take that as a sign.

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