Beginner’s Guide to Performance Marketing: Key Strategies and Techniques

In the world of digital advertising, mastering performance marketing: key strategies and techniques is essential for achieving measurable success and ROI. Digital advertising expenses stood at $22.5 billion in 2021, with Statista estimating that this figure would reach $836 billion by 2026. This projection is one important reason for introducing different types of online marketing, including performance marketing.

An ideal blend of brand and paid advertising, performance marketing is an advertising program where users pay only if they get desired services like completed sales, leads, downloads, subscriptions, or bookings.

Performance marketing is gaining huge importance these days with 2, 300 marketers in the UK and USA claiming $16.6 billion worth of sales due to performance-based business promotion. However, to succeed in this field, marketers must adopt a few key strategies and techniques discussed below:

1. Set Attainable Campaign Goals

Remember, your objectives will help you develop a good campaign message. Though you want strong results, have realistic objectives. Introduce more products, increase your users, or build brand awareness, and ensure your goals perfectly align with the potential of your selected performance marketing medium and available resources.

And when you set realistic goals, your campaign message gets tailored accordingly. Ensure your message features images and a proper call to action so people take the intended action. Pay attention to the language, ensuring it resonates with the target audience.

Performance Marketing

2. Practice the Art of Remarketing

Remarketing involves using the customer’s intent or purchase behavior towards a product to advertise it so that the customer is bound to go for it. Here, customer data is used to personalize the customer’s experience.

For example, for customers who visit sites, choose products, and add them to their carts but do not make a purchase, retailers can remarket those products with improved advertising creative, thus encouraging the customers to complete their purchase.

While it is easy to take up product remarketing, there are some important points to consider. Make sure your remarketing ad features a convincing call to action and place it on search engines, social media, and physical displays with a set frequency cap to fetch the best results.

Adding an extra oomph to advertising a product in which the customer has already shown interest leads to higher conversion rates.

3. Brand Positioning Is the Key

What audience perspective would you like to have for your brand? This requires working on a specific way to position your brand among the audiences. It can be anything that lets you stand ahead of the competition, from emphasizing customer service skills or price to addressing the customers’ pain points.

Besides differentiating your brand from competitors, brand positioning can help you choose a target audience. For instance, if you want to come up with an affordable source of products, there’s no use targeting people who prefer quality over affordability.

Brand positioning also involves having an enticing landing page offer that brings in more conversions while preventing click-throughs. If you want to stand out with an exclusive site navigation experience for the users, ensure auditing your site for prospective issues regularly.

Also, review user experience on your site, from the product page to the shopping cart, while updating website content regularly. Working on your underperforming landing pages can help bring in more traffic, resulting in better conversions.

Performance Marketing

4. Budget Strategically

You are taking up performance marketing for the best results, but these should come without spending much. The best way to ensure time and money savings is by focusing on campaigns and channels that bring in the strongest returns on investment. Consider the returns you are making on your ad expenditure to ensure your performance marketing efforts are bringing in results.

To save money, time, and effort, go for multichannel performance marketing, mainly if your target audience is scattered in varied places instead of being limited to just one channel. Opting for the perfect channel mix will help you define your target audience and where they spend more time online. Further, you can use this data to strategize the proper ad budget.

Now, you may wonder why you care about budget when paying for performance marketing only when you get the desired results. True, but with any marketing campaign, the main objective is to reach the right audience. When you spend wisely on diversifying your performance marketing channels, you gain more members of the target audience.

5. Know Your Sources of Traffic

Trust is an essential factor in any marketing, including performance marketing. A significant part of gaining customer trust is using reputable sources for advertising your products and services. So, prioritize quality over quantity, and instead of getting lots of poor-quality traffic, join sources that will bring meaningful traffic to your platform.

Performance Marketing

6. Track Key Performance Metrics and Refine Marketing Accordingly

Having an eye on your performance marketing campaign will help you identify the underperforming ads. Further, you can reconsider their creativity and present them differently to appeal to the audience.

Tweaking your ads and refining your messages will further help you understand what’s working and what’s not, bringing in results for your business. And you can also use the same data to optimize your future performance marketing campaigns.

7. Being Compliant Is Necessary

Do not operate or take up performance marketing without following the rules, laws, and policies of respective authorities like California Consumer Privacy, Federal Trade Commission, and General Data Protection Law. Have a detailed idea of all legal requirements to ensure your campaign complies.


Performance marketing is one of the most significant tools for businesses to grow and achieve large-scale success in this digital arena. It produces measurable and precise results and helps with modification, provided you use the right strategies and techniques.

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