How to Build Your Own Lightsaber?

Every Star Wars fan is crazy about the lightsabers. It’s a cool space weapon and a sign that shows your personality as a Jedi and Sith.

Have you ever thought about attaining a lightsaber that screams, “Yes, you have the Power?” Well, now you can.

Let’s learn how you can create your own custom lightsaber that is all yours.

What is Lightsaber?

Before starting anything, you need to know what makes up a lightsaber. It has some key parts –

  • Hilt – The hilt is a handle from where you hold the lightsaber. You can say that it’s a core. It is where you can get creative with the look and feel. The hilt is made with different components that bring the design to life.
  • Blade – It is what makes the lightsaber a Saber showing LIGHT. You can say it is the adoring weapon. In Star Wars, the lightsaber blade colour is interconnected with the Kyber Crystal you have. However, with the power of LED technology, it can now be whatever colour you want.
  • Power Source – Consider it as a lightsaber’s battery. It can power up your blade and doesn’t need a Kyber Crystal. However, charging it can keep your blade powered up.

What Colour Lightsaber Do You Want?

As mentioned earlier, the Star Wars lightsaber colour depends on the Kyber Crystal.

You need to know what Kyber Crystal is placed within the combat lightsaber.

Luckily, there is no limitation on having only one colour for the lightsaber.

  • Kyber Crystal can help show your saber personality.
  • You can easily determine the type of person one can be depending on the crystal.

How to Choose the Kyber Crystal?

Here is what you need to consider before choosing any Kyber Crystal

Choose a landscape

1. Vast Ocean

2. Peaceful Forest

3. Raging Volcano

4. Stormy Mountains

What do you value the most –

1. Justice

2. Peace

3. Power

4. Balance

During a fight, will you –

1. Stand and defend

2. Seek a peaceful end

3. Attack

4. Use all the tools you have

Choose a suitable word to describe you best

1. Guardian

2. Healer

3. Warrior

4. Maverick

The Core

The core you choose for your lightsaber decides the end effect of your ultimate weapon. Here is what makes them special –

Base Lit core

It is the cheapest option you can go for. However, it can provide you with a bright light that brings your blade to life from the hilt.

Best value for the money you spendNo LEDs that go throughout the blade.
Great for dueling and spinning tricks
Smooth swing technology

Xenopixel Core

The next one is a Xenopixel core, and it can be the cheapest option if you are choosing a Neopixel blade.

A cheaper option for the Soundboard of the NeopixelThere will be a better soundboard available in the market.
Amazing Soundboard that also includes Smooth Swing Technology
LED lights throughout the blade will have more effects and options.

Proffie Core

The best thing that money can buy is Proffie Core. It has the best Soundboard available in the market. You get a complete range of fonts available. It allows you to step into the world of your favourite Star Wars characters.

Pros Cons
Best Soundboard available in the market Most expensive option for the Soundboard.  

Design your Hilt

Let’s talk about the Hilt –

  • Blades – It will depend on the core you consider for your lightsaber – no matter if you choose Neopixel Blade or Base Lit Blade. You can even choose a double-bladed or crossguard lightsaber that provides defensive advantages.
  • Design – Choose a style that feels right according to your personality. Do you need a sleek and admiring design or tough and worn?
  • Grips – With these, you can show your style and dictate how the lightsaber will feel when you hold it in your hand. Do you want a smoother grip to make the holding easier? Or are you after the one with more ridges that are easier to grip during a battle?
  • Materials – How do you want your lightsaber to be made out of? It will not only affect the look of the weapon but also how it feels in your hand.
  • Extras – Get the grips and bits how you want them to look. Add a comfy hold for the same.


Getting your own Star Wars custom lightsaber is a big deal for any crazy fan.

Just think about how you want your lightsaber to be, one that is perfectly crafted for “You.” Pick the right blade, design, Hilt and create your own weapon.

Your lightsaber can be your legacy, so make it as awesome as you can.

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