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How To View Private Instagram Without Human Verification

Read this comprehensive guide to learn how to view private Instagram without human verification by utilizing viewing tools like IGLookup, Ghostegro, Glassagram, and more.

With the surge in Instagram’s popularity, it has become one of the most used social media platforms. Billions of users worldwide share pictures and videos daily, among them a few like to keep them private. Nonetheless, there is nothing new that a few are curious about those privately posted content and private profiles. 

Therefore, some users resort to searching for ways regarding the same. The queries mostly revolve around “how to view private Instagram without human verification”. For those, this article includes a few websites that are capable of doing so. But, they are advised to use such sites carefully and avoid hurting individuals’ privacy and identity. 

Let’s look at a few of them: 

InstaHack By xMobi – Instagram Hack & Monitoring Tool

InstaHack by xMobo is a hacking and profile-viewing tool that lets users look at private Instagram accounts for free. Once users are done with searching for a certain username, the application will now let users activate it. What about the bummer? InstaHack By xMobi is a paid software.

InstaHack is a bash and Python-based script. The enhanced encryption technology and high-quality data protection system consequently provide confidentiality while looking at private accounts. 

IGLookup – Specifically Designed to View Private Instagram Accounts Online

IGLookup is yet another private Instagram viewer without human verification. It is also a free tool that works the way it claims. What’s the best part? There are no hidden charges for its usage. 

In order to employ IGLookup, one needs to input the username on the platform and search for specific content like pictures. After that, users are directed to click the “download” button to properly view the image. 

InstaFreeView – Free Instagram Photo Viewer

The third one is InstaFreeView. As the name suggests, this tool or app is available for free. This app does its work without having a need to participate in certain surveys and verification processes. But, it’s a Non-Private Profile app with options for seeing public posts and content. 

More often, it uses public APIs in order to extract posts from Instagram. The major purpose behind the application is to provide a free and easy viewing experience. 

Ghostegro – Instagram Story Viewer App

Ghostegro is the next service that allows users to view stories from any account and save them anonymously. Its an Instagram story viewer app which is safe to use as it integrates secure technology infrastructure. What else can one do with Ghostero? Users can find out who looked at their profile, hide unwanted profiles, download pictures and videos to their phone, etc. Also, it features a private Instagram account view, full-size profile photo view, etc.

Glassagram – Instagram Profile Viewer

Glassagram, an Instagram profile viewer is a wonderful tool to view private Instagram profile posts. It offers choices of prime quality to view profiles anonymously. It features Instagram story viewing privately, video tracking, likes, post information, and monetization from multiple accounts. However, its services lead to prominent results. 


Conclusively, the attempt to view private Instagram profiles without human verification might seem interesting, but it includes various risks and consequences. The process might allow users to eye private accounts, but it’s an offence. Because, indirectly one is trying to breach someone’s privacy which is clearly an offence legally and ethically. 

Nonetheless, users are directed to respect the privacy and boundaries set by individuals and others on different social media platforms. Prioritizing ethical behavior while employing such practices is something that will keep everyone safe from potential consequences. However, instead of trying to access private content without consent, one should engage oneself in meaningful interactions in order to build authentic connections.

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