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Fixture s2 switch pro controller mount now compatible with oled

Fixture s2 switch pro controller- Fixture Gaming has finished developing the finest, most relaxing method to use the Pro Controller while travelling to play Switch games. The Fixture S2, which works with the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, will formally debut on Fixture Gaming’s website as well as on Amazon on Wednesday, November 16.

The Fixture S2 allows you to take your games everywhere while enjoying the renowned accuracy and comfort of the Pro Controller. It is a single accessory mount that links the Nintendo Switch OLED Model with such a Pro Controller for superb gaming on the road. The Fixture S2 may also be utilised in tabletop mode for more versatility, and it converts quickly into a very solid stand for single-player or multiplayer gameplay.

The revolutionary two-axis metal friction hinge of the Fixture S2 allows you to quickly and simply adjust the height as well as angle of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model display as well as fold the entire unit down to an incredibly small size. This feature is only one example of the Fixture S2’s smart design. During gameplay, you may concurrently charge the Switch and Pro Controller.

A rock-solid lock is always maintained thanks to the mount’s snap-in design for the controller as well as slide-in design for the Nintendo Switch: Simply insert the Pro Controller’s top into the mount and press lightly. Next, slip the Switch into place and customize the screen’s height and angle to your liking.

Is the Switch OLED more powerful than the regular switch?

In case you were wondering, the Switch OLED and the Switch V2 do not have a power improvement. They provide the same processing power and resolution. Just that the OLED screen on the latest model makes game images appear lot better.

Is Nintendo Switch OLED still worth it?

Because of this, you might want to wait to get a Nintendo Switch OLED unless you discover a very good Black Friday offer or combo. The OLED display and improved kickstand have no discernible impact on the experience of using the device in docked mode, and a microSD card, which is still an affordable option, may still be used for storage.

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