Amazon Luna: Some Reasons to Subscribe in 2022

In the market for game streaming, Amazon Luna is a rising star with exciting features that shouldn’t be overlooked.

With services like xCloud, Google Stadia, and Nvidia GeForce NOW helping to accelerate the growth of cloud gaming, it was only a matter of time until Amazon decided to get in on the action.

So, in 2022, the business introduced Amazon Luna. Despite being a newbie to cloud gaming, Amazon is already establishing itself as a viable rival with its Luna service. Let’s examine the reasons why gamers shouldn’t use Amazon Luna as a bed in 2022.

Plays nice with your Amazon ecosystem

You can easily access Luna on any Amazon-powered device, including Fire TVs, Fire sticks, and Fire tablets, thanks to Fire OS.

Since you can use Amazon Luna on any Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, or Chromebook, it isn’t just limited to the Amazon environment. This is great for people who don’t necessarily want to remain with one hardware ecosystem. ​​​​​​​

Flexibility on channels and subscription plans

Depending on your interests, Amazon Luna offers membership options split among channels that cover particular gaming brands or genres, creating a diversified gaming library that you may subscribe to piecemeal. There are presently six channels available:

  • Luna+ for $10 each month
  • $6/month for a family
  • Retro at $5 per month
  • Prime Gaming is cost-free.
  • $18/month for Ubisoft+
  • $5/month for Jackbox games

With AAA games, Ubisoft will satisfy gamers seeking a first-class gaming experience. In contrast, the Jackbox games channel, which costs only $5 per month, would appeal to people seeking economical family entertainment bundles. For families wishing to enjoy party games without investing in an expensive console, it’s the ideal choice. ​​​​​​​

Some Reasons to Subscribe Amazon Luna in 2022

Stable performance

The most important aspect on this list is assessing Luna’s performance. When streaming, the quality must be excellent; otherwise, other services can be a better choice.

The good news is that Luna has received accolades for providing consistent performance on a variety of devices, with a maximum resolution of 1080p at 60 FPS. If necessary, you can also decrease your resolution to 720p to improve performance.

For optimal performance, Amazon advises a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection of at least 10 Mbps (2.4 GHz is still supported). Mileage may vary because a lot of cloud gaming depends on your internet connection and the path you take to get to the game’s server, but Luna at least provides some workarounds for these problems.

Luna controller is a quality gaming controller

Similar to Stadia, Amazon Luna provides a standalone controller. The Luna controller’s ability to connect to a different Wi-Fi provider to help reduce latency is a significant benefit; for any gamer, input lag and responsiveness are two factors that affect how enjoyable a gaming experience is overall.

The architecture of the controller is comparable to that of an Xbox controller, and it features reliable rear-textured grips with well-known button mapping, which is always a plus. You can always use any smartphone as a controller or connect any suitable third-party controller if you decide the Luna controller isn’t for you.

Runs on Windows and Mac

Running on both Windows and Mac means Luna is readily integrated on more platforms and increases the cloud service’s accessibility.

As a result, access to Linux isn’t impossible. You can even load up Luna on Chrome and Safari, and it will work reliably (especially on Chrome) enough compared to the native software.

Additionally, access to such sizable markets could very well result in a greatly increased game library in the future owing to Microsoft and Apple-powered devices.

Meeting your Twitch needs

The Twitch integration tool provided by Amazon’s Luna makes it simple to start streaming your Luna games. It’s nice to be able to switch between playing games and watching your favourite Twitch streamers. By unwinding with a Twitch stream playing in the background, a close connection to Twitch could be a low-cost way to experiment with the game streaming hobby.

Free games if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber

Who doesn’t enjoy reaping the rewards of a paid membership in full? Every month, a fresh selection of games is available to Amazon Prime users. Before subscribing to more channels, try out any of these free (with Prime) games to see if you like them. By doing this, you can test your connection before spending money by utilising Amazon Luna. The chance to “test before you purchase” is ideal.

A well-designed user interface (UI)

You depend on the UI’s design to be simple, understandable, and not offensive because you’ll spend a fair amount of time there.

The experience of scrolling through your list of games is comparable to that of watching Amazon Prime Video, where the icon and title are arranged in different rows.

When you click on a game in your library, a Metacritic rating will appear next to the title, which is a lovely touch. The prominent couch-play function lets your friends—who do not need to be subscribers—join you remotely in any game that supports co-op. Features are available from tabs.


With the ability to play with friends remotely using Luna Couch or by just adding a straightforward but effective tool to stream your games via Twitch, Amazon Luna is well on its way to being a success. When it comes to cloud gaming investments, performance is always the biggest concern. However, it appears that Amazon Luna has successfully solved this obstacle, so all that is left to be seen is how the service’s subscription channels and game library will develop over time.

People May Ask

Q- Amazon Luna: Will it be free?

A- In addition to the channels, Amazon Luna also gives Prime members access to a few free games each month; at the present, it appears that four games will be the norm, though there may be some brief surprises.

Q- What products does Amazon Luna have?

A- With the help of your existing devices, you may play games in the cloud with Amazon Luna. You don’t need gaming consoles or PCs to participate in cloud gaming. You can play games wherever you have high-speed internet access because they stream directly from the cloud to your screens.

Q- Amazon Luna can play by two players.

A- A two-player game can be played on an Amazon Luna device/PC if two controllers are connected.

Q- Is Fortnite playable on Luna?

A- For Luna, this order does not hold true. That same day, in response to the rule modification, Microsoft stated, “This continues to be a horrible experience for customers.” Because Epic is involved in legal disputes with Apple and Google, xCloud is still not available on iOS, and Fortnite is no longer offered on either the App Store or Google Play.

Q- Has Luna ever played Minecraft?

A- Mobile, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms all support Minecraft. It seems logical to add Minecraft support to Amazon Luna now that it has early access, given Amazon is already incredibly popular and more support equals more users.

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