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Apple car 2022: Hey Siri, darken the new sunroof glass in a car

The speculated Apple Car may not be nearing completion, but a future version of it might include sunroof glass that can be darkened or lightened with the push of a button or a Siri order.

That’s according to a patent Apple received this week from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a sunroof in an Apple car having variable-opacity glass. As a result, a motorist might alter his or her transparency.

Apple Car sunroof: variable-opacity glass and side-window sync

The Apple-patented sunroof, as per the patent, not only includes adjustable, variable-opacity glass but also opens in tandem with the side windows. A fixed sunroof is standard on today’s cars having related technologies.

The following is a description of the patent

A vehicle with a window and a changeable translucence region specified on the window is another element of the disclosed embodiments. The variable translucence region is changeable to enable the desired degree of light admittance through the glass. A moveable panel assembly may be moved between closed and open positions.

That looks to indicate Apple Car owners will be able to pick whether they want to let sunlight inside the car – without having to open the sunroof.

It won’t be the first of its sort, but it’s unclear how similar it will be to other systems. Mercedes-Benz offers a Magic Sky variable-opacity sunroof system.

Apple car 2022: Hey Siri, darken the new sunroof glass in a car - 4

And it’s completely feasible that a motorist will adjust the sunroof using CarPlay or Siri.

Whether the sun is shining or not, it appears that an Apple Car is approaching.
Is there anything noteworthy about this new patent? It backs up previous reports that Apple is working on an automobile.

According to recent reports, Apple is still developing and testing a new self-driving vehicle technology. It’s also talked to other corporations about their production intentions.

Even if everything of the foregoing is correct and continues apace, the Apple Car will most likely be released in 3 to 4 years. Given the Project Titan automotive development team’s recent setbacks, such a long schedule appears especially feasible.

Apple car 2022: Hey Siri, darken the new sunroof glass in a car - 5

Apple Car’s Patented Sunroof

According to a report by Cult of Mac, Apple’s patent application for its reported automobile project has already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO.

According to the USPTO filing, Apple is focusing on a sunroof structure that allows users to control the amount of sunlight accessing their vehicles by adjusting the opacity or transparency.

Furthermore, the recently authorized patent for Apple’s automotive project allows users to open the shade as well as the vehicle’s side windows.

While some automakers offer variable opacity glass for their sunroofs too, Cult of Mac highlighted in the same news item that it has been confined to a fixed sunroof.

Apple car 2022: Hey Siri, darken the new sunroof glass in a car - 6

“The variable translucence region is programmable to allow the required degree of light admittance through the window,” according to the patent.

The adjustment may be changed between “a closed position as well as an open position,” according to the design statement.


This new patent submitted by Apple could only be for Apple’s own devices. The Apple Car is the only vehicle that will benefit from engineers’ fresh ideas for designing and manufacturing a new sunroof. The glass used to make this innovative sunroof is similar to chromatic sunglasses, in that it darkens or lightens depending on the amount of light falling on it. It is difficult to put this into effect in a crystal the size of which you will carry in a car. Other fascinating details can be found in the patent.

People May Ask

Q- In a car, what does a sunroof do?

A- A sunroof is a panel on a car’s roof that slides back or can be removed to allow light, air, or both inside the vehicle.

Q- What’s the distinction between a sunroof and a moonroof?

A- The fundamental difference between a moonroof and a sunroof is that a moonroof is constructed of glass and cannot be removed from the car.

Q- Is it worthwhile to invest in a sunroof?

A- A sunroof is a terrific way to show off your personal style and tastes, and it’s become a standard feature on many contemporary models.

Q- Do people make use of the sunroof?

A- No one actually uses a sunroof.

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