Alexa VS Google Assistant

The Ali/Frazier of voice assistants is Alexa vs Google Assistant. Both of these are supported by two of the industry’s superpowers, and they appear to have a lot of the very same features and capabilities on surface. So, whichever digital assistant is the greatest?

Voice Recognition

Google’s Voice Match is by far the most advanced of all these solutions, with personalized appointments, itineraries, transactions, photographs, and much more; users can even customize their preferred access to content.

Conversely, Alexa presently mainly offers customized purchasing, contacting and chatting, and short films possibilities, but included a handy Host Connected device that allows users link to a friend’s Echo speaker to obtain access to their own information if, for illustration, users are  staying with them.

General Knowledge-

Although both companions are now more capable than ever before, Alexa continues to beat over Google Assistant in terms of overall expertise, partly due to the fact that it supplied good responses to multiple inquiries.

Although Alexa was successfully able to answer questions regarding the all-time batting average champion after a retry, the Google Assistant couldn’t understand that question, despite accurately answering it in the prior duel.

Music & Podcasts

Every smart assistant’s greatest strength should really be music. These assistants undoubtedly interface directly the specific music streaming services, and in certain instances, they also provide the opportunity to integrate to third-party amenities.

Music ServiceAlexaGoogle Assistant
Amazon MusicYesNo
Apple MusicYesOnly on iOS
Google play MusicNoYes
iHeart RadioYesYes
Youtube MusicNoYes


Among the most appealing characteristics of virtual assistants is their ability to integrate using home entertainment. Users can even use Alexa to operate ones Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Edition, including accessing apps, skipping through chronology, and streaming and stopping music and videos.

Google Assistant can also manage playing on Chrome cast-enabled media, such as TVs with built-in Cast. Nevertheless, it really only provides a limited variety of services, and users must initially integrate several of the services with their Smartphone.

That used third-party intermediaries equipment like the Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote, Alexa and Google Assistant can manage gadgets.

Online shopping

Buying goods with ones voice appears to be a useful function, but it is still tedious in practice. Because of its intimate relationship with Amazon, Alexa should also have the upper hand herein.

Usually purchasing inquiries appear to be handled by standard by exploring the Amazon catalogue for something else that matches the request, then uploading it to ones Amazon cart, which can frequently resulting in unforeseen consequences.

In these tests, Google Assistant performed about as well as Alexa, albeit the Home Hub preferred to be using the display for so much of the interaction.

Finally, Amazon is the largest online retailer, and Alexa’s strong integration with the ability to purchase items without having to re – enter additional user credentials or pick amongst locations offers it an advantage.

Phone calls, video Calls & Texts

Users might call and communicate audio or texts and emails to every other Alexa user in their connections (including those who just have the Smartphone app), as well as any contact information or acquaintance for whom the contact details they have in their connections.

Nevertheless, conventional emails and texts will only function if users already have the Alexa app installed on their Android phone. The connection will pretend to originate from ones genuine contact information once they have set it up.

Google Assistant also allows users to make calls and texts to individuals in their connections, but they will need to set it up because then calls typically come from Google Voice number, another phone number, or an unregistered number.

Unfortunately, unless users use IFTTT, they won’t be able to send texts and emails utilizing Google Assistant. Google Assistant, unlike Alexa, can make global calls if it has been attached to a Google Fi or Google Voice account with credit. Google Duo video conversations are supported by Google Nest Hub Max.

Although Google’s strong showing in this category, Alexa’s inclusion of the renowned Skype service and intercom capability put her marginally ahead.


In this case, Google Assistant was at the number one spot. Not only would it provide accurate time predictions in the vast majority of circumstances, even though it was the sole something that could manage transportation.

Also it did the greatest job of providing me with an assessment of traffic condition of the area, and it can transmit recommendations to my phone’s Google Assistant app, whereupon I may start guidance via Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze.

Alexa has progressed, yet she is still ahead. Its recommendations to local attractions were adequate, although it was completely incapable of dealing with public transportation.

Whenever user inquired regarding driving conditions on the nearby interstate, it provided much more optimistic projections than Google—and users know which one user would trust. A new feature is meant to let transmit traffic updates to device, and it never worked —Alexa kept telling she couldn’t detect phone.


Google Assistant is accessible on voice technology in the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. Certain languages were only ever available during using Google Assistant through a smart speaker, not a smart display, while some are only accessible when using Google Assistant through a voice assistant, not a smart showcase.

While users can’t flip between the two languages in a single inquiry, Google Assistant can understand two languages at the same time. Furthermore, Google Assistant features an interpretation mode that effectively converts sentences into many languages.

Alexa is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish, and in some regions, such as the United States, it is possible to utilize the digital assistant in both English and Spanish. It can also interpret for users, though in their tests, it wasn’t as seamless or as knowledgeable as Google Assistant.

Goggle Assistant- Pros & Cons

Alexa VS Google Assistant - 4


  • The most effective smart screens
  • Excellent selection of video services
  • In-app smart home controls that are simple to use
  • Integration with Google accounts
  • Language interpretation in real time
  • Multitasking 


  • Smart home options are limited compared to Alexa Simplistic smart home routines.

Amazon Alexa- Pros & Cons

Alexa VS Google Assistant - 5


  • Smart speakers that are the best
  • The music service has an excellent selection.
  • Smart home compatibility is superior than Google’s Dynamic smart home routines.
  • Triggers based on location
  • Voice tones that are dynamic


  • Support for video services is limited.
  • Smart home controls on the app are clumsy.

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Alexa VS Google Assistant

FeaturesAlexaGoogle Assistant
Voice RecognitionNoYes
General KnowledgeYesNo
Music & PodcastsYesNo
Ordering FoodYesYes
Online shoppingYesNo
Smart HomeYesNo

Is Google Assistant better or Alexa better?

The top smart speakers also have Google Assistant and Alexa as built-in features. In the end, Alexa wins out due to having a few more connections, such as with a major provider like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, which is still the biggest podcast directory available.

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