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Apple TV gains a new Up Next queue with the first tvOS 15.4 beta

Apple TV gets an upgraded video player with an integrated “Up Next” queue in the first tvOS 15.4 beta. Apple’s upgrade, which was launched on Thursday, also allows customers to connect for the first time to captive Wi-Fi networks.

The changes come after Apple TV received a totally overhauled video player in tvOS 15 last fall, with larger titles and more accessible subtitles.

Apple TV gets nice improvements in tvOS 15.4

Along with iOS and iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3, the first tvOS 15.4 beta was released to authorized developers on Thursday. It may not appear to be much at first glance, but it does bring about some significant changes.

Apple tweaked the video player on Apple TV, allowing you to see your Up Next queue when you pause or swipe with the Siri Remote. This is in addition to being able to see it on the “Currently Playing” screen.

tvOS 15.4 also makes it possible to connect to those unpleasant captive Wi-Fi networks, such as those found in hotels and hostels, that need additional login steps. According to Apple, the login process is initiated by using an iPhone or iPad.

Apple TV

tvOS 15.4 coming soon

For AirPods that are compatible with tvOS 15.4, the spatial audio controls have been adjusted. It’s unclear when the update will be available to all Apple TV owners, but it should be shortly providing there are no major bugs.

tvOS 15.4 Beta Release Notes

Upgrade your apps to take advantage of new capabilities and test them against API updates.


The tvOS 15.4 SDK enables developers to create tvOS apps for Apple TV devices running the beta version of tvOS 15.4. The SDK is included in the Xcode 13.3 beta, which can be downloaded via Beta Software Downloads. See the Xcode 13.3 Beta Release Notes for more information on the compatibility requirements.


New Features in tvOS 15.4 Beta

Captive Wi-Fi valuable networking in tvOS allows users to connect your Apple TV to networks that require additional sign-in steps, like as those found in hotels or dorms, using your iPhone or iPad. (8351052)

Apple TV gains a new Up Next queue with the first tvOS 15.4 beta - 4

Known Issues

The tvOS Simulator’s backlight causes a CPU spike. (87631222)


New Features in tvOS 15.4 Beta

The following C++20 and C++23 features have been added:

  • P0898R3: Concepts in the C++20 library are specified in concepts>.
  • P0879R0: constexpr for std::swap() and swap-related functions.
  • P1032R1: In the library, miscellaneous constexpr-ification.
  • P0883R2: std::atomic now defaults to the expected value.
  • P0458R2: An associative container.contains() method.
  • Added std::bind front to P0356R5 (). (88131816)

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To fix issues caused by those extensions, some extensions in std::tuple were removed:

  • Tuples can no longer be built with fewer elements than the tuple’s total number of elements. Previously, default construction was used for elements that were not specified; now, this is a compiler error.
  • An array can no longer be used to create a tuple.
  • As indicated in the Standard, the std::result of and std::is literal type type features are no longer available in C++20 mode.


New Features in iOS & iPadOS 15.4 Beta

  • In automated tests, SK Test Session now provides three additional methods for simulating a subscription that requires cost increase approval, agreeing to a prospective price hike, and rejecting a rise in prices. (84556183)
  • In automated tests, SK Test Session now provides two new Boolean properties to simulate billing retry and grace period. Using the same APIs as for interrupted purchases, you may identify and replicate the resolution of billing retry difficulties. (83956205)
  • Users may now use StoreKit Testing in Xcode to test the billing retry and grace period states. To enable billing retry testing and control whether the app gives a grace period, you’ll need Xcode 13.3 or later. To manage these conditions in the app, use is In Billing Retry and grace Period Expiration Date. (83938270)
  • StoreKit Testing in Xcode now allows you to test offer codes. Configure offers for codes with Xcode 13.3 or later, and use present Code Redemption Sheet to test redemption (). (63692551)
  • StoreKit Testing in Xcode allows users to test the behavior of subscription pricing increases. To create a price increase, use Xcode 13.3 or later, then in the app, utilize payment Queue Should Show Price Consent(_:), show Price Consent If Needed(), and price Increase Status.(58770817)
  • StoreKit error classes are now Localized Error-compliant. (78735204)
  • A localized Description’ read-only String’ instance attribute has been added to some StoreKit types. This parameter can be used to acquire a human-readable description of the value that is localized for the existing locale of the device. Product. Product Type, Product Subscription Info. Renewal State, and expiration are examples of these types. Reason, cost Increase Transaction, Status. Product. Subscription, Offer Type Product. Subscription, Offer. Offer Type Product. Subscription, Offer. Payment Mode Transaction. Revocation, Period. Unit Reason and Transaction are two words that come to mind. Type of ownership (78735060)
  • When iterating for the first time, updates now emits unfinished transactions. (85294525)
  • Updates now emit all updated transactions when using StoreKit Testing in Xcode. (85877689)
Apple TV gains a new Up Next queue with the first tvOS 15.4 beta - 5


Resolved in tvOS 15.4 Beta

The binding of a Text Field with a Number Formatter and a binding to a CG Float is now updated. (85454991)


Apple released the first tvOS 15.4 beta to developers this week, and it includes some new capabilities for the Apple TV. Apple is changing the playback interface and adding Wi-Fi support, among other things.

First, according to the beta release notes, tvOS 15.4 adds support for captive WiFi networks. “Wireless hotspot” or “subscription” networks are other terms for captive networks. These networks are available at hotels, coffee shops, internet cafés, airports, and other public locations. Captive networks are funded and operated by wireless service providers in specific nations and areas.

People May Ask

What video player does Apple TV use?


What Apple TV version is most desirable?

The Apple TV 4K is the best Apple TV to acquire, and the 32GB model is recommended for most users. Probably won’t need much capacity because it’s essentially a streaming device, but if you need additional room for apps and games, the Apple TV 4K 64GB is available.

Is it a good time to buy Apple TV?

The new Apple TV 4K was released in the spring of this year, and it will be years before it is replaced. Apple isn’t expected to lower the price of this one anytime soon, despite rumor’s of new TV streaming hardware from the company. You won’t find a better time to buy than now.

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