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How to Create a WordPress Website with Bluehost

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  • How to Create a WordPress Website with Bluehost
  • Choose Your Package and Set Up Your Hosting Account
  • Choose a WordPress Theme
  • Customize Themes and Pages

Why should you design your website with WordPress? How to create a WordPress Website with Bluehost?

Don’t worry if you’ve been delaying the choice to create a website for your small business because you think it will be difficult or time-consuming.

The WordPress content management system makes it remarkably simple to put up a personal website or an online store (CMS).

In fact, the majority of people can complete the process in approximately 30 minutes without any specialized knowledge or modern technology. The ideal drag-and-drop website builder is WordPress.

How to Create a WordPress Website with Bluehost

Here is a quick rundown of the procedures to start your WordPress website.


You’ve made the decision to build a website, and you want to use WordPress as the platform. What’s next?

Here are the quick five steps for setting up a WordPress website.

Step 1: Getting Started and Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is one of the most crucial steps before you can start creating your website because it will be how your audience finds you and associates with your brand.

To access your website, visitors type your domain name into their browser.

Pick a domain that fits your brand and makes it simple for people to discover you, despite the temptation to go with something silly or flamboyant.

After selecting your domain, you must purchase your name and choose a hosting provider that is appropriate for your website’s requirements.

It is recommended to select a hosting company that provides hosting exclusively for WordPress sites as you are creating a website with WordPress.

In this manner, you can buy both a domain name and hosting from the same company. Luckily, WordPress recommends Bluehost and they provide both.

Step 2: Choose Your Package and Set Up Your Hosting Account

From our basic WordPress hosting plans to our fully managed WordPress hosting plans, It offers a variety of hosting services. After choosing your domain name, you must set up an account for your hosting package.

  • After filling out each field with your personal information, scroll down to the package listings.
    Select a solution based on your needs for services and budget.
  • Although prices vary amongst hosting companies, the majority of them offer extras like additional security features, tools to improve search rankings, and site backups.
  • To enter your billing information, scroll down and check the applicable boxes. Read the terms of service, cancellation policy, and privacy notices carefully before clicking the box to indicate your agreement.
  • After creating a password as directed on the screen, move on to step three, selecting your WordPress theme.

Step 3: Choose a WordPress Theme

If you’ve decided to use this as your web server, WordPress will be set up for you immediately. You only need to click “Log in” and select a theme.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about the theme you desire. Later, you can go back and make changes. You can upgrade to one of the premium themes if you don’t like the free themes.

If you are creating your website for personal or business purposes, you will be asked on the next screen. This will enable us to give you correct advice to support you as you embark on the process of constructing a website.

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Step 4: Learn Your WordPress Dashboard

You should now be on the Dashboard, or back-end, of your new website when you are ready to get to work.

This service area gives you the ability to decide what your website visitors will view when they arrive at your pages. Review the features you will use most frequently as you spend some time getting familiar with the WordPress admin interface.

Step 5: Customize Themes and Pages

Start having fun now! You are now prepared to begin fine-tuning your website with the colors, fonts, and unique components that will help you express the culture or personality of your business.

Although you don’t have to wait, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your site’s features and operation before writing your first post.

You can personalize your site by using the navigation links in the left sidebar. The best approach to become familiar with the layout is to click on each tab and look through the available options.

  • Look through the themes; both paid and free options are offered.
  • Add colors, headers, and social media buttons to your theme to make it more unique.
  • Add images to your website to excite visitors and to provide hints about your principles and offerings.
  • Create the material for your home page and first blog post.
  • Include a contact form.

Don’t forget to connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics to collect statistics on visitors to your site and to ensure that there are no issues.


It’s not as difficult to set up a WordPress website now as it formerly was. You can now create a website in a few easy steps thanks to WordPress’s community-driven, ongoing platform improvements. However, you might still require assistance with the trickier aspects.

In that case, don’t worry. Bluehost is there to help. For all of your website needs, They provide 24/7 assistance. With the help of this Website Builder, they even further streamline the website-building procedure. Utilize dependable hosting and get your website up and running quickly with our website builder.

People May Ask

Q- Does Bluehost Come with WordPress?

A- Actually, Bluehost includes WordPress. We get a free, simple WordPress installation with our Bluehost subscription. But in order to launch your website, you’ll need that Bluehost account, as WordPress is merely software without a web host.

Q- Is WordPress free on Bluehost?

A- Yes! Setting up a WordPress site on Bluehost requires no additional costs, just the actual hosting fee that you’ll pay when creating your Bluehost account.

Q- Do I have to host WordPress with Bluehost?

A- No, Bluehost supports a wide range of content management systems. WordPress and Bluehost get along incredibly well, but it’s not your only choice. For instance, Bluehost and other content management systems like Drupal and Joomla function flawlessly together.

Q- WordPress or Bluehost: which is superior?

A- WordPress vs. Bluehost: ease of use. Both and Bluehost are quite simple to utilise. To be picky, is marginally simpler because it excludes hosting-related functions like CMS installation, staging sites, and domain/SSL setup. In terms of management, Bluehost offers more freedom and control.

Q- What serves Bluehost’s purpose?

A- Bluehost is a web hosting company that provides a range of hosting options to fit your needs if you’re wanting to host a website for your small business. After selecting your service provider, you must set up a hosting account and decide which hosting option is ideal for your website.

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