Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic India review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a sophisticated smart watch that combines Wear OS with Tizen OS to get the best of both worlds. While this may not be the most attractive smart watch on the market, it has a wealth of functionality and a revolving display that is particularly useful for browsing options. It does, unfortunately, come at a high price. The spinning tactile wheel of the Classic version is the chief cause to choose it. It enables users to browse effortlessly between options to operate the device. The Watch 4 features a haptic counterpart, although it isn’t as good as the original.

Furthermore, while the screen is among the greatest on a smart watch, the style may be a touch heavy for some. There are numerous workout and wellness elements, the majority of which function as designed. The new fat percentage elements will provide users with a plethora of new information and analytics that may be useful in keeping control of the system at instances.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Price and Availability

The 40mm Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic priced at Rs 31,999, while the 46mm Bluetooth watch prices Rs 34,999. The 42mm LTE variant will set you back Rs 36,999, while the 46mm LTE version will set you back Rs 39,999. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic comes in two colours: Black and Silver.

Design and Display

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is larger and heavier than the Galaxy Watch 4 in its standard form. The device also receives a revolving band all around screen, which is a characteristic that neither smart watch manufacturer has still yet to implement. This season, the revolving display is really only available on the much more expensive Classic edition. The 42mm version is 11.2mm thick and 47 grams, while the 46mm version is 11mm thick and 52 grams.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The 46mm version is being used for testing. The device is substantial, and most people would feel the heaviness since they first put it on. The Galaxy Watch 4 is weighty, including for someone used to classic smart watches. The bands could only extend horizontally out through the upper extremities, unlike many other smart watches, resulting in a large space here between band and the wrist along either part of the body.

Performance and Software

Samsung’s Exynos W920 CPU is combined with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. This configuration is adequate to maintain the device in working order. Even during industry’s one-month testing process, the smart watch did not falter or freeze just once. This is one of the most intuitive and quick wearables we’ve seen.

Users only get about 7Gb of cloud storage out of 16GB, with the remainder swallowed up by the operating system and pre-installed programmes. When it comes to the computer system, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic brings a mix of Android Wear and Samsung’s Tizen OS features returning to the Wear Windows Os game. One UI Watch 3 is the name of the upcoming watch OS. The programming isn’t radically different from that of previous Samsung smart watches, but it does introduce some modifications.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

All of essential alerts are accessible from the left side of the home screen. If users have anymore unread alerts, users will see a small orange dot on the side. users can use smart recommendations to react to alerts, or  could just doodle or text on the touchpad. Quick adjustments will be found in the top panel, and scrolling left will take people to the second panel. When attached to Smartphone, the watch also has a built-in audio and microphones; customer can pick up and react to calls from wrist.

If users wish to leave mobile phone at home, the Wi-Fi model comes in useful. The smart watch is compatible with e-SIM. The UI’s main appearance and experience still seems to be Samsung. However, it works properly without any kind of hiccups. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic combines the best of all worlds with Samsung Tizen OS capabilities and Wear OS applications and services.

Fitness and Battery Life

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic comes with a number of exercise and wellness capabilities. People get such a GPS, a heart rate monitor, and ECG capabilities built into the device. The most significant feature is a 3-in-1 Bio Active detector, which allows the wristwatch to track pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and overall health.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Skeletal muscular strength, body fat percentage, BMI, and bodily water are among the measures provided by body composition instruments. These examinations are simple to do, albeit users must remain motionless and push the two side triggers in order to work properly.

On the associated Samsung Health app, all of the information is shown in a beautiful dashboard. It’s difficult for users to know how precise these measures are, but many find that having at least a rudimentary concept of things valuable, and they’ll be ready to comprehend them over future to see if they can enhance the outcomes. The heart rate monitor was exact, which isn’t unexpected given how credible most smart watches are.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

In comparison to the previous-generation Watch 3, the SpO2 monitor performs admirably this time round. The ECG sensor is the most significant drawback. When users interface to a Samsung Smartphone, the ECG capabilities become accessible.

Battery Life

A 247mAh power powers the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm, while a 361mAh batteries powers the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm. Users would anticipate the displays to last at around the same length of time regardless of display size. Some of the most upsetting aspects of the smart watch are the capacity and syncing. The wearable’s battery life is only about one and a half days on a full charge.

Users might go to bed around 11 a.m. with about 30% energy left throughout most circumstances, but the wristwatch ran out of power about 9 p.m. when they used it heavily. Users must have turned on AoD, set the intensity to 70%, used GPS for 30 minutes, and had most networking apps’ notifications switched on – all while using the phone. The specific capacity that arrives also with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be included in the box. A fully charged battery takes 2 to 2 and half hours, with a first-hour charging only bringing the total to 45 to 50 percent.

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Full specifications


ModelGalaxy Watch 4 Classic
Operating systemAndroid
Box ContentSmart Watch, User Manual, Warranty Card
Price in India27050


Water ResistantYes. IP Certified IP68


Shape surfaceRound
Weight53 grams
Body materialStainless steel




BluetoothYes, v5.0
USB ConnectivityNo




ProcessorExynos W920
Internal Memory16 GB


Compatible OSAndroid, iOS

Activity Tracker

Calories Intake burnedYes
Sleep QualityYes
Heart RateYes
 Activity InactivityYes

Additional features

Alarm ClockYes
Goal SettingYes

Pros & Cons

Excellent DisplaySlow to Charge
Solid BuildBattery life
Great Software ExperienceIt’s cost

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