What is Apple’s Lockdown Mode for its Devices

On all of its devices, Apple has promised to introduce a new feature called that will shield users’ personal information from spyware and other sophisticated cyberattacks.

The fall of this year will see the release of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, which together make up the so-called “Lockdown Mode” feature, for Apple devices.

It is a “optional Defence for the extremely tiny number of people who face grave, targeted risks to their digital security,” according to Apple, from spyware companies like the NSO Group and state-sponsored mercenary spyware.

What is Apple’s Lockdown Mode and how does it work?

The capabilities of Apple devices will be substantially constrained under Lockdown Mode, as the name suggests, limiting the likelihood of a cyber assault.

According to Apple, most message attachment types other than photos will be prohibited and some capabilities, such link previews, would be disabled when Lockdown Mode is set on a device.

The business added that until a user excludes a reliable website from Lockdown Mode, some sophisticated web technologies, such as just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation, will be prevented. Along with this, the business will also stop incoming FaceTime calls and invitations if the user hasn’t already made a call or requested a service from the initiator.

The business also stated that when an iPhone is locked, wired connections with a computer or device will be prevented. When Lockdown Mode is on, users won’t be able to install configuration profiles, and the device won’t be able to sign up for mobile device management (MDM).

Doubling down on bug bounties and grants

In addition to establishing a new mode for users of Apple devices, the company has also created a new category inside the Apple Security Bounty programme to reward researchers who discover ways to get beyond Lockdown Mode’s security measures.

According to a press release from the business, “Bounties are doubled for eligible findings in Lockdown Mode, up to a maximum of $2,000,000 – the biggest maximum bounty payout in the industry.”

In addition, Apple is providing a $10 million grant to organisations that investigate, expose, and prevent highly targeted cyberattacks, including those produced by private companies creating state-sponsored mercenary spyware, in addition to any monetary damages awarded in the lawsuit brought against NSO Group.

This grant will be given to the Ford Foundation’s Dignity and Justice Fund, which will use it to support the development of standardized forensic techniques to identify and confirm spyware infiltration that are compliant with evidentiary standards; to enable civil society to work more effectively with device manufacturers, software developers, commercial security firms, and other relevant businesses to identify and address vulnerabilities; and to raise awareness among investigators of the dangers that spyware poses to their work.

spyware industry; and building the capacity of human rights defenders to identify and respond to spyware attacks, including security audits for organisations that face heightened threats to their networks.


All incoming invitations, service requests, and unauthorized FaceTime calls will be blocked by Apple. According to the announcement, FaceTime calls would be prohibited if the user hasn’t already called or requested the caller. When iPhone is locked, wired connections to a computer or device are disabled. Over the next months, Apple has promised to upgrade Lockdown Mode’s security measures. The security research community is also encouraged to comment.

People May Ask

Q- Apple Lockdown: What is it?

A- Meet Lockdown, the app that reveals who is tracking you, as it was mentioned in The Washington Post (August 2021) and Forbes (March 2020). The first Open Source firewall for iOS, Lockdown, is now accessible on Mac! Lockdown enables you to prevent any connection to any domain while safeguarding your online privacy.

Q- What is Apple attempting to safeguard?

A- The part reads: “Encryption protects trillions of online transactions every day. Apple utilizes encryption to secure everything from Web traffic to specific devices. Whether you’re making a purchase or a payment, encryption is being used.

Q- Browsers with Lockdown security

A- In conclusion, if used properly, Lockdown browser is a safe product to use. It won’t run in the background and doesn’t cache student data. It has been determined that the dangers and vulnerabilities are not significant enough to worry pupils.

Q- What impact has Covid on Apple?

A- Returning to COVID-19, it did change Apple’s revenue distribution, but not negatively. Despite store closings, supply chain problems, and squeezed consumer budgets in 2020, Apple produced a record fiscal year, and its stock increased by double. Investors might automatically think of the iPhone.

Q- What dangers does Apple pose?

  • aggressive rivalry between major global corporations like Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft.
  • imitation by businesses that compete on the basis of low costs.
  • escalating labor expenses in the various nations where the corporation has manufacturing operations.
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