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How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Bluehost in 2022

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  • How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Bluehost in 2022
  • Register Your Domain Name
  • Buy Hosting for Your Blog
  • Connect Your Domain and Your Hosting

Have you considered creating your own WordPress blog? How to start a blog with WordPress and Bluehost in 2022?

Perfect. Since you already are aware of how it has affected the lives of countless bloggers and content producers worldwide.

In fact, some bloggers today are bringing in more than $100,000 per month through their blogs. In addition to making such an unbelievable amount of money, they are also able to work from home, travel while they are employed, create their own flexible schedules, and generally enjoy life more.

Is it too wonderful to be true?

Really not. For only a few dollars of your money, you’d be astonished at how simple and easy it is to start your own blog.

Anyone may start their own profitable blog in a few easy steps, quickly recouping the small amount of money spent on blog hosting, and make a nice living from it.

It is without a doubt incredibly advantageous and well worth your money to pay for blog hosting in the beginning.

It is extremely beneficial to choose Bluehost for your hosting requirements if you wish to create your own WordPress blog for minimum expense and maximum benefits.

Bluehost has a history of being among the best web hosting providers, and this trend has not changed in 2018. Additionally, WordPress itself recommends it, which says a lot about its dependability and popularity.

And if you sign up for Bluehost through our link, you can create your own blog for just $2.75 a month.

Now, hold for a second, aren’t there more affordable ways to create a blog? You might already be considering BlogSpot or Blogger as a substitute.

However, let’s simply stop you there. If you ever want to genuinely make money from your site, it is frequently a bad idea to choose Blogger. These websites are generally avoided by businesses and advertisers who do not view them as being as professional as self-hosted WordPress blogs.

To sum up, you must have a self-hosted WordPress blog and pay for your hosting through tried and true services like Bluehost if you truly want to turn your blog into a money-making business or a freelance career.

In addition to being absurdly affordable, they also provide you a FREE domain and allow you to run your own direct, affiliate, or other advertisements on the blog that is hosted by Bluehost.

The following is a list of additional advantages of using Bluehost for your WordPress blog:

  • Creating a WordPress blog is quite simple with Bluehost. You only need to read this article through, and you’re good to go!
  • Tech help is also available through Bluehost.
  • Bluehost enables you to increase your savings and, thus, your income. They cost little. If you sign up through our link, you can start a blog for just $2.75 per month.
  • You receive a FREE blog domain from Bluehost.
  • Your blog can be made profitable.
  • Self-hosting on Bluehost as opposed to BlogSpot gives you a more professional appearance in the eyes of your audience, readers, businesses, or clients.

How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Bluehost in 2022

Register Your Domain Name

One of the most crucial choices you’ll ever make when creating your own WordPress blog on Bluehost is certainly your domain name.

Therefore, give it some attention and keep in mind to choose a name that is memorable and simple to recall.

Most bloggers subsequently regret choosing names that are either too long or too difficult to pronounce, which makes it tough to explain them to others.

With Bluehost, you may directly purchase your domain, greatly streamlining the procedure. If you get Bluehost web hosting for 12 months, you may also benefit from a FREE domain for the first year. In order to save money, we urge you to sign up for hosting for at least 12 months.

The free name is only an extra bonus because purchasing a year’s worth of hosting also guarantees lower monthly pricing.

Similar to this, buying a 36-month plan results in longer-term savings and even better value. So you may simply select the offer that best meets your needs and benefits you.

Now that you’ve made up your mind to receive your free domain, let’s move on to the next step and get your hosting from Bluehost in addition to the free domain.

You just click on the “Basic” package to begin since it ought to be plenty for you.

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Buy Hosting for Your Blog

Setting up a WordPress blog on Bluehost is simpler than you may imagine.

But first, let’s examine a few blogging-related expenses:

  • The least expensive option to establish a blog is to select the “Basic” plan. When you sign up through our link, you receive a discount, making the monthly fee for 36 months only $2.75 and for 24 months only $3.95. Alternately, you may purchase a 12-month plan for $4.95 per month. If you are still unsure about blogging, this would be an excellent course of action to do. This is a fantastic offer, and you can still obtain a FREE name at this price by utilising our link. Can you believe that? Even if you choose a 12-month plan, your yearly payment would just be $59! Additionally, you receive a FREE domain name and Spend less money if you choose a 24 or 36-month plan.
  • In all honesty, the “Basic” plan is more than adequate for you at this time. So don’t bother going beyond the Plus and Business Pro plans, which are more expensive. Why spend more money now at the start when you may upgrade to these plans at any time by paying the additional cost if you feel like you might need them?
  • It’s also a smart idea to invest a modest sum of money on Domain Privacy Protection. Your contact information is kept secure for just $0.99 a month.
  • Make sure to uncheck all the extras that may be included in your plan because you may comfortably do without any other extras that Bluehost offers.
  • If you sign up using our link and buy a plan for 12 months or more, you’ll get your domain for FREE.

It is strongly advised that you buy a hosting plan for at least a year if you don’t want to have to pay more.

Paying the bill each month is not simply an expensive, inefficient, and repetitious exercise that offers few rewards.

You can get a FREE domain name when you sign up for 12 months or more, lower your overall cost over time, and save the stress of having to renew your website at the end of each month.

Paying for more years at once is simply more efficient and economical. For for about $59, you can host a blog for an entire year. It costs $99 for 3 years, which is still a wonderful deal when you take into account all the advantages. Remember that buying a 36-month plan is better if you truly want to get the most value for your money.

You may easily get hosting for your blog by following these easy steps now that you are aware of all the associated costs:

  • Navigate to Bluehost and select “Get Started Now”
  • Select the plan that best meets your needs and benefits you.
  • Enter the domain name you currently have or register a new one.
  • Enter your personal information and payment details.
  • You will now be required to enter a password, which is very important and needs to be kept in a highly safe location.

Connect Your Domain and Your Hosting

This part can be skipped if you bought your domain directly from Bluehost and continue to step 4.

This is the time to link your domain to your hosting account if you acquired it from another provider.

You can set Nameservers for your domain names by following the simple instructions provided by domain registrars like GoDaddy. You can follow their instructions or these easy steps instead:

How to change your DNS Nameservers if you use Bluehost for hosting and GoDaddy for your domain:

  • Log in to the Account Manager on
  • Select Manage Domains from the Manage Your Account list or the Domain Names drop-down menu.
  • Choose the domain name you want to change by checking the boxes, then click Install name servers
  • Enter your modified name server information under the heading “Name Servers” on the right side of your page, then click “Save Changes” at the bottom. Your entries will be in the following format: domain names ns1. and ns2.

Install WordPress on Bluehost

Now is the time to begin setting up a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Making a WordPress blog with Bluehost is actually very simple, and it’s also free!

Bluehost provides you with a simple tutorial on how to launch a blog after you’re done creating your password.

  • You will be asked to select a theme for your blog first.
  • Choose the one that best suits your blogging demands or the one you really enjoy.
  • Consider skipping this step for the time being because you may easily alter your theme later.
  • You might also take your time and look through some of the most stunning WordPress themes.
  • You may always choose from a variety of exquisite themes in our selection of Blossom Themes.
  • Click “Start Building” now.
  • On the following screen, select “Business” or “Personal,” or just select “I don’t need it.”

Congratulations! Your WordPress blog is now prepared!

Now you can start having fun selecting a fantastic design and top-notch content for your own WordPress blog.

Important Tips on How to Navigate WordPress

  • Once the aforementioned steps have been completed, you will receive an email. Your login information will be in the email (WordPress login URL, username, and password). Keep the email intact for future use and use the details to get into your WordPress account.
  • Log in and select the “Posts” option found on the left side of the screen to start a new post. Simply select “Page” to add a new page.


You have it, then. We hope you now completely understand why having a self-hosted WordPress blog is preferable and how to build your own WordPress blog using convenient services like Bluehost.

It not only helps you save a lot of money, but it also significantly increases the amount of money you can generate from your site by heavily monetizing it.

Yes, launching your WordPress blog on Bluehost is always a top choice, regardless of the niche it serves, such as business, consulting, restaurants, education, and so on.

People May Ask

Q- How do WordPress and Bluehost integrate?

A- Instead, all you have to do is install WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account and sign in to an administrative “back-end” tool (what WordPress refers to as a “Dashboard”). There are many choices available, including the ability to upload photos, add text, add free plugins, create pages, alter the website’s appearance, and more!

Q- Do I get WordPress or Bluehost first?

A- You must first install WordPress with Bluehost, just like you must with any other host. If you choose WordPress, however, you may start creating websites right away.

Q- Are WordPress and Bluehost related?

A- Actually, Bluehost includes WordPress. We get a free, simple WordPress installation with our Bluehost subscription. But in order to launch your website, you’ll need that Bluehost account, as WordPress is merely software without a web host.

Q- Is Bluehost user-friendly?

A- Easy to Use: Bluehost is the most well-liked web hosting service available not just due to its excellent features and goods, but also due to how incredibly simple it is to use.

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