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Is Y2Mate Safe? How to Remove Y2Mate Virus?

Y2Mate is a popular online tool for downloading YouTube videos quickly without needing to install anything. It’s great for casual users, but not ideal for professionals due to its lack of advanced features.

However, some people are concerned about the Y2Mate virus, a rumored malware that could harm your device. In this article, we’ll explore whether Y2Mate is safe and what to keep in mind when using it to download videos.

Y2Mate is a free online tool that helps you download YouTube videos in different formats like MP4 and MP3. It also works with other platforms like Facebook and DailyMotion. It’s fast, supports various formats, and has clones with similar interfaces on different websites, but the official one is Watch out for clones like,,, and

Is Y2Mate a Safe YouTube Downloader?

Y2Mate might seem like a legitimate website for grabbing content from various platforms and formats, including YouTube. However, it’s important to note that it isn’t considered a safe YouTube downloader.

The website itself may function well for downloading content, but the safety concerns arise when interacting with pop-ups, banner ads, or push notifications displayed by Y2Mate. Similar to other downloaders like YTMP3, Y2Mate tends to promote dubious sites with questionable reputations and potentially scam ads. Clicking on any of these elements could lead to the inadvertent installation of drive-by attacks or potentially unwanted programs on your computer.

In simpler terms, a mere accidental click while using the site could wreak havoc on your computer. It’s common for users to encounter notifications in the upper-left corner, urging them to allow notifications. Many people mistakenly believe this is a necessary step for the download process to continue, but in reality, it could be a disguised virus. Therefore, exercising caution and avoiding interactions with such elements is crucial to maintaining the safety of your computer.

Remove Y2Mate Virus

Removing the Y2Mate virus from your computer is possible through various methods. Besides avoiding the tool altogether, there are other steps you can take. Check out this guide for effective Y2Mate virus removal.

1. Use Antivirus Programs:

  • Install reliable antivirus software like Norton 360, McAfee, Bitdefender, or Malwarebytes.
  • These programs offer real-time protection, regular updates, and features such as VPN, firewall, and device optimization.
  • Norton 360, for example, provides a money-back guarantee and works across various devices.

2. Remove Unwanted Browser Extensions:

  • Access your browser settings (e.g., Chrome) by clicking on three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Navigate to “Settings” and then “Extensions.”
  • Locate any unwanted extensions added by Y2Mate and remove them.
  • Restart your browser for changes to take effect.

3. Reset Browser Settings to Default:

  • In Chrome, open the menu, click “Settings,” and choose “Reset settings.”
  • Note: This action clears cookies and website data, affecting log-ins for social media and payment accounts.
  • For Safari, repeat the process under “Menu > Settings > Extensions” and delete unwanted extensions.

4. Change Default Search Engine:

  • Y2Mate may change your default search engine to a dubious one. Change it back to a reliable one like Google or Bing.

5. Reset Starting Page:

  • In Chrome, go to “Settings,” click on “On start-up,” and choose the desired starting page option.
  • Ensure the starting page is set to a reliable source.

How to Protect Yourself From Malicious YouTube Downloaders Like or y2mate:

1. Use Ad Blockers:

  • Consider using ad blockers like AdBlock or Poper Blocker to prevent intrusive pop-ups and ads.
  • Ad blockers enhance your browsing experience by blocking display ads and notifications.

2. Use Safe and Ad-Free YouTube Downloaders:

  • Instead of Y2Mate, opt for safer alternatives like SnapDownloader, VideoProc, or iTubeGo.
  • These tools provide ad-free and secure video downloading experiences.
  • SnapDownloader, for instance, is a reliable paid tool with additional features suitable for both content creators and casual users.

Install Antivirus Programs:

If you frequently use free online tools like Y2Mate, you should be aware of potential risks, such as viruses through pop-ups and ads. To protect your device, consider investing in antivirus software. Norton 360, Bitdefender, McAfee, and Malwarebytes are effective options. Norton 360 is our top pick, but Bitdefender and McAfee are also reliable. Malwarebytes, though not as powerful, is fast, user-friendly, and offers a free version.

How Y2mate Got on Your Mac:

When you use Y2mate, it prompts you to enable notifications, a browser feature for staying updated on emails, messages, and news. Y2mate misuses this feature to send ads, often linking to risky software like adware. Clicking on these ads can potentially infect your Mac.

Precautions to Avoid Y2mate Virus:

If you must use Y2mate, take precautions to prevent issues:

  1. Use a reliable ad blocker like AdBlock One for Chrome and Safari.
  2. Avoid clicking on ads within Y2mate.
  3. Check new tabs that appear on the Y2mate website; close them if unrelated.
  4. Verify the names of Y2mate files before downloading to avoid installing unwanted programs or viruses.
  5. Disable Y2mate notifications to prevent potential risks.

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How to Disable Y2mate Notifications:

If you use multiple browsers, disable Y2mate notifications on each. Here’s how for Safari and Chrome:


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Go to Safari > Preferences > Websites.
  3. In the sidebar, scroll down and click Notifications.
  4. Select Y2mate and click Remove.

Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Go to Chrome > Preferences > Security and Privacy > Site Settings.
  3. After swiping down, select Notifications.
  4. The three dots next to Y2mate > Remove should be clicked under “Allowed to send notifications.”

After disabling Y2mate notifications, scan your computer with a cleaning tool like Antivirus One to check for adware or malware. Even though Y2mate may seem harmless, it’s better to stay safe.


Using Y2Mate daily comes with risks. Although downloading content might seem fine, the frequent hazardous pop-ups can quickly infect your device. The risk increases if you lack proper security measures.

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