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The procedure for deleting personal data from the google search engine was a sign ably simplified procedure

The procedure for deleting personal data from the Google search engine was a sign ably simplified procedure. Google introduced a brand-new option to purge personal information from its search engine. During the I/O conference, this applet’s debut was announced.

One must admit that consumers previously had the option to remove their email addresses, phone numbers, residential addresses, and other private information from search engines. Even a single piece of data could not be used to complete a single step of recovery involving a single drop. When attempting to delete their data from the search engine, the average user remembered.

From the search page, the tool gives you access to the appropriate tool to complete this task. You should take these steps.

Select a personal information site from the search results. Tap three dots. Choose “Delete” from the About-Result area menu.

You can follow a Google request for personal data deletion by visiting the About You Results page. Your Google profile contains that. Select the Approved or In Progress filter by clicking on the profile image.

Within the next few months, users will have access to the new tool. It will debut in the USA and Europe initially.

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