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WhatsApp is now joining Google in bashing iMessage

WhatsApp is now joining Google in bashing iMessage. Google has pushed Apple to adopt the RCS standard over the past year in order to dismantle the artificial barriers that exist between messaging services. With CEO Tim Cook recently stating he would “love to convert you to an iPhone” customer, Apple continues to be staunch in its resistance. Now, Mark Zuckerberg of Meta is mocking Apple’s obstinacy with a WhatsApp feature advertisement.

WhatsApp is now joining Google in bashing iMessage

Zuckerberg posted this new WhatsApp billboard from Penn Station in New York City on Instagram on Monday. The advertisement makes fun of the on-going green-bubble/blue-bubble argument by advising users to use WhatsApp’s “private bubble” instead. Although this advertisement just uses the debate as backdrop, Zuckerberg’s Instagram caption takes a direct shot at Apple.

The CEO of Meta claims that because WhatsApp uses platform-independent end-to-end encryption during group chats, it is more private than iMessage. He further emphasises how, in contrast to iMessage, WhatsApp backups are also end-to-end encrypted.

In a series of tweets, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart provided more specifics, outlining why people continue to text despite the existence of safer alternatives like WhatsApp because of how iMessage functions. He also points to additional privacy features, including view-once media and vanishing communications, that iMessage cannot match.

Despite having 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is not the most widely used service in the US. According to a corporate spokeswoman, this new advertising campaign will appear across the US on TV, digital video, outdoor advertising, and social media.

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