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Facebook New Glitch: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook followers down to below 10,000

As of 2:40 PM, Mark Zuckerberg has 9,992 Facebook followers.

Facebook followers down- Many Facebook users of Meta have expressed dissatisfaction after losing the majority of their followers for unidentified reasons.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, lost almost 119 million followers, bringing his total to less than 10,000.

Many Facebook users of Meta are lamenting the loss of the majority of their followers on the social media site for unidentified reasons. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, lost almost 119 million followers, bringing his total to less than 10,000.

“Facebook caused a tsunami that wiped off nearly 900,000 of my followers, leaving only 9,000 on the shore. The humour on Facebook is kind of funny “Taslima Nasreen, a Bangladeshi author exiled, tweeted.

A Meta representative responded to inquiries by saying, “We’re aware that some users are seeing erratic following counts on their Facebook profiles. We regret for the disruption and are trying to rapidly restore everything to normal.

According to the firm, approximately 1 million Facebook users’ usernames and passwords were “compromised” last week; those affected will be made aware of the issue.

More than 400 “malicious” apps that target internet users and steal their login information have been found this year, Meta reported, on both Android and iOS. It said that the apps were passed off as mobile games, photo editors, or fitness monitors.

Some of these were downloaded through Apple’s and Alphabet’s (Google) software stores, both of which have been alerted of the problem, Meta said.

The social media behemoth announced that it will provide advice on how to prevent being a victim of such programs, whether for Facebook or any other networking website, to those whose accounts have been stolen.

Why did my FB followers decrease?

It becomes overwhelming when you post movies, stories, and photographs too regularly. Followers will rapidly become irritated if they have to scroll through 10 of your posts before seeing someone else. They’ll probably silence you even if they don’t unfollow you, which is the same as unfollowing without causing your follower count to fall.

Why are my followers reducing?

It’s common and occurs more frequently than ever right now. It is obvious that we will observe a general reduction in the act of following if more people are following new accounts at a slower rate and unfollowing accounts at a faster rate. A bigger percentage of us losing followers is the result of more unfollows and fewer follows.

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