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How to turn off voicemail iPhone 13

How to turn off voicemail iphone 13- Voicemail is a useful tool that we now take advantage of on a daily basis on our iPhones. However, there may be situations and reasons for disabling this function, leaving you to wonder How to turn off voicemail iPhone 13.

You may have to pay an additional fee from some phone service providers for this option or incur additional costs for voicemail if traveling abroad. And it’s not unexpected that this may irritate you.

Don’t worry; we have the solution, so you won’t have to suffer that awful experience any longer. Here, we’ll explain how to disable voicemail on an iPhone. Do not worry at all since we will walk you through every step.

There are several approaches for you to achieve your aim of turning off the voicemail on the iPhone. So, if one approach doesn’t work for you or seems a little too hard, you can immediately switch to the alternative.

How to turn off voicemail iphone 13

Today, we’ll talk about two ways to turn off voicemail and offer some extra advice. Let’s start now-

  1. Disable Voicemail Forwarding with a Short code
  2. Contact the Carrier

Method 1: Disable Voicemail on iPhone 13 Forwarding with a Short code

Although calling your phone provider is the only way to permanently turn off voicemail, you may manually turn it off for a while by dialing a code.

To turn off voicemail, you should first open the phone app from the iPhone’s home screen by pressing a number.

On the phone app, you need to type the voice activation code #004. When you reach, click call. Most GSM service providers across the world accept this code.

Once you have finished typing, pick up the phone and dial! After selecting the phone icon, a text-filled grey screen will appear. You’ll receive a notification after a while letting you know that the voicemail services on your iPhone have been successfully turned off.

Your voice mail service is no longer functioning when you get an unanswered call. However, the majority of phone service providers do not support this technique. So, if this strategy doesn’t work for you, try the next one we’re about to provide. If it functions, you can call #004# to activate your voicemail.

There are other solutions listed below if you decide on using this approach to disable or turn off voicemail on the iPhone 13.

Method 2: Contact the Carrier to turn off the voicemail on iPhone 13

The best method you can use to turn off voicemail on your iPhone is this one. Therefore, if calling a short code doesn’t work, try this. Be careful while doing that, though, since it will permanently remove all of your voicemail features, voicemail messages, and voicemail password.

Step 1: Call customer service to turn off your voicemail.
Step 2: Request that the agent disables the feature.

Call customer service to turn off your voicemail-

Since you’re about to place a call, you must first visit the Phone app from your home screen. To contact the phone companies’ customer care, simply call *611. If it doesn’t work for you, call the customer service lines directly.

Check out the list of popular phone service provider numbers you may use to turn off voicemail on your iPhone.

T Mobile or SprintDial 611 or call 1-800-937-8997
TelusDial 611 or 1-866-558-2273
RogersDial 611 or 1-888-764-3772
Vodafone:Dial 199.
Xfinity Mobile:Dial 1-888-936-4968
BT Mobile:Dial 0800 800 150
Cricket:Dial 611 or 1-800-274-2538

You should be able to use these steps for how to turn off voicemail on an iPhone with a Vodafone or Verizon plan.

Request that the agent disables the feature

When a customer service representative answers your call, explain your situation to them and ask them to turn off voicemail. And if you’ve been wondering how to disable voicemail on an iPhone 13, that is all you have to do.

Callers to your voice mailbox will hear a recording notifying them that your voice mail option is temporarily inactive while the service is disabled.

How to Forward Your Voice Mail to Another Number on iPhone

Let’s say you want to know how to disable or turn off voicemail on an iPhone while you’re away from home. You can activate the forwarding settings in that situation. In order to prevent unauthorized data roaming fees, it will pass the audio messages to another number. It functions just like call forwarding for faxes. If our steps for turning off voicemail on the iPhone 13 aren’t the best fit for your present circumstance, this might be a solid alternative.

Keep in mind that you may only use this option if you have a GSM provider. If your service provider is CDMA, this won’t work.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on  “phone” Option
  3. Click on “Call Forwarding”. When the “Call Forwarding” button is turned on, the feature is activated and your voicemail will now be sent to a different number.
  4. Click on the “Forward To” option that appears once you enable voice call forwarding.
  5. Then, enter the phone number you want to receive call forwards, along with any necessary area or country codes.
  6. After you’ve finished tapping numbers, tap “Back” in the upper left corner of your iPhone’s display. And that completes the step of activating data call forwarding.

Go to “Call Forwarding” and slide the button to turn it off if you feel the need to turn off forwarding. 

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Can I Delete Voicemail Messages from iPhone?

Yes you can delete voicemail message from iPhone. Here’s how to remove voicemail on your iPhone if your voicemail is full or you simply want to remove certain messages from the visual voicemail.

The “Voicemail” option may be found on the bottom right of the screen when you first start the phone app. To view the voicemail settings, tap on it right now.

You may see who has left messages for you on your voicemail number when the voice mailbox appears. You may then either remove them one at a time or all at once.

To delete a message one at a time, slide it to the left and click the trashcan button.

Select “Edit” if you want to delete all messages. It is located in the upper right corner. Circles will appear next to your messages once you hit them; tap each circle, then press “Delete” to delete the messages.

To clear all of the deleted messages, select “Deleted Messages” and a “Clear All” option will appear. The right upper corner is where you’ll find it. Your voicemails will all be permanently deleted once you press them. Therefore, take care when doing it.

Before removing any messages, you can export them if you wish to keep them. Alternatively, you may convert the voicemail message into text using voicemail transcription.

How to Set up Voicemail on iPhone 

Here’s how to enable the voicemail feature on your iPhone for missed calls.

1. You need to touch on it in your voicemail settings.

2. Choose “Set up Now” to record your voicemail greeting and configure the voicemail password settings.

3. Make your voicemail password once the setup page appears.

4. After generating a password, you may select from a pre-recorded default greeting or write your own.

How Do I Get to My Voicemail Service in the Phone App?

If you’ve set up your iPhone’s voicemail service, you’ll undoubtedly want to know how to access it so you can hear the messages you’ve received.

  1. Start the phone app.
  2. Tap the Voicemail tab.
  3. To listen to a message, simply tap on it.
  4. You may delete a message by swiping left on it and then hitting the Delete option, as we previously suggested.

Deleted messages will be placed in the section labeled “Deleted messages.” There, by swiping left on a message and pressing the Clear button, you may permanently remove it.

How do I turn off my voicemail option on Android?

You can be able to turn off voicemail on Android phone by going into the settings, selecting Call or Phone, Voicemail, your voicemail number, and then deleting it.

Where are the iPhone’s voicemail settings?

Change the voicemail settings

  • Steps to Change your greeting: Click Greeting, then click on Voicemail.
  • Steps to Change the password for your voicemail: Enter the new password after selecting Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail Password.
  • Steps to Change the new voicemail alert: Select Settings > Sounds & Haptics or Settings > Sounds from the menu.

How do I enable Visual Voicemail on my iPhone? 

Firstly visit your voicemail to generate a password, record the following greeting, then enable Visual Voicemail after that. Navigate to the Telephone app, choose the Voicemail option, and then hit Configure now. Click Done after choosing a voicemail password.

Why won’t my voicemail notification go away?

To do this, open Notifications by going to Settings > Apps > All apps > Phone. Once there, disable App icon badges, reduce notifications, and switch Voicemail to Silent. You should be able to stop the persistent notification after doing this.

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