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The Samsung Galaxy S23 edges closer to launching, other Specs leaked

In this article, we are going to cover on The Samsung Galaxy S23 edges closer to launching, other Specs leaked. A smartphone must receive approval from a number of regulators before it can be released onto the market, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 just appeared before 3C, the Chinese regulatory body, exposing another important spec along the road.

The sources of this information are SamMobile and Ice Universe, two reliable sources for information about forthcoming Samsung goods. The fact that the phone has now been shown at 3C indicates that it is still on schedule to launch soon, with February 2023 being the month in which it is most likely to do so.

The only major piece of information we can glean from this file is that, like the Samsung Galaxy S22, the wired charging speed will remain at 25W. By today’s standards, that’s hardly quick; some phones can recharge their batteries at a rate of 120W, which is nearly five times as fast.

Slow and steady

We have also observed same caution over charging rates on Samsung’s other high-end smartphones. The maximum wired charging speed for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also 25W, while the maximum wireless charging speed is 15W.

Given what happened with certain Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire in 2016, it’s somewhat fair that Samsung is keeping with the 25W wired charging speed for the Galaxy S23. However, that incident occurred back in 2016.

There is one restriction, namely that the regular Samsung Galaxy S23 phone is the only one mentioned in this regulatory listing. The charging rates may increase for the other variants, the Galaxy S23 Plus and the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

How significant is charging speed?

Although a phone’s wired charging speed may not be the most crucial specification when selecting a new gadget, it does have an impact on how a phone is used. Battery life may not be as important if a device can be fully charged in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours.

Knowing that you can quickly restore a considerable amount of power to your phone’s battery whether you’re rushing out the door or stopping by the office helps to lessen the growing anxiety that can develop about ending the day with a dead phone.

At least Apple can be mentioned by Samsung as a company that is also moving slowly in terms of battery charging rates. When it comes to cable charging, the iPhone 14 has a maximum output of 30W, which is not much more than the Galaxy S23’s rumored limit.

Again 25 w charging.

Samsung can most likely get away with maintaining the charging speed on the Galaxy S23 the same as its predecessors – and it should at least have more powerful internals – as long as the 2023 phones arrive with additional enhancements.

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