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Your iPhone is getting a free upgrade Tomorrow– here are the best new features

Your iPhone is getting a free upgrade tomorrow—here are the best new features. A software upgrade for older smartphones is arriving tomorrow, even though Apple’s newest and best iPhone won’t be available until Friday.

Every year, Apple releases a new version of its mobile operating system that, at no additional cost, offers ageing phones a slight boost and a few new capabilities.

The upgrade was unveiled alongside watchOS 9 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in the summer.

You probably will receive the notification ping to upgrade at some point during the course of the next 24 hours if you use an iPhone as well as Apple Watch (the update will likely drop around 6pm UK time). Your device will automatically download and install the upgrade once it is happily connected in and charging.

Redesigned lock screen and notifications, new watch faces, as well as running statistics for the Apple Watch are some of the main changes.

Whether or not you plan to purchase an Apple Watch Ultra or an iPhone 14, these new capabilities should give your existing iGadgets a little more life.

New lock screen design

With its new lock screen design, Apple aims to offer more personalization.

Users can customise the background with 3D effects or a slideshow of their favourite photographs, as well as change the typeface and colour of the time, date, and other information.

In order to move between work and play, it is also possible to have multiple lockscreens and sync them using Apple’s “focus” mode.

Groups of notifications now display at the bottom of the screen, and live updates (for things like sports scores) now appear above them. Given that Apple has discontinued the smaller “mini” iPhones, this makes it simpler to use with one hand.


With the release of iOS 16, users will no longer need to remember numerous passwords thanks to “passkeys.”

They employ Touch ID or Face ID for biometric authentication, which is end-to-end encrypted and stored to an iCloud Keychain across your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

It implies that you may sign into websites, applications, and services safely without a password and that it will function on items other than Apple products. They can be recovered even if you lose or damage your iPhone because they are synchronized to your iCloud Keychain.

Edit and unsend messages

You may now edit and delete texts that have already been received when chatting with friends and family on iMessage, Apple’s own messaging programme.

If you accidentally posted a message in the wrong group chat, you have up to 15 minutes to recall or edit it. You can now “unsend” an email sent using Apple’s Mail app as long as you do it within 10 seconds after pressing the send button.

It now flashes a prompt similar to other email programs if you neglect to add a recipient or an attachment.

Photo Editing

The capability to remove foreground elements from photos taken with an iPhone is a new feature.

Shooting an image of a person, object, or plant, for instance, will allow you to crop the image around it and utilise it in other apps. However, you must be using an iPhone XS or later to access this feature.

WatchOS 9 Updates

A handful of new features are also coming to Apple Watch models.

The key updates are listed here.

New watch faces

As part of the update, Apple is releasing three new watch faces: Metropolitan, Playtime, and Lunar. The first is analogue, the second is digital, and the third shows all the moon phases.

If you’re using your Apple Watch for an activity like an exercise, notifications won’t fill up the entire screen any more. Instead, they will show up as little banners that you may tap to make larger.

Helpful for runners

The number of metrics available to runners has risen thanks to Apple, and now includes running power, stride length, ground contact time, and heart rate zones.

In addition, users can allow automatic transitions between running, cycling, and swimming, as well as add intervals to their exercises.

Improved sleep tracking and medication reminders

The Apple Watch may use information from the accelerometer and heart rate sensor to determine if a user is in REM, Core, or Deep sleep if they wear it to bed.

The data is shown in the sleep application along with additional parameters including sleep duration, heart rate, and respiration rate.

Finally, the Apple Watch’s health app can both log and remind you to take your meds.

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