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Fossil Gen 6 Review: Exquisite Design, Compromised Software

Fossil Gen 6 Review

Fossil watches have indeed been reliable Wear OS devices, focusing on aesthetic design instead of breaking new ground. The Come From Fossil Gen 6 continues this trend, with a few additional features that few have: the Snapdragon 4100 Plus processor and, ultimately (in 2022), the upcoming Wear OS 3, which blends Google’s wearables computer system and Samsung’s Tizen OS.

1GB of RAM and 8 GB internal memory is included in the Come From Fossil Gen 6. Whenever shifting fluidly among programs, users will experience these characteristics. The 1.28-inch AMOLED display appears to be identical to the previous model, and while it is of exceptional quality.

The Fossil Gen 6 includes a SpO2 sensor for detecting blood oxygen levels, and also an updated heart rate monitor for frequent monitoring, of the sensors lineup. Because there’s not much in the form of third-party applications, users will have to depend on the Google Fit apps to keep records of overall health and fitness. Obviously, adding to the Smartwatches experience would indeed be wonderful, and if users have been happy with its design and Google’s portfolio of applications, users will be happy there.

Fossil Gen 6 Review: Exquisite Design, Compromised Software

Some other complex mix is indeed the energy storage system. With moderate employment, users will be fortunate if the wristwatch lasts longer than a month, placing it at a disadvantage over the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which could last for up to three days, as well as the 18 hours users would have with an Apple Watch 7. Just on the bright side, the Fossil Gen 6 includes a new, quicker charger that charges the wristwatch from empty to complete in less than an hour, allowing users to make up the difference throughout the day to compensate for the poor battery life.

Ultimately, the Fossil Gen 6 is an improvement over its own predecessors, although with a restricted battery capacity, a sticker price that rivals the top non-Apple smartwatch, and Wear OS 3 still just a long way off, experts do not even anticipate that Gen 6 will indeed be able to compete with both the best possible smartwatches just on the marketplace. However, experts believe that in some cases, it may be the greatest alternative option to a somewhat customers and therefore will represent consumers effectively.

Design and Display

The Fossil Gen 6 is a dark-skinned spherical wristwatch featuring different watch wristbands (such as the standard black made of flexible wristwatches) with a crown on the right-hand side surrounded by pushing controls on each side, similar to its predecessor. The newest smartwatch does have a few differences from the Gen 5, and it’s not identical, and users would have to look closely to detect the distinction.

The crown tends to be significantly shallower and larger, but two protection lugs have been added to surround it, which should help the crest snag less on wallets and cuffs. Users still may access the application list by clicking on the crown. Trying to twist the head provides just about enough friction to prevent the device from rotating accidentally, and surfing through applications and settings is genuinely rather enjoyable.

Fitness and Health

Although the Fossil Gen 6 isn’t a fitness wristwatch, it may be worn during runs and exercises. The Cardiogram application checks and records heartbeat on a regular basis, although there is a blood oxygen-monitoring tile just on the main screen if users scroll left, and also a fitness square that just asks whether users are indoors or outside without even any particular exercise monitoring

As a result, most users will probably utilize the Google Fit suite of software, which comes pre-installed, to measure fitness as well as other health indicators. Fit Workout, for example, tracks a variety of exercise activities, as well as many other applications that monitor heart rate, sleep, fitness objectives, and meditative breathing.

Fossil Gen 6 Review: Exquisite Design, Compromised Software

Putting the Gen 6 outside for a workout is OK – its appearance and features aren’t too obtrusive, and the smartwatch isn’t too heavy to just get in the way when training, though users should notice it all while moving the wrists on a big scheme of things. The Fossil Gen 6 is suitable for resistance training and other reduced activities.

Performance and Battery

The Fossil Gen 6 does have some of the greatest specifications people have seen in a smartwatch that isn’t an Apple product. The Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus microprocessor is the main attraction and the smartwatch’s equipment rivals that of the greatest smartwatches, featuring 1GB of RAM and 8 GB internal memory for internal applications and information.

With so many capabilities, the Fossil Gen 6 is lightning-fast, seamlessly jumping from application to application and display to display. There is no inputting latency, and movements are seamless. After such an upgrade in 2022, this should launch the new Wear OS 3, but meanwhile, users will have had to make do with the tried-and-true Wear OS 2.

The smartwatch’s battery performance is a major flaw, at least in comparison to other Wear OS watches: it lasts approximately as much as an Apple Watch 5, which means users will have to recharge this before the end of the next day.

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What’s with all the bells and whistles turned on; with the Always-On Showcase turned off, the regular intervals heart rate verification set to the maximum interval (every 15 minutes), and a simplified Fossil watch face (no Facer ones, specifically), you’ll get just well over a day of the use, which would be enough to fit in tracking purposes.

On the plus side, recharging is considerably faster: the Fossil Gen 6 outperforms its forerunner with the in adapter that charges the smartwatch from empty to full in under an hour (Fossil claims it goes from 0 percent to 80 percent in 30 minutes). One piece of advice: the batteries consider several factors linked to the sensitive quarter on the rear of the Fossil Gen 6, which provides a little gap across them, and if anyone move the teach and how to teach and over the opening, the watch will actually charge. Don’t rotate the battery round, just magnet clip it onto the rear of the wristwatch.

Fossil Gen 6 Review: Exquisite Design, Compromised Software


ProcessorSnapdragon 4100 Plus
Storage8 GB
Display1.28 inch AMOLED, 416 X 416


  1. Sleek design
  2. Fast speeds and smooth navigation
  3. Great display


  1. Short battery life
  2. Wear OS 3 not coming until 2022
  3. Little changed from the predecessor

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