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Android YouTube Music bug causes phone display to remain on indefinitely

According to 9to5Google, the Android YouTube Music bug causes the phone display to remain on indefinitely. A new YouTube Music Android app problem is keeping users’ phone displays on and disabling the screen timeout.

YouTube Music bug

The problem can be found in YouTube Music version 5.23.50 and keeps your phone’s display on no matter where you are in the app, even if you put it down and don’t touch it.

According to 9to5Google, it investigated the bug on Samsung devices running Android 12L and Pixel phones running Android 13 and found that it was present on both. The publication reported that during one test, the Android phone’s display was on for about 15 minutes while music was playing.

A patch for the app should be in development to address the bug, which affects users of YouTube Premium.

Those who set a song and then leave their device (to charge) only to return to discover the display still on and their device warm find this frustrating in practice. However, most individuals quickly swipe home after choosing a song or manually turn off the screen before putting the phone back in their pocket.

Hopefully soon, Google will update YouTube Music to address this unintentional effect.

When the music suddenly stops, it instantly spoils the mood.

When utilising YouTube Music, this can occasionally be a problem.

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