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WhatsApp for Android Beta

Download WhatsApp Messenger’s most recent version for free. Enjoy free calls, voicemails, and messages. WhatsApp for Android Beta

Before they are officially released on the Google Play Store, you may use the most recent messaging service updates using WhatsApp Beta for Android. The long-awaited Dark Theme option is now included in the most recent Beta. The description that follows has more information on how to enable it.

WhatsApp is accessible on Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, and Mac computers. These devices can communicate with one another because WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service. It costs nothing to communicate your pals on WhatsApp because it uses the same internet data plan that you do for email and web browsing.

Users of WhatsApp can create groups, send each other an unlimited number of photographs, videos, and audio messages, in addition to standard chat.

Features of WhatsApp for Android Beta

No additional charges:

You can chat as much as you like using the app once you and your contacts have downloaded it. Send your buddies a million SMS per day for nothing! When enabled, Wi-Fi or your Edge/3G/4G Internet connection is used by WhatsApp.


Send voice, image, and video messages to your contacts and pals.

Group Chat:

Enjoy group chats with your acquaintances with group chat. Change the group’s topic, add or remove members, and choose a group icon.


Choose a profile picture that will be displayed to all of your contacts.

No international charges: 

Sending WhatsApp messages abroad is free, just like sending an international email is free. As long as they have WhatsApp Messenger installed, you may chat with your pals anywhere in the world and save money on those annoying international SMS fees.

Say “no” to usernames and pins:

Why even try to remember another username or PIN? Like SMS, WhatsApp utilizes your phone number and seamlessly interacts with your current phone address book.

No need to sign in or out:

There is no longer any uncertainty over logging off from a different computer or device. WhatsApp is always on and always connected thanks to push notifications.

No need to include friends:

Your connections are automatically connected to you through your Address Book. Like a friend list, your contacts who already use WhatsApp Messenger will be immediately displayed under Favorites.

Offline Messages: 

WhatsApp will retain your chats offline until you recover them during next time you open the program, even if you miss the push notifications or turn off the iPhone.

And a lot more:

Share places and locations Landscape mode, text timestamps, email chat history, custom wallpaper, custom notification noises, as well as contact exchange Send media and messages to a large number of contacts at once, among many other things.

What’s New?

  • Updates to message reactions now allow users to respond with any emoji in addition to other repairs and improvements.
  • The number of group members has been increased to 512.
  • Maximum file size has been increased to 2GB.
  • You can message or mute people in group calls by holding down the long-press key on their tile.

WhatsApp responses are now even better. We’ve introduced functionality that lets you use any emoji you like (in any skin tone).

We’ve included a useful indication so you can notice when additional people join big calls, and you can now mute or message particular persons on a call (excellent if someone forgets to mute themselves!). There are also some new capabilities for group calls.

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