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What is Ezoic and How Does It Work?

Ezoic is a real machine attempting to learn website optimization platform for digital publications and site operators. That is precisely what is Ezoic and what Ezoic is attempting to assist with?

It allows you to experiment with different ad positions, sizes, and publications to see which combination generates you the most money.

What is Ezoic?

According to this, most websites realize a revenue boost of at least 50% after implementing their optimization. They’ve worked with over 21,000 websites in total.

The revenue of those websites climbed by an average of 115 percent! Those are some impressive figures! While this study focuses on ad optimization, It may also help you test the style and content of your website.

Founded DateOct 1, 2010
Founders Dwayne Lafleur
Operating StatusActive
Last Funding TypeSeries A
Legal NameEzoic, Inc.
Company TypeFor Profit
Contact Email
Phone Number (760) 550-9689
Headquarters RegionsGreater San Diego Area, West Coast, Western US
IndustriesArtificial Intelligence, Information Services, Information Technology, SaaS, Software, Test and Measurement, Web Development

Machine Learning is used by the system to assist publishers in making better judgments. It can improve user experience metrics and increase ad earnings by effectively ‘predicting’ how a website visitor will respond to an automated & personalized modification.

It improves approximately 400 million visitor experiences per month (as of May 2017), and the system is available as a Self-Serve ad-funded or subscription-based service, as well as an Enterprise (SaaS) solution.

It was Google’s first AdSense Certified Partner in North America, and it is also a Google Certified Publishing Partner, having won the Google Business Innovation Award in 2016.

How To Get Started

How To Set Up Ezoic For Increasing Ad Revenue?

You must take the following five steps:

  • Create a Cloud Flare account and link it to your blog.
  • Add the Ezoic script to the header of your blog.
  • Create new ad units and convert all current ad units to serve via Ezoic.
  • Fill out an application for Google’s Ad Exchange programme.
  • Begin by utilizing the Ezoic Ad Tester.

Sub-domains aren’t possible. If you have a. BlogSpot domain name, you should upgrade to a custom domain name. You’re fine to go if you already have a self-hosted WordPress blog. Once you’ve logged into your dashboard for the first time, follow these three steps:

  • Integrate Your Site
  • Set Up Ad Testing
  • Turn On Ezoic
Real improvements in website revenue

Integrate Your Site

Connecting Ezoic to your site is the initial step. It is compatible with any platform as long as your website is hosted on the root domain rather than a subdomain.

To get started, click “Integrate Your Site.” Cloud Flare is the finest (and fastest) option to integrate Ezoic into your site.

  • After that, navigate to the “Integration” tab on this page.
  • Under the Cloud Flare logo, click “Integrate Now!”
  • Use your Cloud Flare account to log in.
  • There will be a “success message” displayed.
  • Everything is significantly safer with Cloud Flare.

Set Up Ad Testing

  • Return to the dashboard and click “Setup Ad Testing” once you’ve completed the integration.
  • Between the head tag and the closing tag, you must add a few lines of code.
  • If you’re using WordPress, you may add these codes with the free Header & Footer WordPress plugin.
  • Choose “Continue to Step 2” when you’ve already submitted the code.

To get the most out of their testing, Ezoic has several best practices to follow:

  • The goal is to create as many ad units as possible.
  • Multiple ad display sizes can be chosen. (Even if you don’t think they’ll work, it’s a good idea to test them using this so you can receive real-world data.)
  • Using all of the ad spots that are available. (Even if you don’t believe they’ll work.)
  • Allow this to test it for you.) It can begin running experiments once your advertising are fully set up.

What Ads Does Ezoic Display?

It automatically enrolls you in the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Thousands of ad networks fight for your ad slots with real-time bidding on this exchange.

You will, however, need to add another app to your account. Mediation is the term for it. You can use the Mediation app to integrate your existing advertising to it’s testing.

To connect your existing ad network accounts to Ezoic, use Mediation. Ad networks put up in Mediation will compete for advertising space on your website with it’s own ad partners.

This means that your existing advertising will be sent to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange’s bidding marketplace.

Your existing advertisements will continue to appear if they generate more income than the advertising it is testing against.

Otherwise, it will show you the better-paying possibilities. This is beneficial to you because: It ensures that you make the most money possible! The nicest aspect is that everything else is automatic once you’ve completed the first configuration.


How Much Does Ezoic Cost?

You could assume it is a costly tool with all of these capabilities that can directly affect how much money you generate.

That isn’t true at all. It has a free plan for bloggers. However, there is one stipulation to this free plan: You must consent to have a little some advertisement at the bottom of your page.

Their pricing starts at $49 per month for blogs with up to $1,000 in monthly revenue if you don’t want to show the ad.

Definitely steps that should be taken to the $49 subscription after you start seeing strong results with this.

This is really a small sum to pay, in my perspective, given that it boasts that most site owners improve their earnings by 50%.

You could also manage many sites with only one account.

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How Ezoic Pays & Minimum Payout

It’s minimum payout is $20. You can be compensated in a variety of ways.


It is a highly effective tool. It is, however, a difficult tool. We have attempted to make this instruction as straightforward as possible for you to comprehend and use.

You can always contact It’s customer service, and I’ll be adding additional information about this over time. You should definitely start using this if you’re making money through AdSense,, or any other ad network.

This automatic programme will undoubtedly enhance your revenue, and you won’t have to wait long to get paid thanks to their low minimum payout.

This tool is designed for bloggers that have a significant amount of traffic and income. While optimizing a small site is still beneficial, if your site receives little traffic, it may not be worth the work to set up the its integration.

People May Ask

Q- What is the location of Ezoic’s headquarters?

A- The headquarters of Ezoic are in Carlsbad, California.

Q- Who put money into Ezoic?

A- Sageview Capital and New Amsterdam Capital are two of Ezoic’s four investors.

Q- How much money has Ezoic received thus far?

A- Ezoic has raised $38.6 million in funding.

Q- When was Ezoic’s last funding round?

A- Ezoic’s most recent investment round, a Series A round, ended on August 6, 2019.

Q- What is the purpose of Ezoic?

A- Ezoic is an automated website testing software that helps businesses enhance traffic and income by experimenting with hundreds of different ad locations and styles. Ezoic helps any web publisher who wants to improve their website’s overall user experience.

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