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WhatsApp could soon let you undo deleting a message

WhatsApp New feature- WhatsApp could soon let you undo deleting a message. Which WhatsApp is now testing, will give users the option to chose “delete for everyone” if they so like, after a message has been “deleted for me.”

The update, which was first noted by beta watchers WABetaInfo, is only accessible to those using the most recent beta version of the WhatsApp app; but, even then, some users might not see it right away given WhatsApp’s propensity for releasing new features in phases.

Undo deleting a Messages

According to WABetaInfo, the modification could be helpful for users who wanted to delete a message for all recipients but unintentionally clicked the incorrect button. “When a message is deleted using the “delete for me” option, as seen in the screenshot above, a snackbar appears to let the user know that the message has been removed. The quickest approach to determine if the functionality is accessible for your account is to have someone remove a message for you because in this situation you can undo it “The report makes a point. If you’re using the most recent TestFlight beta and aren’t seeing it yet, don’t worry; it will appear.

For users who need to send encrypted or secure messages to Android users who, regrettably, don’t have access to iMessage for obvious reasons, WhatsApp has long been one of the greatest iPhone applications. The Meta-owned company has done a superb job of building on its popularity, and this modification is only the most recent in a string of advancements.

We who have WhatsApp loaded on our smartphones through the App Store have no idea when this functionality will become available, although WhatsApp often moves through the beta stage rather quickly. We can only hope that the wait won’t be too long.

Can be recover Deleted WhatsApp message?

Yes, According to WhatsApp New Feature You can undo deleted WhatsApp message if you delete “delete for me“.

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