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How to Block and Unblock Someone on LinkedIn

In this Article, We are Going to discuss How to Block and Unblock Someone on LinkedIn. You won’t want every person you meet on LinkedIn to be a long-term member of your network. For a variety of circumstances, you might need to break off contact with someone or even block them.

They can be a previous coworker or business partner with whom you had a difficult relationship. They may attempt to sell you things too often, create a false profile, or say anything that makes you uncomfortable. Perhaps the connection deteriorated. I once had a stalker on LinkedIn.

You should block someone’s access to you in these situations across all social media platforms, not just LinkedIn.

Blocking is another another way to manage your personal network and brand while being self-protective. Time changes relationships. Do it without feeling guilty. I routinely review my relationships on LinkedIn, and I advise you to do the same.

You may occasionally wish to unblock someone, and you can do that as well.

When someone is blocked on LinkedIn:

  • You won’t be able to view each other’s LinkedIn profiles.
  • On LinkedIn, you won’t be able to message one another.
  • Shared material between you won’t be visible to each other.
  • If you’re connected, that connection will end.
  • Under Who’s Viewed Your Profile, you won’t be able to see one another.
  • They won’t ever be informed that you took this move. They might ultimately find it out, yes, but by then you won’t care.

Here’s how you can accomplish both easily.

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn

Using your desktop computer or a mobile device, you may prevent a member from seeing your profile. A member will show up on your blocked list once you’ve blocked them. There will be no notification of this action sent to the barred member.

  1. Go to the person’s profile that you want to block.
  2. Tap on More Button
  3. Select Report/Block from the list.
  4. From the What do you want to do? Menu, choose Block [member name].
  5. Open menu
  6. To continue, tap Block or Review your alternatives once again.

How to Unblock Someone on LinkedIn

  1. Tap on the Me icon at top of LinkedIn 
  2. Click on Setting and Privacy
  3. Choose the visibility of LinkedIn  activity in the visibility Section
  4. Tap blocking and choose Change
  5. From the blocked list Locate the person’s name and tap Unblock

Those who you’ve forbidden from accessing your profile may be found on a list here:

  1. At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, tap the Me symbol.
  2. Tap on Setting and Privacy
  3. Tap Change next to Blocking in the Visibility column on the left rail.
  4. You may then make modifications to the list of people you’ve blocked if you’d like. You cannot block a member again for 48 hours after unblocking them.

Use one of these features without hesitation; you have full control over your profile and who may view your information. When it makes sense, I employ the block & unblock options. Setting limits is important in life in general and in networking in particular.

Does the person you unblock on LinkedIn know about it?

In features like People You May Know as well as People Also Viewed, we’ll cease recommending each other to each other. The member can only be “unblocked” by you, and we won’t typically let them know you blocked them.

Is it better to block or remove someone on LinkedIn?

Blocking could be a good choice if you merely want to get rid of someone because they are irritating. However, eliminating them as a connection is the preferable choice if you just don’t want to receive anything from them for professional reasons (they work for a rival, etc.).

How to block someone on LinkedIn without Knowing Them

  1. Visit the person’s profile page that you wish to block.
  2. In their title box, click the “More” option.
  3. From the drop-down option, choose “Report / Block.”
  4. Choose “Block (name)” in the pop-up box, and then tap “Block” to confirm.

How do I unblock someone on LinkedIn without Knowing them?

  1. At the very top of your homepage, tap the “Me” symbol.
  2. Click “Settings & Privacy.”
  3. Tap “Blocking and hiding” under the “Privacy” option.
  4. The “Change” menu will appear under “Blocking.”
  5. Find the person you wish to unblock on your blocked list and tap “Unblock.”

How do I unblock someone on LinkedIn in 2022?

In the navigation bar, click the Profile icon. In the top right corner, click the Settings icon. Choose the Visibility of your LinkedIn activity from the Visibility option. From your banned list, choose the name of the person you wish to unblock, then press Unblock.

What happens if I block someone on LinkedIn?

What will happen when you block a person on LinkedIn is as follows: You won’t be able to view each other’s LinkedIn profiles. On LinkedIn, you won’t be able to message each other. Shared material between you won’t be visible to each other.

Why would someone block you then unblock you?

If your ex has been blocking and unblocking you on social networks, they probably do so in the hopes that you’ll get in touch with them. By doing this, they can monitor you and learn what you’re up to without having to speak with you directly.

Is it possible to message someone I blocked?

Yes, You can text someone you’ve blocked. But even if you block someone, you can still text them since banning someone prevents them from texting you. As many messages as you like can be sent. They will get every message you send.

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