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New KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review

After completely taking over an empire, KGF CHAPTER 2 tells the narrative of a guy who meets new problems.

In the Kolar Gold Fields, nicknamed KGF, Rocky murders Garuda (Ramachandra Raju) and assumes command, much to the chagrin of Guru Pandian (Achyuth Kumar), Andrews (B S Avinash), and Rajendra Desai (Lakki Lakshman).

They had planned to rule KGF and amass its vast wealth. Rocky, on the other hand, usurps the kingdom with the support of the slaves who regard him as a saviour.

He even murders Virat (Vinay Bidappa), Garuda’s brother and the KGF heir apparent.

KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie in Hindi

Rocky, on the other hand, spares Vanaram (Ayyappa P Sharma), the army commander at this movie.

Vanaram, first enraged, joins Rocky and trains small children to become the territory’s new guards. Rocky discovers a number of unexplored mines in the area and instructs the men to begin collecting gold from them.

The goal is to find as much gold is possible in as little time as possible. Meanwhile, Adheera (Sanjay Dutt), the brother of its founder Suryavardhan, was assumed dead.

He is, however, still alive and has come to this to exact vengeance and claim possession. He cleverly extracts Rocky from this movie and shoots him. He lets Rocky live so that news gets around in this that the terrible Adheera has arrived.

Rocky recovers, but discovers that no one can leave KGF because Adheera’s troops have encircled the mines.

Meanwhile, Rocky’s ex-boss in Bombay, Shetty (Dinesh Mangaluru), has banded together with fellow criminals from both West and South India and wants to avenge Rocky.

They’re also battling with Inayat Khalil (Balakrishna), a notorious Dubai thug. The rest of the movie revolves around Rocky’s battles with these elements.

KGF Chapter 2 -1

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Details

Release dateApril 14,2022
Country of originIndia
Official SitesOfficial Facebook, Official Site
LanguagesKannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil
Also known asKGF 2
production CompanyHombale films
TaglinesMost Awaited Movie Ever
GenresAction, crime, Drama, Thriller
DirectorPrashanth Neel
WriterPrashanth Neel
StarsYash, Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty

The narrative by Prashanth Neel is great, and it pays a wonderful reference to Amitabh Bachchan’s angry-young-man and gangster films from the 1970s and 1980s.

The screenplay by Prashanth Neel is enthralling. Despite having such a large tale and a large cast of people, his writing is fluid.

Also, he is well aware that people expect a lot of massy stuff from KGF CHAPTER, and he delivers in this regard, as he has liberally sprinkled the story with clapworthy situations.

The Hindi dialogues are quite compelling and add to the film’s commercial appeal. A few scenes work particularly well because of the acidic one-liners.

KGF Chapter 2- 2

The directing of Prashanth Neel is outstanding. He deserves praise for coming up with such a brilliant idea and then putting it into action.

Part 1 of his presentation of the world of KGF had already wowed audiences. In the sequel, he pushes the scope and grandeur even farther.

Throughout the film, he has ensured that there is plenty of drama and action. There’s so much going on at any given time that viewers won’t even have time to blink! On the other hand, the film becomes a little complicated due to the multiple characters.

KGF Chapter 2 Box Office Review

Budget₹₹800,000,000 (estimated)
Gross US & Canada$2,874,000
Gross worldwide$4,020,877

A couple of developments are a little too convenient. Furthermore, despite its importance in the conclusion, the love song in the second part acts as a pace breaker.

KGF CHAPTER 2 gets off to a good start, but it only gets better with Rocky’s elegant entrance. It’ll undoubtedly cause a cinematic frenzy. Adheera’s entrance is ominous, and Rocky and Adheera’s initial fight is thrilling.

The intermission point is a pleasant surprise that moviegoers will enjoy. The second half starts off on a high note. The arrival of Ramika Sen (Raveena Tandon) adds to the hilarity.

Rocky visiting Ramika Sen in the PMO and Rocky going to the police station to get the gold piece are two scenes that stick out here.

KGF chapter 2-3

The latter will undoubtedly astound spectators! The finale, as promised, is spectacular.

When it comes to performances, Yash is unrivalled. His swagger and style are unrivalled. He’s also far too good in terms of performance. KGF has already proven that he has the capacity to become a pan-India superstar, and KGF CHAPTER 2 backs this up.

Sanjay Dutt is an excellent choice for the part. He gives an excellent performance, and one wishes he was given more screen time. Despite arriving late in the story, Raveena Tandon is amazing and leaves a lasting impression.

KGF Chapter 2 Technical Specification

Runtime2 hours 48 minutes
Sound mixDolby Atmos, Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio2.35 : 1

Srinidhi Shetty (Reena) is beautiful and gives an excellent performance. Ayyappa P Sharma does an excellent job at underplaying his role. As usual, Prakash Raj (Vijayendra) is trustworthy.

B S Avinash, Lakki Lakshman, Dinesh Mangaluru, and Balakrishna are all good actors. Archana Jois (Rocky’s mother) is a stunning woman. The value of her track cannot be overstated. 

As the peon, Govinde Gowda is pretty charming. Deepa Hegde’s journalist Malavika Avinash is compelling. Rao Ramesh (Raghavan; CBI officer) is notable, particularly in the scene where he advises Ramika to take the KGF case seriously.

KGF 2 Full Movie In Hindi

The music of Ravi Basrur is powerful and elicits chills. ‘Toofan’ is a vivacious character. It’s also really effective visually. ‘Sulthan’ and ‘Rocky Bhai’ are in the same time zone.

It’s fine to say ‘Falak Tu Garaj Tu.’ The background score by Ravi Basrur is quite loud, yet it adds to the impact. The cinematography of Bhuvan Gowda is commendable.

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The picture has a modern, worldwide style to it and does not appear to be a regional production. The production design by Shivakumar is pretty unique.

Anbariv’s action is one of the film’s highlights. Unifi Media’s visual effects are fantastic. Sania Sardhariya’s Yash costumes are attractive, while Navin Shetty’s Sanjay Dutt costumes are unusual and creative.

Srinidhi Shetty’s outfits by Ashwin Mawle and Hassan Khan are opulent. The editing of Ujjwal Kulkarni is razor-sharp.

Overall, KGF CHAPTER 2 is a smash on every level. Due to the excitement, popularity of the first part, mass aspect, and, of course, Yash’s stylish avatar, the film has already produced a massive craze and historic advance sales.

It is certain to have a historic opening and emerge as one of the biggest blockbusters ever at the box office, challenging even the pre-pandemic record grossers.

People May Ask 1

Q- Is it true that KGF has broken Bahubali’s record?

A- The film shattered Baahubali 2’s first-weekend box office record and is on its way to a four-day total of Rs. 190 crore nett. KGF: Chapter 2 is a certified Blockbuster even without considering the Monday hold, thanks to its strong hold.

Q- Is KGF Chapter 3 on the way?

A- KGF 3 is now in the works! Yes, the Yash-starrer KGF 2 is getting a sequel. KGF 2, the EP of one of the year’s most successful films, will have a sequel, and development on it has already begun.

Q- How much money did KGF: Chapter 2 bring in?

A- KGF 2 has grossed more than Rs 625 crore worldwide after only five days of release, according to trade expert Manobala Vijaybalan, making it the seventh highest grossing Indian film ever.

Q- Is the KGF film real?

A- Around half of the film was shot in the ‘Cyanide Gudda’ area of the Kolar Gold Fields in Karnataka’s Kolar district. It is claimed to be the location of the actual mining and the story. The rest was filmed in Hyderabad and other locations. KGF has become a household name in recent years.

Q- Is KGF a true story, according to Quora?

A- “KGF” isn’t based on a true story, to be sure. The sole premise in KGF that is accurate is that the film is set in the Kolar Gold Fields.

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