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Instagram down: User facing issues with messages

Instagram down- Messages on Facebook Messenger and Instagram are mysteriously disappearing for more than 12 hours, according to several accounts from users on multiple social media platforms. This peculiar issue is still present as of the time this article was written. The problem was also noted by Down detector, which has also noted such problems with Facebook Messenger.

Instagram down

The first surge of complaints, according to DownDetector, started shortly after 8 p.m. on July 5 and peaked at about 11 p.m., when more than 1200 users reported experiencing problems with Instagram. Even while the situation appeared to be getting better by 5 am on July 6, complaints have continued to mount that the problem has not yet been resolved.

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Instagram, a social media platform funded by Meta, has had some issues since last night. According to, 985 complaints had been made about the platform as of 11:25 am on Wednesday, indicating that the problem was still there.

Users reported problems with the app in 52% of cases, server connection problems in 39% of cases, and login issues in 9% of cases. Netizens immediately started circulating rib-tickling memes when this story went viral.

Instagram is just partially down at the moment, as all other functions are operational and there haven’t been any reports of issues with them thus far. Similar problems were also observed by users with Facebook Messenger. The outage has not gotten a response from Meta yet.

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