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How To Hide Blue Ticks on WhatsApp – Some Simple Steps

Blue ticks on WhatsApp or read receipts WhatsApp indicates that some other person has received the text you sent. It informs you that your text has been acknowledged. 

You simply wouldn’t be able seeing the blue ticks whether they’ve turned them off. This is related to the reasons that they should always maintain their privacy and would not want others to know whether people have seen a message. 

If you deactivate read receipts on your accounts, it affects the entire chat. Even though the other party in the chat has authorized read receipts.

The double light blue tick logo in the bottom-right corner of the WhatsApp message bubble has been used to create this capability. Whenever your friend reads your WhatsApp message, the double grey ticks will convert into double blue ticks.

Many customers appreciate the blue tick marks or How to get blue tick on WhatsApp, on the read receipt. It’s now much easier to maintain track of a WhatsApp discussion. Nevertheless, some consumers believe it is a compromise of their privacy.

If people ask , Certainly believe that the blue ticks are in fact a threat to privacy. It’s an issue that’s similar to the one with the Last Seen log entry.

What Are Blue Ticks Exactly?

What is Read Receipt in WhatsApp? There really are three major indications in WhatsApp. To commence, the solitary grey tick next to the message indicates that your message has been delivered to the intended user.

Whenever two grey ticks appear next to a message, it implies the user has got the message on WhatsApp. Eventually, the person has read your message whenever the two grey ticks turn blue or WhatsApp check marks blue. That’s what blue ticks are mostly about.


Do Read Receipts and Blue Ticks Mean the Same?

Absolutely, they are the same thing. People use the term “blue ticks” on a frequent basis. Read receipts is the technical term for it. When you disable read receipts, you also disable blue ticks.

Enable/Disable Blue Tick on WhatsApp?

Here are step wise guide how to enable blue tick in WhatsApp or how to disable blue tick on WhatsApp?

Step 1 – Open WhatsApp on your device


For most persons, the first step is a no-brainer. You should first download the WhatsApp app in order to facilitate or deactivate your read receipts. To launch the page, simply click on the icon.

Step 2- Tap on the 3 dots button present on the top right corner


Furthermore, as seen in the figure below, simply click dots in the top right corner of the application display.


Step 3- Tap on ”Settings”


Blue Ticks

Third step is to select Settings from of the drop-down list in the top right corner of the app display.

Step 4 – Tap on the ”Account” options


Just on screen, a new menu would display. Click on the first option, “Account,” from such a list.

Step 5 – Tap on ”Privacy” option


As that of the fifth step, choose the “Privacy” selection.

Step 6 – Switching on/off the read receipts option


Just on app screen, a new feature will therefore popup. As indicated in the image below, there is an opportunity to read receipts.

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Based on whether you choose to enable or disable the read receipts feature, simply enable or disable it.

Step 7 -Tap on any chat to check whether the blue tick is visible or not

How To Hide Blue Ticks on WhatsApp - Some Simple Steps - 1

And then see if the functionality is operating properly, touch on any chat and look and see whether the blue tick is shown on the app screen.

Step 8 – Blue tick is not visible

Even though you could see in the screenshot image, we’ve deactivated the read receipts feature, therefore the Blue tick is no longer accessible or WhatsApp single tick for a long time.

Nevertheless, you may restore the blue ticks by repeating the step of allowing read receipts.

Does It Work For Group Messages Too?

Regrettably, the answer is no. Read receipts or blue ticks are enabled by default when it is in a group conversation.

Blue ticks are switched off for private chats just when you perform following instructions to switch them off. It is ineffective for groups.

In a group chat, there really is nothing you can do. If you don’t want to become a part of a certain conversation, you can archive it in WhatsApp.

As a result, you would not open the group and the chat will be preserved.

You must protect your information on social media at all costs. If someone is constantly pestering you, simply block them from the platform.

You can even report these numbers so that they don’t bother anyone else.

How to Remove Blue Ticks from WhatsApp on iPhone?

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, we can simply figure out how to get rid of blue ticks on WhatsApp.

Because the blue ticks appear as a result of the Read Receipt option, you can disable it at any time.

Here’s how to get rid of blue ticks on your iPhone’s WhatsApp.

  • To begin, open WhatsApp on your iPhone and press the gear button at the bottom of the screen to access its settings.
  • Simply navigate to Account > Privacy Settings once the WhatsApp Settings box has opened.
  • Find the “Read Receipt” feature in the Privacy section’s list of possible options and toggle it off.

Your contacts will no longer receive a blue tick for messages sent to you after you off the Read Receipt option. Similarly, you won’t see any blue ticks for your WhatsApp communications.

Missing Read Receipts or Blue Ticks might mean

  • You’ve turned it off in WhatsApp.
  • You have been blocked by that specific contact.
  • The phone of your recipient has been turned off.
  • Your recipient’s message has not been opened.
  • Either you or your recipient is having trouble connecting.
  • It’s possible that the recipient is using an old version of WhatsApp.
  • Simply upgrade the WhatsApp application.

A simple trick involving blue ticks

If you read your WhatsApp message while on aircraft mode, the sender will only see two grey ticks, indicating that the message was delivered but not read until you turn off airplane mode.

Bringing things to a close

WhatsApp allows users to send messages that contain blue ticks. This function is essential if you want to know whether or not someone has read your message.

To sum up, this blog explained how to enable/disable read receipts on WhatsApp in only eight simple steps. We hope that you can now quickly and easily enable or disable your read receipts on WhatsApp. 

People May Ask 5

Q- Is it possible for me to read a WhatsApp message without the sender’s knowledge?

A- Turn on Airplane mode on your smartphone when you receive a WhatsApp message. Your device’s Wi-Fi and mobile data will be disabled as a result of this action. You may now see chat messages on WhatsApp. If you have Read Receipt turned on, the sender will not be notified or displayed any blue ticks.

Q- Is it possible to read a WhatsApp message without the ticks changing color?

A- Blue ticks and read receipts can be turned off in WhatsApp. To read a message, WhatsApp users can turn on their Airplane mode. This allows the reader to see the message without disclosing it to the sender.

Q- Is it possible to disable blue ticks on WhatsApp for a single user?

A- Account > Privacy is the option to choose. Toggle off the option for Read receipts by scrolling down and toggling it off.

Q- On WhatsApp, how do I ignore someone without blocking them?

A- The Archive folder function in WhatsApp allows users to ignore a group or friend without having to blacklist them. Users can use this functionality to conceal chats from people they don’t want to see or respond to.

Q- How can I show without showing on WhatsApp?

A- To do so, simply go to WhatsApp’s settings menu and select account to turn it off. Under the Privacy tab, change your last seen to “nobody.” Nobody will be able to tell you when you were last seen.

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