Google Lens added to the google․com homepage

Google Lens will only become more essential in the future, as evidenced by its inclusion on the homepage today.

Since its launch I/O 2017, the visual search tool has appeared on an increasing number of platforms. It began on Pixel phones with Assistant and Google Photos before moving to Android, the Google app on iOS, and mobile Chrome.

Google Lens made the transition from phones to the computer web last year, first with Google Photos and then with Chrome. Image Search on the desktop site migrated to Lens in August, and it also showed in the Search field on the results page.

Clicking the button next to the voice search bar asks you to “Search any image with Google Lens.” You can also “Drag an image here or upload a file,” which will take you to the… results page. Visual matching, Text, and Translate tools are available to you.

Looking ahead, Lens will gain “Scene exploration,” which will allow your phone to detect and find objects in the scene you’re now viewing.

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