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How to set Password on iPhone 14 gallery

Yes, You can set Password on iPhone 14 Gallery. The Images app will now enable you to lock your Hidden photos album with a passcode or your biometrics, fulfilling a feature request that has been in the works for at least five years.

When a photo was hidden on an earlier version of iOS, it was merely transferred to a different album and removed from the main camera roll. But curious eyes might simply tap on it to make them visible.

In the interim, a whole ecosystem of third-party “secret folder” apps have emerged to remedy this flaw, enabling safe photos to be protected by Touch ID or Face ID. In order to fill this need, rival manufacturers like Samsung ship Secret Folder apps as stock apps.

With iOS 16 (iPhone 14), Apple has at last filled the feature gap.

How to set Password on iPhone 14 gallery

To enable Gallery Password for hide any photo on iPhone 14

  1. Open Setting
  2. Go to “photos” Option
  3. Use Passcode

To hide Photos on iPhone 14

  1. Open Your photos.
  2. Click on More option (three dots)
  3. Then you show hide option click on it
  4. That’s it your photo will be hidden.

To Unhide Photos On iPhone 14

  1. Open your Photos or Gallery
  2. Then go to Album
  3. In Albums go to Utilities section
  4. Then Click on Hidden
  5. Click on Show Album.
  6. Now your photos will be shown.

There is no longer a requirement for a separate app with iOS 16. The Hidden and Recently Deleted albums are both automatically locked by the Photos app. By default, to access these albums, you’ll need your iPhone’s passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

The main WWDC keynote did not include an announcement of this feature. The provision of pooled iCloud photo libraries for families was one feature that was highlighted. Users will be able to create a family library with up to five other individuals starting in iPhone 14 so that photographs will be automatically shared between them. You may even send pictures directly to the shared photo roll using the Camera app (a switch UI will let you disable that for each photo taken as you take a personal snap).

Beginning this fall, iOS 16 will be accessible to all iPhone owners with an iPhone 8 or later. A beta for developers is currently accessible.

Is it Possible to lock hidden images on your iPhone?

It is possible to lock hidden images on your iPhone; however, to do so, you must update to the most recent version of the software, which is not a problem at all. With iOS 16, you can set up native features like Face ID, Touch ID, or even just your passcode to lock your photos.

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