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How to retrieve blocked facebook account

Learn how to retrieve blocked Facebook account and regain access to your profile with these helpful steps and strategies.

Social media has become an increasingly popular and effective communication medium, playing a vital role in the success of businesses. Among the various social media platforms, Facebook holds great significance for reconnecting with long-lost friends and staying updated on global events. However, what happens when your Facebook account becomes blocked for certain reasons? In such a situation, it is crucial to recover your account without losing access. Fortunately, there are multiple methods to recover a blocked Facebook account. Let’s explore these steps:

Steps to Recover or retrieve Blocked Facebook Account:

  • Account Blocking and Recovery Options: When your account is blocked, you won’t be able to find it under the “Find my Facebook account” option. To recover or retrieve your blocked account, follow these steps:
  • Select a Security Check: When encountering login issues, you will be presented with the option to recover your blocked account through a security check. Choose this option.
  • Recover via Phone Number: The first recovery option is to receive a security code on your registered phone number. Select the “Text a security code to your phone” option. You will receive a code that allows you to log in to your Facebook account.
  • Recover via Friends’ Photos: If you no longer have access to your registered phone number, Facebook provides an alternative method for account recovery through friends. Choose the “Identify photos of friends” option, where you will be asked to recognize and identify your friends from the provided photos.
  • Upload a Photo ID: If the previous recovery methods fail, Facebook offers another option: “Upload a photo ID.” Choose this option and upload a scanned or photographed copy of an ID from Group 1, which may include passports, driver’s licenses, or official name change paperwork.
  • Upload IDs from Group 2: If you don’t possess an ID from Group 1, select the “I don’t have an ID from Group one” option. Facebook will then prompt you to upload two different IDs from Group 2, such as utility bills, credit cards, or school ID cards.
  • Confirmation and Recovery: Once you have submitted your ID, Facebook will securely encrypt and store it. If your identity is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the recovery of your blocked account.

Recovering a Permanently Disabled Facebook Account:

If your ID doesn’t match Facebook’s data and gets denied, you can contact Facebook for assistance. Visit the provided link and fill out the form to request a review of your account. Facebook will securely store your ID for up to one year to enhance its systems.

FAQs – Recovering a Blocked Facebook Account

Q1: Why was my Facebook account blocked?

A: There can be various reasons for a Facebook account to be blocked, such as suspicious activity, violation of community guidelines, or incorrect login attempts. Facebook will provide you with the specific reason for the block when you try to access your account.

Q2: Can I recover my blocked Facebook account without providing an ID?

A: While providing an ID is the most common method for account recovery, Facebook offers alternative options such as identifying friends’ photos. However, if those options are unsuccessful, providing a valid ID becomes necessary to regain access to your account.

Q3: How long does it take to recover a blocked Facebook account?

A: The time taken to recover a blocked Facebook account can vary. It depends on factors such as the complexity of the situation and Facebook’s review process. Typically, the recovery process can take a few days to a couple of weeks.

Q4: What types of IDs are accepted by Facebook for account recovery?

A: Facebook accepts various types of IDs for account recovery. In Group 1, acceptable IDs include passports, driver’s licenses, marriage certificates, and official name change paperwork. In Group 2, IDs can include utility bills, credit cards, school ID cards, and bank statements.

Q5: Is my personal information secure when providing an ID to Facebook?

A: Yes, Facebook takes the security of your personal information seriously. When you upload your ID, Facebook encrypts and stores it securely. Your ID will not be visible to anyone and will only be used for the purpose of verifying your identity and recovering your account.

Q6: What should I do if my permanently disabled Facebook account is not recoverable?

A: If your account is permanently disabled and the recovery options are unsuccessful, you can try contacting Facebook through their help center. Visit the provided link and explore the available contact channels to seek further assistance in resolving the issue.

Q7: Can I prevent my Facebook account from being blocked in the future?

A: To avoid getting your Facebook account blocked, make sure to adhere to Facebook’s community guidelines and terms of service. Avoid engaging in suspicious activities, such as spamming or posting inappropriate content. Additionally, keep your login credentials secure and be cautious of phishing attempts to protect your account.


Recovering a blocked Facebook account is possible by following these steps. Identify the reason for the block, recover via phone number or friends’ photos, or upload a photo ID. If your account is permanently disabled, reach out to Facebook for further support. Don’t lose hope, as you can regain access to your Facebook account and continue benefiting from the platform’s features.

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